Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest Adventure Game: Full Walkthrough

This guide aims to fill a big gap in the Steam guides currently available, which only go episode-by-episode, or rely on hours-long video playthroughs.

This guide contains a full English text walkthrough, with detailed information on all 72 Steam achievements.

Welcome to this guide, and thank you for supporting Odysseus Kosmos. I was a latecomer to this game – it was episodic, and concluded in 2019, but I did not hear about it until the 2022 Big Adventure Event here on Steam.

This game is quite a long one, and the story is a very slow burn – but I think it’s definitely worth playing through.

A few notes before starting:

  • The game unfolds over five main episodes, with a short-ish prologue in the beginning. Do not skip the prologue, because small details in the prologue have unexpected long-term payoffs.
  • You only have access to three save-slots, but you can launch any episode at any time from the main menu.
  • It is not possible to get stuck in Odysseus Kosmos. There are no deaths and no dead-ends.
  • In each chapter, you will have access to some sort of item (it changes) that allows you to track your current objectives. Also, at any time, you can use the in-built hint system, and it will point you in the right direction for one of your objectives. Overall, the hint system is quite good.
  • This game includes a whopping 72 Steam achievements. Each episode (and the prologue) has exactly twelve achievements. The vast majority of these achievements are missable – something like 65 of them.
  • If you complete the game with all 72 achievements unlocked, there is additional ending content.
  • I have mentioned the location of each achievement in the text of the guide. There is also a spoiler-free checklist at the end of the guide.
Prologue/Pilot Episode – Open the Locker
Our goal in the pilot is simply to escape the room.

Begin by hitting the alarm clock twice, breaking it. If you interact with the door, you will discover you are locked in. Then, read the sticky note by the bed to see the objectives.

Talk to the intercom a bunch and ask for jokes – when it runs out, earn BART THE NES PUNK.

Take the MUG on the table and the SUNGLASSES CASE from the shelf. Use the hand icon on the sunglasses from the inventory to separate them out to the SUNGLASSES and a the CASE. Interact with the case again to discard it while retaining the MICROFIBER CLOTH.

Then, open the small drawer under the laptop and take the COOKIES and some COFFEE PODS. Eat the cookies, and you will get an EMPTY TIN and a REFLECTIVE LID. Further interacting with the empty tin will get you a PAPER SLIP. Examine the tin a third time for THE COOKIE PARADOX

Interact with the coffee pods in the inventory for COFFEE BREAK. Then, place the pods into the coffee machine.

When you use the machine, however, it enters a cleaning routine. Grab the mug at the right moment to get some CLEANING LIQUID.

Now, you can press the button to the right to open an access panel, but we need a keycard for the sensor. The keycard can be found in a dark room.

Place the polarized sunglasses over the light sensor, which will activate a hotspot at the head of the bed for the on/off light switch. Press it, and notice the drawer glows red.

Open the drawer and LOOK at the book before using it for the easily missable EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE. Then use the book, and it will slide over, revealing a keycard.

Using the keycard, open the small locker on the right wall and take the SCREWDRIVER. Then, use the reflective lid to put some more light into the locker, and also take the RUBBER DUCKY and TWEEZERS.

Prologue/Pilot Episode – Escape the Room
Try interacting with the terminal, and we need a password. Show the note to the intercom a few times to learn the password and earn GOT THE NUMBERS MIXED UP. Access the computer and enter 1138. Select “Activate the Nav computer”.

Exit, and go to the computer on the wall. There’s a small puzzle to align the planets. The vertical slider goes very close to the top, the right slider belongs close to the far right, and the left slider goes somewhere in the middle. When you have it calibrated correctly, you will automatically exit the screen.

Re-access the computer and click the gold ENTER DATA button, and then select the “activate the telescope monitor” feature. Press the button on the wall once again to drop a viewscreen, but it’s dirty. Use your cloth in the cleaning fluid for a damp cloth, and then SAVE HERE.

Dieting Minigame

This starts a minigame with four possible outcomes, each with an achievement. If you are able to keep the bars for suspicion, self-respect, and hunger in balance for 20 moves, you will win, and earn FOUR ADDITIONAL POUNDS. Alternatively, you and end the game prematurely by getting suspicion to max (IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO), hunger to max (HUNGER AND LOATHING IN SAN FRANCISCO) or self-respect to zero (DO YOU RESPECT ME?). You can earn all 4 by reloading and completing the game 4 times.

Clicking Odysseus gives you 5 options

  • Fortitude – raises hunger a decent amount, no other effect
  • Motivation – Hunger slightly increases, self respect and suspicion increase
  • Pinch – Reduces hunger and self-respect, raises suspicion
  • Eat an Apple (max 2x) – Reduces hunger, slightly increases self-respect, raises suspicion
  • Eat a Doughnut (max 1x) – Greatly reduces hunger and self-respect, raises suspicion

Clicking the intercom gives 2 more options

  • Hurry Barton Up – Slightly increases hunger, slightly reduces self-respect, greatly raises suspicion – I recommend not selecting this one at all.
  • Allay Barton’s Fears – Slightly increases hunger, slightly reduces self-respect, greatly reduces suspicion
Run Some Diagnostics

After the game, take the MICROCHIP from the broken alarm clock. Interact with it in the inventory for IAN BARTUSON AND HIS RETRO GAMES.

Unscrew the cover on the screen with the screwdriver and use the tweezers to extract the broken chip, and replace it with the working one. Then, look at the screen for a minigame – you will be presented with 3 pairs of similar screens – locate and click on the difference between each pair to proceed.

After the minigame, access the terminal and click the gold button again, which unlocks the diagnostics program. Run it.

After it fails, you can now unscrew the panel and insert the RUBBER DUCK. This will fix the door.

However, before you re-run the diagnostics, use the EYE ICON under the bed for UNDER THE BED. Then, reach under and take the ALARM CLOCK HOUSING. Take a SPEAKER from the debris on the floor, a MICROCHIP from the toy robot (unscrew him) and a CIRCUIT BOARD from the shelf. Combine all of these items for a working alarm clock and place it on the bedside shelf.

Rerun the diagnostic to complete the chapter and earn BACK TO THE STARTING POINT.

Episode 1, Part 1 – Escape the Lab
When the episode opens, we are trapped in another room – a lab this time! Don’t worry, we will soon have more of an open area to explore.

Take the MACHINE PART on the stool and place it in the machine on the left, for a short scene.

After the scene, immediately examine the fire extinguisher for RIFLE ON THE WALL. Interacting with the terminal lets us see our tasks – we need to repair the mixer and spectrometer, and feed the rats.

Grab the RAT FOOD and feed the rats – that’s one objective down.

Then, examine the exit sign by Barton and hit the button hidden underneath, opening a drawer. Inside the drawer you find TWEEZERS and THREAD.

Fiddle with the spectrometer until you notice a serial number. Ask Barton about it to learn that there is a replacement on board. Rather than fixing the broken machine, we can convince him to bring up the replacement.

Press the button to close the drawer, tie the thread to the spectrometer unit, and open the drawer again. The spectrometer falls in, breaking even more, and Barton has no choice but to call in the replacement. After the scene, grab the THREAD again from the floor.

On to the mixer. There’s an obstruction that is in too tightly. Use the tweezers on the cable, and then plug the cable into the mixer. We need a screwdriver to progress. Notice the screwdriver (it’s hidden) on top of the speaker in the corner of the room.

Access the terminal and crank the volume to max. “Check Intercom” and then grab the SCREWDRIVER. Use it to remove and examine the broken part from the mixer. In the parts cabinet, grab a CHIP from the blue “f5” box on the bottom shelf, and use it to repair the mixer.

