Nuclear Throne: How to Edit Your Saves

Here is a guide on how to edit your saves in Nuclear Throne.


Nuclear Throne Save File Location

Windows (above XP):
(make sure you can view hidden folders through your view tab in the control panel’s folder options)
(you can also press Win+R on your keyboard and type “%localappdata%\nuclearthrone” without the quotes)

C:/Documents and Settings/yourname/Local Settings/Application Data/nuclearthrone

“Also, to get to the Library folder on Mac you have to click on the “Go” tab on the very top of the screen and hold “option” for it to appear.”

If your save file is not working, you might be looking in the wrong folder. As of update 99, it appeared to have created a new save file titled “” (for my computer at least) So be sure to check through ALL folders inside the “Application Support” folder for a weirdly named nuclear throne save folder to make sure you have the right save

*home folder*/.config/nuclearthrone


How to Edit Your Save

Once you have located your save file, editing it is simple.

(0. Close your game. It will not work with the game open and the save file will reset the values once you exit the game.)

1. Disable Steam Cloud. Save editing doesn’t work with it enabled, because Steam automatically downloads your previous save file.

2. Locate your save file through the steps shown above.

3. Back up your save file in case anything goes wrong.

4. Open nuclearthrone.sav with Notepad/Wordpad (Windows), WordEdit (Mac), or nano/Gedit (Linux).

(4.5. Make sure the file you are editing is not the backup .sav which is similarly named)

5. Using the instructions below, edit the corresponding values in the save file to what you want to change.

If you’re not using the “streamlined” version of the guide from below, try to only edit the first number in each value (x.000000)

6. Save your modified save file and close the window once you are done, it will not update in real time if you open the game and can possibly save over progress as an earlier state if saved after a session.

7. Enjoy new possibilities and challenges, and have a good time.

Please note that you must edit your secondary weapon slot for your choice in starting weapons and select it from the main sub-menu. The primary weapon slot will always revert to a character’s base weapon.

By Polarctico and Vasteel

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