NieR Automata™: The Final Secret Guide

The final secret of the game, which was discovered early 2021.


The Secret

Discovered by modder Lance McDonald and announced in early 2021, this in-game code allows you to jump straight to the end of the game immediately after the very first intro boss fight.


For starters, after you beat the intro boss and meet 9S, look around for a two sets of three oil barrels standing next to each other.
To input this code you must be standing in between them.

The best way to input this code is to bring up your Equipment menu (NOT the Pause menu) and input the entire code with that screen up.

The code is as follows:
While holding [Dodge], input [switch weapons], [item menu], [switch weapons], [switch pod right], [switch pod left], [light attack], [action button], [heavy attack], [jump]

I use a Nintendo Switch controller on Steam, so the input is this:
Holding [ZR], input: [Up], [Down], [Up], [Right], [Left], [X],,[Y],[A]


After inputting the code correctly, the game will fade out an launch the post-credits ending sequence of the game. This gives you access to unlockables that normally take multiple playthroughs to get.

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