Episode 1, Part 2 – Fix the Lights
With everything in the lab taken care of, we now can roam the ship freely. We are taken to a bathroom.

In the bathroom, grab the BACKSCRATCHER on the back wall, a HANGER on the right, and a RUBBER DUCK from inside the shower.

In the next room, speak to Barton for your next tasks: For now, we need to conduct more astral observations and we need to repair the lights in the wardroom. While you’re here in the gym, grab a PLASTIC CUP from the cooler, and fill it with WATER. Exit left twice to get back to the lab.

In the lab, give the rats some more food (you still have it) and the cup of water to pacify them. Then, reach in and grab LUCAS THE RAT. Feed Lucas again by combining him with the rat food in your inventory to earn TAKING CARE OF FELLOW EARTHLINGS.

In the nearby terminal, access the systems menu. Turn on the fan in the shower room, the monitor in cabin 4, and the fan on the deck.

Back in the gym, show Lucas to Barton for MUSOPHOBIA, and take another PLASTIC CUP. Go right to the bathroom, and fill it with some LIQUID SOAP. Before you leave, check out the now-working vent for KITTY KITTY, JONSEY.

Return through the gym and exit north, to the wardroom. Push the potted plant to reveal a fusebox, and then push it again for a HANDFUL OF SOIL. A CROSSBOW is on the couch.

Press the light switch on the right wall – one of the lights has a short. The puzzle here is to locate the short with trial-and-error – but I will tell you the short is in light #3. In the nearby terminal, disable light #3 and press the light switch again to turn on all lights except the broken one.

Then, interact with the fusebox until the power goes off. If you try to interact with the broken light, you will learn you need a flashlight to progress.

Exit right, to a hallway. Open the toolbox on the right, and reach in with the backscratcher to find a SCREWDRIVER. From here, exit left to an impassable door and a DART laying on the floor.

Back in the hall, enter the hatch on the floor. This is the maintenance room, where you can find a SABER HILT on the table and WIRE CUTTERS on the tool rack. Then, use your screwdriver on the machine to the left – you will break it and get a LASER POINTER. Finally, using the tweezers on the glass case here will earn you a BLANK KEYCARD.

Climb back up the ladder and exit right to wind up back in the bedroom from the prologue. Press the button on the right wall for a spot-the-difference minigame. On each screen in this game, look for the satellite-shaped shadow.

After the minigame, use the screwdriver on the alarm clock for an LED. Examine the bookshelf for your ID CARD. Next, use the *blank* keycard on the locker for FOOL ME TWICE, and then the real one to open it. Grab the FLASHLIGHT.

Make a quick pit-stop in the maintenance room to open the glass case with your ID and grab the PLASMA CUTTER. Then, head back to the room with the broken light. Interact with the broken light #3 again – but now you need a ladder, too!

Return to the gym. In your inventory, combine the polymer string, laser pointer, and crossbow to form a working launcher. Take aim at the ball of paper on the pipe overhead. First, wait until the red dot is directly on the paper to score a direct hit. It won’t fall, but you will earn HIT THE PAPERS.

Recollect the dart, and this time, fire when the red beam is slightly to the right of the ball, and it will fall. Take the PAPER, and show it to Barton for VOIGHT-KAMPFF. Finally, use the smile icon on Barton to ask for his help and send him to the wardroom.

In the wardroom, climb on Barton. Snip the broken wire with the cutters, and replace it with the coat hanger. Hit the fusebox to turn on the lights.

With the lights fixed, talk to Barton for a TERMINAL KEY, and head back to maintenance. Pop the key into the large terminal, and interact with it for a scene.

Episode 1, Part 3 – Access the Terminal
We have a new goal – to gain access to the terminal we just used. Examine the panel on the right side of the terminal to see that it is stuck on there pretty good.

Return to the bathroom. For some reason, the computer key opens the locked door here. Take the SUCTION CUP. Then, on your way back through the gym, liberate the FAN and CABLE from the equipment here using the screwdriver and wire cutters, respectively. Then, go your the bedroom and grab the LAPTOP TERMINAL, and go back downstairs.

Place the terminal on the workbench. Combine the suction cup and lightsaber handle for a PLUNGER, and remove the cover from the large unit.

Examine the broken socket – it is an A6 socket. You can find the part you need in the lab, on the middle shelf of the equipment locker, in the box marked with a green 6.

Downstairs again, combine the cable and A6 plug at the soldiering station. Connect the computer to the terminal with your new CABLE. Then, using the small terminal, hit “connect”, and then with the large terminal, get a system report.

Episode 1, Part 4 – Fix the Real Problem
After a scene, our new tasks are to “explore the lab” and to “explore the exercise room”. Before you rush off to do that, on the right side of the room, open the headlight of the rover and collect a LIGHTBULB, and steal the ANTENNA after cutting it off with the plasma cutter.

Go to the lab. Take the MAGNETRON. Then, in this order, combine the magnetron with the antenna for an EMF DETECTOR. Then combine the LED with the EMF detector (not the other way around) for SAVE THE PHOTONS.

Stand two tiles to the east and one tile south of the stool, and use your new detector from the inventory. It will blink, and give you a new “lab floor” hotspot. Interact with this to uncover an electrical box. Unscrew this, remove the broken bits to the left and place the fan blade on the mounting pin, and then solve the simple tetris-type puzzle inside.

Next, go back to the wardroom and grab the PROJECTOR from the table. Return to the lab or maintenance room and use the terminal. Locate the new “video” option and unlock it with code 07734. Poke around until you see the wardroom, with a small robot driving around.

Returning to the wardroom, you will notice a new “vacuum hose inlet” hotspot. In your inventory, combine the rubber duck, string, and rat. Open the cover and insert LEWIS, THE RECON RAT. After Lewis’ trip, retrieve SLIDE CHIP and DIRTY DUCK from the corner of the room. Clean the duck using your cup of soap for SMALL AQUATIC BIRD OF THE FAMILY ANATIDAE.

Next, go back to the gym and put the projector on the floor facing the blank wall. Insert the bulb. Insert the blank chip for TOTAL RECALL. Then, go all the way back to maintenance and put the chip into the large console to rewrite the memory on it. Placing the rewritten chip into the projector will reveal a schematic. Cut into the wall with the plasma cutter (exhausting its battery) to reveal a mini-puzzle. In the puzzle, remove the broken fuses, and arrange the working ones into two L-shapes.

Retrieval Operation

With the problems in both rooms solved, return to the console in maintenance and run the diagnostics again, and then SAVE.

The final puzzle of the chapter is to successfully pilot a retrieval operation.

For the next minigame, begin by increasing your speed to max. Monitor the distance. Begin reducing the speed when you are around 250-200 distance away until you are around a speed 2 or 3. Then, when you get close, you have to match the correct rotational speed by hitting the circular arrows that appear – you should aim for ~13 or so.

Completing this puzzle will earn you E1 – DONE as well as ELITE if you were able to do it successfully on the first attempt.

Episode 1 ends.

Episode 2, Part 1 – Hide and Seek
Episode 2 begins unexpectedly, with children playing in a yard. Our goal for now is to successfully play hide-and seek.

Begin by snagging the WALKIE TALKIES and the RADIO from the table. Take the STOOL and put it under the clothesline. Grab the FUSELAGE.

Then, take the STOOL again and put it under LeChuck. Grab his MEDAL, a KEY from his pocket, and his HOOK HAND. Use the hook hand on him for MIGHTY PIRATE.

Exit right. Grab the WIRE CUTTERS and CLOTHESPIN from the bag on the bike. Then, climb the tree house and take the KNIFE and GAME BOY. Descend, and take the ROPE when the ladder folds up.

