Nuclear Throne: All Crowns Guide

Here is a Quick Guide For All Crowns in Nuclear Throne.


How To Get A Crown

How To Go To The CrownVault
In Order To Get A Crown In Nuclear Throne You First Have To Go To The Crown Vault, And The Only Way To Spawn A Portal To The Crown Vault Is From The Proto Statue.

In Order To Go To The Crown Vault You Have To First Active The Proto Statue By Damaging It. Once You Do That You Have To Kill Enemies Around The Proto Statue To Feed It Rads (XP) It Can Suck In Rads That Are Near By. While Feeding The Proto Statue The Green Dots On The Side Will Light Up This Tells You How Much Rads It Has Once All Dots Are Lit Up The Portal Can Spawn In By Destroying The Proto Statue. The Proto Statue Can Spawn On 3-2 And 5-2 In Normal Mode, Daily Mode, And Co-Op. The Proto Statue Will Spawn In Hard Mode Or After Loop On 1-2, 3-2, 5-2, And 7-2, The Proto Statue Will Spawn Destroyed In A Weekly So You Can’t Go. In Order To Destroy A Proto Statue You Have To Active It Then Destroy It Before It Gets Enough Rads, And Any Rads It Sucked In You Will Get Back When You Destroy it.

Inside The Crown Vault
If You Go To A Crown Vault With No Crown Then There Will Be No Proto Chest Or Crown Guardians, But if You Go With A Crown There Will Be A Proto Chest And Crown Guardians.

How The Proto Chest Works Is You Can Put A Weapon In It And Come Back In Another Run At Any Time And Pick Up That Same Weapon. You Can Also Use This To Pickup Golden Weapons As Other Mutants (Characters), Put The Golden Weapon You Want In The Proto Chest Then You Can Come Back As A Different Mutant And Pick It Up To Unlock It. Also If You Put The Frog Pistol In The Proto Chest It Will Change Into A Golden Frog Pistol This Is How You Unlock The Frog. This Is Also The Only Way To Get Mutant Specific Weapons As Other Mutants, Such As The Rogue Rifle, Golden Revolver, Chicken Sword, Black Sword, And The Guitar.

The Crown Guardians Will Spawn From These Pillars Once You Walk Over The Crown Platform, You Can Also Damage The Pillars Before Taking A Crown From The Platform If You Don’t Want To Change Crowns. Every Time These Pillars Spawn There Will Be 2 But The Last Time They Spawn Their Will Be 4 Pillars. After You Fight Four Crown Guardians The Proto Statue Will Stop Spawning And You Can’t Go To The Crown Vault Anymore

The Crown Guardian Has 70 HP (Will Have More Hp In Hard Mode And After Looping) And Will Shoot Big Green Balls (The Big Green Balls Do 12 Damage And Has A Chance To Drop A Medkit Or A Ammo Drops And Will Destroy Walls When They Explode) That Explode Into Smaller Green Balls That Do 5 Damage. When A Crown Guardian Dies It Can Drop A Medkit A Ammo Drop Or Nothing, And As Melting You Can Blow Up The Pillars And The Crown Guardians. The Crown Guardian Will Deal No Contact Damage And Can be Damaged And Killed With Gamma Guts.


There Are Two Types Of Crowns Tier 1 And Tier 2, You Can Get Tier 1 Crowns Before Loop In Normal Mode, Daily Mode, And In Co-Op. You Can Get Tier 2 Crowns After Loop In Normal Mode, Daily Mode, Co-Op, And Hard Mode. There Are 12 Crowns 6 Tier 1 And 6 Tier 2, And If You Don’t Want A Crown That Is An Option When You Pick Your Crown. A Crown Will Follow You Around As A Cosmetic, And Will Do One Good Thing And One Bad Thing. You Can Only Have One Crown At A Time.

Tier 1 Crowns

Crown Of Life – Good Thing: Radiation Canisters Have A 66% Chance To Be A Medkit That Gives 4 Hp Or 8 Hp With Double Stomach And Can’t Despawn Bad Thing: No Medkit Drops

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Crown Of Guns – Good Thing: All Enemies Have A 8% Chance To Drop A Weapon And You Get Ammo For The Weapon That Drops Bad Thing: No Ammo Drops

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Crown Of Haste – Good Thing Pickups Worth More Bad Thing: Pickups Despawn Faster (The Crown Of Hast Will Show The Real Time On Its Sprite)

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Crown Of Destiny – Good Thing One Free Mutation (Upgrade) Bad Thing: Only Get One Upgrade Choice (Including Ultra Mutations) You Will Get 2 Choices As Horror And 3 In Co-Op If Both Of You Are Playing Horror

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Crown Of Curses – Good Thing And Bad Thing: Weapon Chests Have A 66% Chance To Be A Cursed Weapon Chest (Cursed Weapons Are Better Quality Then Normal Weapons. You Can Not Switch Cursed Weapons For Uncursed Weapons But You Can Switch Cursed Weapons For Other Cursed Weapon, The Only Three Ways To Uncurse A Weapon Is Getting Last Wish, Going To A Crown Vault And Picking A Crown, Or Looping The Game You Can Also Eat Cursed Weapons As Robot But It Will Bring Your Hp Down To 1.)

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Crown Of Risk – Good Thing: More Pickups When Above 50% Hp Bad Thing: less Pickups When Below 50% Hp

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Tier 2 Crowns

Crown Of Death – Good Thing: Bigger Explosions This Doesn’t Effect Meltings Or Rouges Ability This Will Let You Do More Damage With Explosive Weapons, But The Bigger Explosions Can Also Damage You So Be Careful Bad Thing: -1 Max Hp

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Crown Of Blood – Good Thing: More Enemies Spawn In Each Level Not Including Bosses Or The IDPD (With More Enemies You Will Get More Kills, Ammo Drops, Medkit Drops, Weapon Drops, And Rads)Bad Thing: 1 Less Rad Pure Kill (You Will Still Get More Rads Then Normal Using This Crown This Is Just To Balance)

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Crown Of Hatred – Good Thing: Touching A Chest Will Give You 16 Rads This Includes Radiation Canisters And You Can get Infinite Rads From A Proto Chest Bad Thing: Lose 1 Hp When Touching A Chest

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Crown Of Love – Good Thing And Bad Thing: Replaces Weapon Chests And Radiation Canisters With Ammo Chests

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Crown Of Luck – Good Thing: 10% Chance An Enemy Will Spawn At 1 Hp Bad Thing: Start Each New Area At 1 Hp

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Crown Of Protection – Good Thing: Get 1 Hp From Weapon Chests 2 Hp With Second Stomach Bad Thing: No Ammo From Weapon Chests

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Unlocking Crowns
There Are Only Three Ways To Unlock A Crown So You Can Start With It As That Mutant (Character). By Killing The Throne And Sitting On The Throne, Killing The Throne And Looping (Don’t Have To Kill Throne 2), Or Killing The Captain And Sitting On The Throne.

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