Use the eye icon on the hideout, and inside, find CAT FOOD, a SCREWDRIVER from inside the robot (use the key), and a MAGNET. Use the hand icon on the hideout to hide – but you are found straight away, so we need a plan.

Exit right again, for a mysterious scene. Take the SPADE. Carve your initials into the tree with the knife for OK.

Back on the first screen, feed the cat, who will run off. Combine the rope with the hook for a GRAPPLING HOOK and use it on the hanging wings for CAST A FISHING POLE. Climb the stool and snip the WIRE in LeChuck’s hand, and then move the stool to the clothesline again. Interact with the reel to lower the wings, and then quickly pin the wire in place with the clothespin. Grab the WINGS.

Next, dismantle the radio with the screwdriver for BATTERIES. Place these in the walkie-talkies.

Place one walkie talkie behind the rock on the second screen, and use the other on the hideout. With this cunning plan, you will scare Sam and he will give up looking for you.

Episode 2, Part 2 – Buried Treasure
Return to Sam and play game boy with him.

In this minigame, we need to outrun a robot and beat it to the exit. The robot can move 2x as many squares as we can, so we need to use the level geometry against it.

  • For the first level, go down, left, down, down, up, up, right, up to the top of the room, and then exit right.
  • For the second level, go left, left, down, down, right, right, right, up, right, left, down, left, left. This will trap the robot in a 3 way box, and you will be standing south of it. Then, continue left and to the top of the room. Go right, down, right, left, up, and then walk to the left corner. Now, leave the room.

After the minigame, take the pirate hat and immediately put it on Sam’s head for FITTING. Then, interact with hat in your inventory to discard it and find a MAP inside.

Look at the map for another minigame. For this one, move the ship according to the key at the top, but after each move, rotate the compass 45 degrees.

The solution: Move the ship up two squares, then three squares diagonally down to the right. Then, left one square, and then 4 squares back to the right. Finally, move three squares up, and then two diagonally down to the left, to land halfway between the rock and the bench.

After the minigame, visit this spot in the yard and dig it up with the spade. You find TREASURE, which turns out to be a BLUEPRINT and a PROPELLER.

Episode 2, Part 3 – Fly a Plane
Return left, and notice that Sam now has a slingshot. Take it. (or try to, at least)

Sam will challenge you to a contest – Hit the target, you can keep the slingshot. However, you will auto-miss. We need to rig this game in our favor.

On the second screen, clear the overgrowth from the worktable using the knife, and collect a VICE and some METAL NUTS from the cabinet. Connect the vice to the table.

Next, use the MEDAL/MIRROR on the bush to lure the cat out. Collect the BELL from the cat collar, and then pet him for MY FRIEND JONES.

Exit right, and conceal the magnet and the bell behind the target. Then, mix the nuts into the pile of rocks, and return to Sam.

If you are able to time the dialogues to a gust of wind where the bell is audible, you will hit the target and win the SLINGSHOT (fair and square!). Optionally, you can then return to this screen and repeat the challenge for SECOND CHANCE.

Finally, it is time to complete the airplane. Disassemble the slingshot using the hand icon for a RUBBER BAND. Use the screwdriver on the bench where the cat is for a BOLT. Connect the bolt to the worktable, and use the wire on it for a HOOK.

Connect the hook to the fuselage. Connect the rubber. Connect the propeller. Connect the wings. Use the grappling hook to re-lower the treehouse ladder, climb up, and watch the scene.

Episode 2, Part 4 – Play Some Basketball
Once again, we are in our bedroom, awakening after what appears to be a long dream. We have the run of the ship again, just like in Chapter 1, and while we no longer have access to the bathroom or the gym, there are some new areas.

Look in the drawer for your KEYCARD and the BLANK KEYCARD. Leave, and check the toolboxes in the hall for an ELASTIC BAND and the DEAD PLASMA CUTTER. Go downstairs to maintenance.

Here, grab the POLYMER THREAD, ANTIFREEZE, and WRENCH. Then use the terminal. Connect to SanFran.Net and do some reading – the entry on Batteries gives you the ALL ABOUT ENERGY achievement. Then, go to the video section. In the 3rd video, about 80% in, there’s a ghostly figure. Freezeframe on it, and click it, for a scene.

Exit right, to a new area. In this new area, try to push the rover, examine the rover, and the look at the floating basketball.

Go upstairs, and ignore the door to the left for now, instead going to the wardroom. Snag the MAGIC MARKER and another HANDFUL OF SOIL. Then, interact with the intercom to summon Barton to this room. Speak to Barton and ask him for help with the rover. He should agree to move it for you.

Then, exit left, to the lab, where you will find the RUBBER DUCK and the SCREWDRIVER.

Go back to the room with the basketball. Walk all the way to the left, and connect the elastic band to the rover. Then, walk all the way back. When the band stretches across the center of the chamber, try to grab the ball. With the right timing, you will float all the way across, and wind up on the other side one BASKETBALL richer.

We have one last thing to do before we check out the new area. In your bedroom, disassemble the safe with the screwdriver. You will get a CARD READER. Put this next to the terminals downstairs, and connect the cable to it. Place the two cards into the machines, and complete a small minigame where you need to align the 12 pieces correctly according to the tabs and indents. After the minigame, take both the KEY CARD and SPARE CARD.

Then, go back upstairs and left, to another new room, the Nav Control Chamber. Toss the basketball into the wastebasket here for THREE POINT. Re-grab the ball, and take the WASTEBASKET, too. The power is out in this room, so we can’t do much else here for now.

Episode 2, Part 5 – Mysterious Life Signs
Restore Power

Return to the wardroom. We need a battery for the plasma cutter, and so we will steal one from the vacuum bot.

Place the trash bin on the floor. Prop it up with the wrench. Tie a cord to it, and bait the trap with some dirt. Odysseus will hide behind the couch and wait. The robot will eventually hide under the basket. Time your click just right, and you get the ROBOT CLEANER. Otherwise, you will have to reset the trap and try again.

Before doing anything else, take the cleaner to your bedroom and interact with it there. You earn WASHDAY. Then, take it to any other room and interact with it, and you will steal its BATTERY. Load the battery into the plasma cutter.

Back in the nav chamber, you can remove 3 latches on the power junction with no problem, but you will need to cut through the fourth. Once the panel is off, examine the cables, and the power will -sort of- come back on.

Ignore the big terminal for now, and instead head left into the machine room. We need to fix up all three of the machines here.

Fix the Machines

Machine on the left:
Examine the machine and then open the cover. Odysseus will observe it needs something cold to jump-start it.

Go to the lab, and use the cryo machine there to create an ice cube. The ice cube melts quickly.

Use the intercom in the lab to summon Barton, and give him the a fresh ice cube. Back in the machine room, summon Barton again, and take the ice back. Load this into the left machine.

Machine in the middle:
Use the SPARE CARD to unlock it. Both cards work, but using the spare gives you DUPLICATE. Combine the marker and the antifreeze for GREEN ANTIFREEZE, and dump it into the funnel. There’s a mini puzzle here, to work out the three combinations by looking at the antifreeze.

Look at the screens. Input the three screens as follows. (The order the letters are input does not matter as long as each section has the correct 4 letters)

  • Section 1: EIJD
  • Section 2: AKGH
  • Section 3: CFLB

Press the button at the bottom when done, and it should beep acceptance.

The machine on the right:
Examine the machine to note that there is a pipe out of place. Toggling the switches will raise and lower mechanisms on either side of the machine. Hit both of the switches, and use the basketball on the machine. It should ricochet into the pipe, knocking it into place. If successful, the basketball will dribble away, never to be seen again.

With all puzzles solved, return to the large console in the previous room. Open the glass case on either side, and insert each keycard. Use the console, and hand the rubber duck to Barton when prompted.

For the final puzzle of the chapter, you must scan the ship for life forms.

First, pan to the far right side of the ship, and locate the life here for IT’S ME. Then, locate the life form at the top of the large section to the left of the ship.

The game will prompt you to visit a certain area. Walk there to end the chapter and earn EPISODE 2 – TOO.

Episode 3, Part 1 – Odysseus in Peril
In Episode 3, the story will finally start heating up a little bit. We will spend this entire episode playing as Barton, and the first objective is to free Odysseus from the rats.

Start by opening the nearby lockers, and take the IRON PIPE. There’s a console here, but we do not have the key for it.

Notice the magnet in the corner of the room. When the cable in the corner is plugged in and the switch is toggled at the power junction, it will turn on, filling the room with a powerful attractive field. Enable the magnet.

Quickly touch the pipe to the magnet to magnetize it, unplug the cable, and use the pipe on the right floor grate to get a COMPUTER KEY. This is tightly timed, and if you are too slow, you will need to repeat.

Then, place the switch into the down position, and use the key on the console. You will get a ROBO COMP. Use this on the console to hack it – it will trigger a small minigame. Simply slide the squares around until all of them are green, and press the arrow.

Crane Game

Interacting with the console again starts a second minigame. We will have control of a large crane via the controls.

We need to build a bridge for Odysseus. Using the arrows, move the crane to the east. Move the crane onto each of the small metal hooks on either side of the top pipe. Latch onto them and attempt to lift the pipe, and the hooks will break.

Then, grab the large hook on the top pipe, and move the pipe into position on the first screen.

Next, snap the left hook on the second pipe. We cannot reach the right one.

Grab the pile of bricks, and position them in the middle of the second pipe, placing them down.

Next, grab the central hook of the second pipe, and attempt to lift it. It will get stuck, and when you put it down, it will rest across the bricks, seesaw-style.

Then, take the large box on the left and drop it from a high height onto the end of the seesaw, freeing the pipe. Carry the pipe back to the first screen and complete the bridge, freeing Odysseus.

Unfortunately, he’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. He is trapped in the airlock, and we will need four keycards to free him.

Episode 3, Part 2 – The Four Keycards
Explore as Barton

Exit the room you are in to the left, and we can now reach the rest of the ship, but the layout has changed somewhat, and there are new areas you have not seen.

The door to the left leads to the nav-room and an observation deck. The door north leads to the wardroom and the gym. The door east leads to the crew quarters and the greenhouse.

Grab the SCREWDRIVER from the grate, and head left to the nav-room.

Rememeber that fake keycard from the earlier chapter? Maybe it can help us!Take the FAKE KEYCARD from the slot on the left side of the Navi-Comp, and then try to use it in the computer for VIVA LA REVOLUCION. Unfortunately, the fake card doesn’t count!

Then, attempt to hack the computer with your nav tool. When all four sets of brackets are complete, press the arrow to earn HACKER. This tactic didn’t help, either!

Exit left to the observation deck to take in the view. A STOOL here is free for grabs.

Idle on this screen and admire the scenery for roughly a minute, and eventually you will see an aurora. Interact with the aurora for NORTHERN LIGHTS. Also, you will see a small device pop up with a flashing light while the aurora is going. Quickly grab it for a LENS.

Back out in the hall, head north through the wardroom, to the gym. Take the PROJECTOR and a PLASTIC CUP. Fill it for a CUP OF WATER, and water the flowers on the right side of this room [1/4]. Grab some more water, and water the plant in the wardroom [2/4]. Then, grab a third cup of water, return to the hall, and go right.

Ivan’s Room – First Visit

Use the navi-comp on the lock of the leftmost bedroom door for a mini-game similar to the other puzzles you’ve seen thus far. When all brackets face each other like [], the puzzle is solved.

Once you’ve solved it, enter Ivan’s room. Examine his safe for a new objective – finding the safe password.

Fiddle around with the bed here, and find a WOODEN HEAD under the sheets. Affix this to one of the pegs on the desk.

Then, examine the chessboard, and take the ANTENNA, noting the stain left behind. Then attach the antenna to the blue robot toy, hack it with the robo-computer, and take the BILLIARD BALL from the compartment in its head.

There’s nothing else here for now, so leave, and continue right.

Zoe’s Room – First Visit

Hack the second lock – the objective for this one is to arrange the tiles so the lines on them form a rectangle around the edge of the squares.

Enter Zoe’s room and check her safe. This one requires visual ID. Use the robo-computer on the TV screen for some more exposition from Odysseus. You can look at the photo nearby to see how she looks, and you can find a CAP and LIPSTICK by the purse. Leave.

Amelie’s Room and Greenhouse – First Visit

DO NOT hack the third room – instead, smash the lock with the pipe. You will earn BRUTE FORCE ATTACK.

Enter Amelie’s room. Take the BOOKMARK from her floor. As you approach it, note the door that jiggles. It’s on some kind of sensor.

Walk back and forth along the floor to further trigger the sensor. The more you do it, the wider the door opens. Eventually, it swings open for good, and you can collect the LAB COAT. Water the plants in Amelie’s room before you leave[3/4].

Leave, and enter the greenhouse. Here, take the SPONGE PLANT. Note the screen, which matches the one in the gym, and the unripe tomato. Exit left, for a scene. After the scene, take the CLEANING ROBOT.

Reenter Zoe’s room and examine the bookmark under the microscope. Then, in Amelie’s room, look at the bookshelf for the BOOK that it indicated. Open it, and you will get a CODE and a PAPERCLIP.

Enter code GGEE on Amelie’s safe, and take the REMOTE CONTROL inside. Also, you can read her diary for some story background. Amelie’s badge glows under infrared light.

Use the remote control on the plant lamp – note that one of the modes is not working – the infrared mode, of course – and when the lamp is in the “off” setting, steal the LIGHT BULB.

Ivan’s Keycard

Back in Ivan’s room, examine his laptop. Use the paperclip on it in close-up view to eject a SLIDE CHIP.

Place the stool on the floor and then the projector on the stool. Insert the chip. Notice the J1 code om the wall (examine it).

Then, rotate the stool so it faces the chart. Insert the lens to invert the image, and look at the pattern again. It is D3.

Examine the billiard ball you found in the robot. It is I4.

The chessboard stain is on square E2.

If you have seen all 4 things, the game will let you examine Ivan’s safe and enter password: JEDI.

Inside, you can read Ivan’s diary, and take a second WOODEN HEAD. Finally, place this second head onto the second peg, and a new secret compartment under the laptop will open. Take IVAN’S KEYCARD.

Amelie’s Keycard

Return to the Gym. Grab another glass of water, and set the screen to the lush tropical paradise setting. Another scene will play when you leave the gym.

Back at the greenhouse, water the tomato [4/4] for ROBOGARDENER. Then use the remote control on the lamp for NOT ROBOGARDENER. Leave this room, and immediately return. Take the RIPE TOMATO.

Next, walk all the way back to the gym, grab a fifth GLASS OF WATER, turn off the screen entirely, and then go all the way back to the greenhouse. Take the WORKING LAMP from the socket, and replace it with the other one you have.

Enter Amelie’s room. Place the WORKING LAMP into her fixture, and set it to “infrared” via the remote. Take the GLOWING BOOK from the shelf, and examine it for AMELIE’S KEYCARD.

Zoe’s Keycard

While you are still in Amelie’s room, soak the spongeplant in the chemicals on Amelie’s workstation for a BLONDE WIG, and then go back to Zoe’s room.

In Zoe’s room, put the lab coat and blonde wig on the dummy. Combine the cap and lipstick to draw a red cross on the cap, and the put these things on the dummy as well. Finally, put the tomato on the dummy.

Interact with the complete costume, and you will automatically wear it and open the safe. Make sure to take the TOMATO back when you are done. Zoe’s diary and ZOE’S KEY CARD are in the safe.

Odysseus’ Keycard

Place the screwdriver inside the vacuum robot. Go to the wardoom, and put the robot into the compartment at the base of the table.

Once it’s loaded, use the console in the downstairs room from the start of the chapter. This will trigger a maze game.

Navigate the robot through the maze, which has two sides. Positioning yourself over a green dot will allow you to warp from one side to the other. Make sure to visit the dirty area on the right side of the maze for SPRING CLEANING.

After grabbing the achievement, make your way to the exit. Once the minigame ends, you can find the VACUUM in the wardroom, and interacting with it gives you the fourth KEYCARD.

Episode 3, Part 3 – Is Everything On This Ship Broken?
Repair the Hatch

Visit the navi-computer and insert all four keycards, and then go back down to the airlock room for a scene.

Odysseus is out, but he’s kind of mad. Go back to the navi-computer a second time for a new task: repairing the hatch.

Return yet again to the airlock room, and remove the panels from both the left and right doors.

Interact with the right panel, and remove the faulty part.

Connect the cable and hit the switch to reactivate the magnet, and slowly inch over to the right door. Activate the right panel, and quickly sprint to the left door, to steal the working GEAR from the left panel – this step is timed.

Deactivate the magnet, and place the part into the right panel. It’s still not working; we need a mini-motor. Before you leave this room, make sure to EXAMINE the left panel that you broke.

The MINI-MOTOR that you need is found in the phonograph in Ivan’s room. Collect it, and return downstairs to fix the door.

Tell the navigation computer your task is complete, and it will give you your next objective: Talking to Odysseus for instructions. You will find him in the greenhouse.

Calibrate some Antennae

Talk to Odysseus. When you tell him about the broken door, you will get INVERSION.

He tells us to go fix the ship antennae. To do this, we will need two video processors, two microchips, an audio processor, and a magnet. Before leaving this room, give Odysseus the tomato.

Before solving this puzzle, let’s grab a few achievements.

First, go downstairs and exit the airlock, and whack the antenna with the pipe for a RUBBER DUCK. Then, throw the water on the antenna for WATER, WATER NEVER CHANGES. Then, return to Odysseus and ask him about the tomato for PRIZE WINNING SPECIMEN and hand him the duck for DEEP SPACE DUCK.

Now, let’s collect our stuff.

  • VIDEO PROCESSOR 1 is in the camera in Zoe’s room.
  • VIDEO PROCESSOR 2 is in the projector, which is likely still in Ivan’s room unless you already grabbed it (disassemble it in your inventory).
  • MICROCHIP 1 is also in Ivan’s room, in the toy robot.
  • The AUDIO processor is also in Ivan’s room, in the phonograph.
  • MICROCHIP 2 is gotten by disassembling your robo-vacuum.
  • Finally, the MAGNET is the same one you already used for the last few puzzles, only you can actually grab it now.

Outside, put one chip and both video processors into Antenna A, follow the exit on the right, and use the other three parts in Antenna B. Interact with both antennae to raise them, and return to Navigation for a minigame.

This is a pretty simple one – just angle each antenna until you have the strongest possible signal, and then keep tweaking all three until you have max bars. The chapter will end, earning you Episode 3 – Now Complete!

Episode 4, Part 1 – Explore the Ship (Again)
Episode 4 begins in a room we have never seen as we prepare a rescue mission for the ship’s crew. Unfortunately, there are a few problems.

To move forward with our mission, we need: A navigator, navigation data, and special fuel. Begin by investigating everything in the room.

In this chapter, we can access the wardroom, navigation room, bathroom, bedroom, and lab. We can also visit the airlock room from the previous chapter. There’s also a new robot repair room which you will see as you exit left – go there now, fully examine everything in this room, and take the INTERCOM PANEL.

Going left again, Take the SPACESUIT. Exit through the airlock. Examine the hose, and try to grab it. We can’t get it yet, but Odysseus should mention something about the ship’s velocity – this is important for a puzzle.

Reenter the ship, and open all three lockers. Close them. Repoen them again. This earns you ONE MORE TIME! Go upstairs, and then north to the wardroom.

Check the couch, and Odysseus will complain about the darkness. It’s a good thing we fixed the lights three chapters ago! Turn on the lights using the button on the wall, and then search the couch for the FLASHLIGHT. You must have left it there after your repair job!

Then, grab the HUMIDIFIER and the PROJECTOR. Interact with the projector for an SD CARD. Also note the F1 written on the board – it’s a subtle hint.

As you continue to explore the ship, use the hand icon with the humidifier in your inventory to use it in each room, and then immediately pick it up again. When you have moistened several rooms, SEA AIR will pop.

Continue left twice to our old friend, the lab. Take the RUBBER DUCK and the MICROPHONE. Also, in the locker, box F1 on the second shelf has a small KEY.

Now, backtrack through the wardroom to your bedroom, for a scene. Once it’s over, use the flashlight under the bed and take the PLASMA CUTTER. Try to cut the toy robot for A PRECIOUS KEEPSAKE. Then, unlock the toy robot for a LIST.

Exit twice, to the nav room. Set all settings on the nav computer to MAX and click the checkmark. Then, set them all to MIN. This should jolt the ship, shaking loose the hose outside the airlock.

Leave the nav room and visit the bathroom. Grab the TOWEL, and then try to cut open the first aid box with the plasma torch. It’s too high up. Then, interact with the bucket to use it as a stepping stool. Take the FIRST AID KIT after the scene, and go back to the lab.

Use the list directly on the computer terminal, and you will be presented with a list of supply-order codes. Order C64-AA-ZX32-XS for the CALL THE MANAGER achievement. Then, order DFD-ST-ZX32-S to requisition the part you actually need. We will pick the part up in a moment.

On your way downstairs, pop out through the airlock and grab the HOSE and the HANDLE.

Episode 4, Part 2 – Plan a Spaceflight
Now that we have explored the ship, it’s time to finish off some puzzles!

Get Nav Data

In the bedroom, interact with the intercom, and the NAV CHIP will be delivered to you, provided you followed the steps to order the chip above.

Take the nav chip to the nav room and use it in the central computer to program it – unsuccessfully.

Then, go back to your bedroom, and use it with the computer in the corner to complete the calibration and get the PROGRAMMED NAV CHIP.

Return to the hangar, and place the chip inside the slot on the side of the ship.

Get Some Gas

Use the first aid kit on the shuttle for a FUEL SAMPLE.

Then, visit the lab, and place the sample in the machine to the left for the ROCKET FUEL FORMULA.

Return to the shuttle, and attach the hose and the handle to the fuel pump.

Then, interact with the control console for a puzzle. This is the classic reach-a-number-with-two-buckets puzzle – but it must be repeated three times.

For component A:
Fill the small bucket, press right. Fill the small bucket again, press right. Empty the large bucket. Transfer the 1 bar to the right. Fill the small bucket, press right. There are now four bars in the right bucket. Click the checkmark.

For component B:
Fill the small bucket, press right. Fill the small bucket again, press right. Fill the small bucket a third time, press right. Empty the large bucket and transfer 3 bars right. Fill the small bucket, press right. Fill the small bucket again, press right. Empty the large bucket. Transfer the 2 bars right. Fill the small bucket, press right. There are now 6 bars. Click the checkmark.

For component C:
Fill the small bucket, press right. Fill the small bucket again, press right. Empty the large bucket. Transfer 1 bar right. Fill the small bucket, press right. Fill the small bucket again, press right. Empty the large bucket. Transfer the 2 bars right. Fill the small bucket, press right. There are now 7 bars. Click the checkmark.

Then, fuel the ship. When you’re done, retake the HANDLE item from the gas pump.

Get a Navigator

Use the rubber duck on Barton for the TURN AROUND achievement. Then, speak to him. You will tell him that you have decided to reprogram him. Eventually, you will automatically be taken to the robo-bay. Use the terminal, and go through the testing process with Barton. He will pass his audio, video, and mechanical checkups with flying colors. We need to sabotage this process.

Rig the audio test:
Take the intercom panel that you removed from the wall, and use it on the airlock to crush it. Combine the crushed intercom with the radio transmitter, and then place the intercom back on the wall.

Rig the visual test:
Hand Barton the micro-SD card from the video projector, and he will load it with the photo of you that he just took. Place this card inside the projector, and then hide the projector in the server to the right of the testing platform.

Rig the mechanical checkup
Back in the hangar, use the red handle on the barrel to the right, and oil will spill out. Soak the towel in oil for an OILY TOWEL. Place the oily towel on the floor at the entrance to the testing room.

During the test

  • During the audio test, instead of talking normally to Barton, use the radio from your inventory
  • During the video test, instead of touching Barton, use the humidifier from your inventory
  • During the checkup, instead of looking at Barton, examine the oily streaks on the floor.

When prompted, retrieve the SD card from the projector and use it on Barton to harvest his data.

The experiment ends, and you return to the hangar.

With all three objectives met, speak to Barton, and it’s off to a new location.

Episode 4, Part 3 – Crash-landed
You end up crash-landed on the pod you jettisoned after the rat attack. Our objectives now are to repair the storage compartment and reestablish communications.

Examine the broken nav module and take the MAGNETRON. Exit left, for a scene, and then take the PIPE from the hole in the wall. Jam the pipe into the emergency supplies compartment, which is stuck, and collect a REMOTE, and UMBRELLA, and a RADIO that currently lacks power. Also grab the WIRE that falls on the floor.

Use the remote, and watch carefully, as a light will blink on Odysseus. It becomes a hotspot for a BEACON LAMP that you can grab from his suit. Combine the magnetron, wire, and lamp for an EMF DETECTOR.

Heading inside, stand in the fourth alcove from the left and use the detector to locate an ACCESS PANEL. Open it and take the LOUDSPEAKER.

Set the three control dials to RED, BLUE, THREE and press the button, and a light should blink. Then, set the dials to YELLOW, RED, TWO and press the button again. This will enable the cabin lights and drop a ladder.

Climb the ladder. Interact with “The vastness of space” for STELLAR DREAMS, then continue left.

Take the FOAM SEALANT and MOTOR from the floor, and then use the pipe on the rover to pry off some armor plating. While you’re standing here, use the EMF detector again to see the bulb has burnt out. Connect the loudspeaker to it in place of the bulb, and then use the detector about 7-8 times unsuccessfully to earn SERIOUSLY, I’M IN A VACUUM.

Retrieve your PIPE, and then walk downstairs and around to the other side to collect the ARMORED PLATE.

With the lights on, you can continue right into the structure. Grab the CHAIN and EXERCYCLE, and then jam the pipe into the dead fridge.

At the access panel, input BLUE, YELLOW, ONE to drop the crane. With the crane lowered, chain it to the fridge. Raise the crane again with GREEN, GREEN, FOUR (you should hear a sound) and then lower it a second time with BLUE, YELLOW, ONE. Then, visit the crane and collect the CHAIN and the FRIDGE DOOR.

Use the door on the hole to the left of the first screen, and seal this with the foam. Use the armored plate on the other hole, near the ceiling.

Place the radio, bike, and generator on the hotspot marked “floor”. Try to use the chain on the bike to learn you need an antenna. Place the umbrella into the sticky foam on the hole you just sealed, and the umbrella frame is broken loose. Connect this to the radio, and then finally, add the chain. Interact with the bike to contact Barton.

Then, standing directly to the side of the radio, use your EMF detector on your spacesuit in the inventory to connect yourself to the speaker, and use the hand icon on the detector to locate a new access panel.

Walking through, interact with the “electrical box” hotspot until the light turns green. We now have a mini-puzzle to solve. For this puzzle, you need to increment the power, 1 light at a time, until you have all lights full.

Here are the steps to completing this puzzle:

  • Connect the green cable and pull the switch.
  • Disconnect the green cable, connect the yellow, and pull the switch.
  • Connect the green cable and pull the switch.
  • Disconnect green and yellow, connect red, and pull the switch.
  • Connect the green cable, and pull the switch.
  • Disconnect the green cable, connect the yellow, and pull the switch.
  • Connect the green cable and pull the switch.
Episode 4, Part 4 – The Abandoned Satellite
Locate the Signal

In space, interact with your suit to activate a radar.

This will trigger another puzzle. You will be presented with a few buttons, arranged in a circle, with several “spokes” sticking out. To the left, you will see a number and an arrow.

When you press the checkmark, the spokes will rotate around the circle by the number of spaces indicated to the left. If the arrow is pointing up, the spokes will go clockwise. Down, they will go counter-clockwise. The goal is to press the buttons where the spokes will end up once the rotation has been completed. Once you are successful several times, you will come to a floating probe.

A New Location

Enter the probe, and have a look around. Access the terminal, and try to open the nav chip.
Unfortunately, the nav chip cannot be opened unless the ship is in maintenance mode. Instead, select the “open the reserve supply” button. Take the WRENCH and a PLASTIC BAG from the cabinet that opens, and then open the access panel with the wrench to see the protection beneath it.

Leave the ship, and use the wrench on the aileron for a sheet of ALUMINUM. Then, back inside, wedge the aluminum into the small slot in the cabinet for a SHIV. Use this in the power panel beneath the coffee machine for some COFFEE CAPSULES.

Then, use the wrench at the base of the white cabinet to knock it on its side. Grab the RED CABLE, tie it to the slot at the top of the cabinet, and tie the wrench to the cable. As you walk away, the cabinet will slide open. When it opens, yank the cable to pull the wrench into a position where it jams the cabinet open. Take the WRENCH and the O2.

This next bit is a bit trial and error without a guide. Place some water from the coffee machine into your bag, and combine the bag with the O2 for a PRESSURIZED BAG OF WATER. Then, take a second bag, combine it with the coffee, and inflate this as well for a PRESSURIZED BAG OF COFFEE GROUNDS.

Then access the console. Notice that each time you run a test, it consumes some power. The autotest consumes 5% battery, the antenna, 12%, and the gyroscope, 25%. Run tests to get the power as low as possible. Then, quickly exit the ship, where you should see a low battery light blinking. In this order, quickly use the water bag on the upper panel, where it will explode and freeze. Then, quickly follow this up with the coffee bag as well. Reenter the ship, where the indicator lights should be red, and select UNLOCK NAV CHIP from the panel.

BEFORE GRABBING THE NAV CHIP, insert your SD card to the compartment where the chip is. Read about “protocol 10” on the console. and earn the PROTOCOL X achievement. Then, take the NAV CHIP, and you also get some COOKIES. Eat the cookies from the inventory for SNACK TIME.

Sit in the chair, and we move to the final section of chapter 4.

Episode 4, Part 5 – Fun & Games
We are now at a backyard fair, where we have several fun tasks to complete. We need to win the drawing contest, the paper airplane contest, and complete the lawn-bowling challenge. We also need to cheat for each task.

Grab the MARKERS and SCREWDRIVER from the bench. Speak to Sam for a BILLIARD BALL, and use the hand on the easel for PAPER.

Then, continue right, and take the REMOTE from behind the rock, as well as the TOY TRUCK.

Throw the billiard ball on the rock, and it will roll off into the bushes. When you retrieve it, you will find BILLIARD BALL x2.

Then, return to the first screen, climb the treehouse, use the remote on the chopper to land it, and collect it for TOY HELICOPTER.

Cheat at drawing:
Use the markers on the easel. The challenge to complete this figure using only one line is impossible, so back out.

Interact with the markers in your inventory to separate them out to a YELLOW MARKER and BLUE MARKER.

Place the toy truck under the treehouse ladder, and use the remote on it. You may have to stand quite close. When Sam’s back is turned, quickly use the yellow marker on the easel to alter the puzzle.

Then, complete the puzzle with the blue marker.

Cheat at Lawn Bowling:
Use one of your pool balls on the LOWER of the two dirt mounds, and quickly use the other one on the first ball. You should achieve a ricochet into the goal and THE SECOND BALL achievement.

Cheat at Paper Airplane Throwing:
For the paper airplane contest, fold your paper into an airplane by interacting with it in your inventory. Challenge Sam, and you will lose.

Disassemble the toy helicopter with the drill for a FAN BLADE, and then attach your new blade to the drill for a MINI-FAN.

Repeat the contest, but this time use the fan to propel the plane after you launch it, and you will win.

After winning all three contests, your prize is a NOTE, but a rat comes out and steals it.

Ask the cat, Jonesey, for help – this will begin a section where you are playing as the cat. Sit on the bench for a few moments [1/4] and then click the bush a few times until you curl up in front of it [2/4]. Interact with the tree a few times, and then with Oddy. Eventually, you will convince him to pull down the ladder for you. Climb the treehouse, and collect the CHEESE.

Exit right, and sit on the rock by the cliff [3/4] and then curl up on the grassy patch to the right [4/4] for A CAT’S LIFE. Then, leave the cheese on top of the rightmost rock. Leaving this screen and quickly coming back, you will spot the rat going after the cheese. Chase the rat into the hole, and investigate the burrow’s hotspot.

Go left again, and grab the SMALL ROCK that is at the far right hand side of the screen. Use this to plug the hole in the burrow, and chase the rat once again. After you’ve caught it, grab the somehoww-not-bloody NOTE and deliver it to Oddy.

You awaken aboard the small vessel, but there are some changes. Watch the scene, and follow the path. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

For competing the fourth chapter, earn EPISODE 4 IS IN THE BOOKS!

Episode 5, Part 1 – Find the Captain
This is the chapter where all of the bubbling weirdness finally bursts out onto the surface. I’m not going to discuss story very much in this chapter, and will be somewhat vague to avoid spoilers.

We are back aboard the ship, and have access to many familiar old rooms, but things are a little different, too.

Begin by speaking to Zoe and having a look around. Our first objective is to speak to the captain, but we will explore the ship first. Leave your room and reenter it, and Zoe will have left. Examine the toy robot, and take your KEY CARD.

Just outside your room is the med-bay. It’s currently locked – note that it wants a code, “IVAN+ZOE”. The next room you see is the greenhouse, it is open, but there’s nothing there for now.

The third door, Amelie’s room, is locked. The fourth door, Zoe’s, is open. Enter her room and have a look around, and take her PHOTOGRAPH. The fifth room, Ivan’s is locked.

Out in the hall, go downstairs. A SEMICONDUCTOR SWITCH is in one of the lockers, and an ORGANIZER is in the pocket of the spacesuit. The airlock is not used in this chapter, but a passage leads right to a storage room – though there’s nothing interesting in there for now.

In the wardroom/lounge area, there’s a man named Doyle who has some more stuff to say. Hear him out, and then pass through to the gym, where you can collect another CUP OF WATER (fill the cup). Then, continue through to the bathroom. There’s nothing here for now, but make sure to note the empty first aid kit.

Go back to the nav-room, which is now the captain’s cabin. Take the SEMICONDUCTOR SWITCH on the floor, and speak to the captain.

Episode 5, Part 2 – Join the Crew
The captain has some unusual things to say – but we do learn that we need to join the crew.

Go back to Ivan’s bedroom, which is now open. Speak to him, and you are given some more tasks. Show him the photograph to obtain a PASSWORD.

Then, go next door to Zoe’s room. Speak to her once to learn about the physical, and again, to report the empty first aid kit. She’s not too sure where a replacement kit is. If you check out her magazines, though you will find a note that points you in the right direction – this will be important later.

We have an objective to speak to Amelie, but her room is currently still locked.

Visit the wardroom again, and speak to Doyle for even more tasks, and a SCANNER. The scanner also acts as a key, and opens up some more areas on the ship – including her room. Visit Amelie’s room and let yourself in. Speak to her, and take the BOX on the floor. She mentions something about an old box of stuff.

Following up on this lead, go downstairs to the storage room, right of the airlock, and search the box here for a familiar-looking SLINGSHOT. While you’re here, also search the crates on the left for a FIRST-AID KIT and a third SEMICONDUCTOR SWITCH.

Speaking to Amelie causes someone new to show up in the greenhouse – pay this new person a visit, and show them the box and the slingshot. You will be brought back to Amelie’s room, where you gain a new task. She lets you look in her safe; take the NOTE. Read it from your inventory.

Make a quick stop in the bathroom, and replenish the first-aid supplies by placing the kit in the empty box. Odysseus will ditch the kit, but retains LATEX GLOVES.

Next, go to the nav-room where the captain was. The captain is gone – he is now hanging out in Amelie’s room. Access the nav computer he was previously guarding, for a navigation puzzle.

Solve the navigation minigame with the sequence: left, double-left x3, left. For beating this puzzle using only five steps, earn the appropriately-named FIVE STEPS.

You can now access the locked artifact room to the left, using the scanner. The door on the other side of this room leads to a cameo Easter egg, but has nothing to do with the story. After you’ve checked that out, we have a number of things to do here.

Start with the console on the right, and leave everything else alone (for now). interact with the console, and a slot will open. Insert the scanner and copy an error code to the card. Remove the scanner and return to Doyle.

NOTE: Doyle may vanish from the wardroom or may be busy resting or playing foosball; if he’s gone, then exit and reenter the room until he is by the board.

When you find him, first give him the note from Amelie’s safe for DOC DOYLE. Then, give him the scanner. He will give you a POST-IT in return; place it on his chalkboard. Repeat this process several more times, and when the chalkboard has 4-5 notes on it, REPEAT WARNING will unlock.

Once you have the achievement, go back to the artifact room. This time, pour your cup of water on the energy output gauge generating an error code – it will short out. Generate another error code, track down Doyle, and pin this post-it on the board, like the others.

Go back down to the Artifact room yet again. If the machine on the left is still sparking, leave and come back a few times until it no longer is – this is the indication that Doyle has serviced it. Now, collect some HELIUM from the canister using your gloves. Use the helium glove from your inventory and the HOMAGE achievement will unlock.

Next, examine the large machine in the middle of the room. Place your three semiconductors into the four slots as follows: #4 in the first slot, #2 in the third slot, and #1 in the fourth slot. This will fix this machine, and Doyle will be ready to recommend us.

Before you leave this room, make sure to interact with the console on the right and collect ONE FINAL ERROR REPORT. Collect your scanner, and find Doyle yet again.

This time, when Doyle gives you the post-it note, KEEP THE NOTE. If you read it from your inventory, it will say something about high pressure. Also, collect the SCREWDRIVER from the table, left over from his servicing job. Finally, speak to him, and he will agree to recommend you for the crew.

Episode 5, Part 3 – Join the Crew (Continued)
Now that we have Doyle’s recommendation, track down the captain over in Amelie’s room.

First, show him the photograph of Ivan and Zoe from your inventory for EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK. Then, speak to him, and he will praise your progress so far.

You may have noticed Ivan stepping out of his room, too, from time to time – pop in there and steal the KEY CARD from the secret compartment by his desk when he’s out. If he refuses to leave, wander around for a while and come back. He disappears eventually.

Now, it’s time to tackle the physical and mental evaluations.

Go to the med-bay, which may still be locked. You can let yourself in with the password that Ivan gave you. Use the blood pressure, height, and weight stations to learn exactly how inadequate you are. We need to fix our height, weight, and blood pressure – though if you already have the helium glove, one of these tasks has already been solved for you (having it in your inventory reduces your weight).

To fix your height, unscrew the plate below the height station. Use the station while the plate is unscrewed for the LOWER achievement. Then, access the machine here, and select the option for recalbrating the machine. Then, reattach the plate, and use the machine a third time – it should display green numbers. You now magically meet the height requirement, congrats.

For the blood pressure, leave, and visit Zoe’s room. Hand her the post-it from Ivan’s error log, and she misinterprets it to think he has high blood pressure. Take the BLUE PILLS. Before proceeding, Locate Ivan for two optional achievements. Return the screwdriver for ONE GOOD TURN. Then, try to hand him the pills for BLUE PILL.

Go back to the med-bay and eat the pills from your inventory to pass the third medical test.

Now, access the terminal and look through the menus until you start the psych eval. Answer each question on the psych eval with the 3-point answer for the A+ achievement. However, you fail the test.

Then, take another psych eval. This time, select the most boot-lickingist reponses (option 2, 3, 3, 3) to “pass”, Hit “object status” and “prepare report”. Collect the MED CARD.

For the fitness portion of the assessment, place Ivan’s stolen key into the terminal. Leave page 1 of the form that prints inside the printer tray. Remove Ivan’s key and insert your own. Then, interact with the printer and get the FORGED FORM. Retrieve your key as well.

Track down Ivan and give him this forged questionnaire. He will fill it out for you.

Give the completed report and the completed med-card to Zoe to pass your mental & physical exams. Congrats on the clean bill of health!

Find the Captain, still in Amelie’s cabin, and speak to him until he gives you a KEY. Welcome back to the crew!

Episode 5, Part 4 – Barton and the Artifact
The note we got from Amelie’s safe indicates that Barton left something behind on the ship. Indeed he did – if you go downstairs and check the metal grate by the magnet, you will find a COMPUTER BOARD.

Exit right, and use this board on the “odds n’ ends” in the storage room. Odysseus will fashion a COMMUNICATIONS MODULE. Take the module back one screen, and use it on the computer terminal here, to learn a code.

Next, go to the nav-room, and interact with the comms device on the right side of the room, to call Barton and hear what he has to say for himself.

Next, visit the artifact room. Insert the captains key into the central terminal, revealing a glowing crystal. Take a CRYSTAL FRAGMENT, and head to the wardroom.

Inspect the circular table, and insert the crystal fragment. Once it’s in place, connect the communications device to the fragment, for a long scene.

When the scene ends, we will be back in the artifact room, playing as a new character. Take a fragment of the artifact, and use it in your inventory.

The Time Puzzle

We can now access six moments in time by selecting each of the crystals in this hexagon. Start by scoping out all six scenes.

  • Start by visiting the top-left scene, which shows Odysseus in bed at the start of the prologue. Interact with the intercom, and see what happens.
  • The top-right hexagon also shows Odysseus in bed, much later in the story.
  • The middle left hexagon shows Barton, ready to leave the ship in disgrace.
  • The middle right hexagon shows Barton packing for his trip.
  • The lower left hexagon shows Barton doing one last diagnostics check.
  • The lower-right hexagon takes you back to the Artifact room.

Check out all of these scenes first, and then visit scene #5. Take the SCREWDRIVER on the table here. Then, go to scene #4. You have to be quick, but grab the RUBBER DUCK before Barton is able to.

Then, in scene #1, place the screwdriver on the table, and interact with the intercom. Once Barton leaves, place the rubber duck in the now-open safe. Amusingly, note that we are setting the room into the state it was in before the game’s first puzzle.

Then, teleport to scene #2. Odysseus is now gone, having solved the puzzle, and the safe is now open. Take the BROKEN CHIP (the same one you removed, way back in the prologue) from the safe.

Then, in scene #5, quickly place the broken chip in the terminal before the diagnostic check, which will prompt Barton to pack an emergency kit.

Finally, in scene #3, quickly sneak your crystal fragment into the carry-on bag that is now here.

Crystal Minigame

After solving this puzzle, you switch back to Odysseus. Interact with the fragment one more time for another minigame.

This can be pretty frustrating, but there’s a simple way to pass it. The idea is to move the scanner around the room to fully complete the green bar. However, if you hold the scanner still over top of the lower left edge of the right-most crystal, in a few moments, the bar will fill on its own.

Episode 5, Part 5: Conclusion
For the final section of the game, we play as Barton, 26 years in the past. We are in the med-bay.

Try to use the terminal, and you will receive the ROBO-COMPUTER.

Access the computer again and try to boot the cryo-capsule to see that there is not enough power. We need to reboot the generator.

Interact with the generator on the far right to learn that it cannot be rebooted while any electrical power is being used.

Back at the console, disable all three devices, including the lights, and then QUICKLY use the robo-comp from your inventory.

Move right through the green wire-frame view, and flick on the generator.

Next, try to open the cryo-capsule a second time, but now we also need an access card. Speak to the terminal and ask for access. It says “no”.

Use the intercom above the exit, and ask the captain for help; he tells you to tell the computer you have his permission. However, the computer won’t believe you.

This is a reflex puzzle. Notice that when you speak to the computer, it has these green “listening” bars. Interact with the computer, and while the bars are still green, VERY QUICKLY speak to the captain so that the computer overhears. The timing on this is very tight, but it is possible. When done, take the KEY CARD from the terminal.

Use the card on the capsule, and there’s another problem. Check the terminal to see what it is. Then, click the elevator button, and receive a TEST TUBE. Immediately use this in your inventory for a RUBBER TUBE and GLASS SHARDS.

Destroy the cryo-pod’s flexible tubing using the shards, and access the terminal. You can now order some “replacement fluid”. Grab the FLUID from the elevator. Place the fluid into the tube, and repair the tubing with the rubber from your inventory. Open the cryo-door, and contact the captain via the intercom for a scene.

After the scene, look at and attempt to pet the cat. Then, access the terminal, and order a box of CAT FOOD.

Attempt to combine the cat food with the glass shards for HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT?

Next, lure the cat down to the by placing some food onto it, and grab him.

Feed the cat with the food in your inventory a second time for 227904.

Finally, place the cat into the cryo-chamber. When you close the door of the chamber, the ending will begin.

Congrats on completing the game!

Spoiler-Free Achievement Checklist (P-2)
Prologue Acheievements

☑ Bart the NES Punk – Hear a bunch of jokes on the intercom
☑ Coffee Break – Attempt to consume a coffee capsule from the inventory
☑ The Cookie Paradox – Attempt to consume the empty cookie tin from the inventory
☑ Ian Bartuson and his Retro Games – Use the hand icon on the unichip item
☑ Everything is Relative – Examine the physics book while the glowing keycard is under it (very narrow window for this one)
☑ Got the Numbers Mixed Up – Show the binary paper to the intercom 3x
☑ In Flagrante Delicto – fail the cake minigame by maxing suspicion
☑ Hunger and Loathing – fail the cake minigame by maxing hunger
☑ Do You Respect Me – fail the cake minigame by
☑ Four Additional Pounds – win the cake minigame by lasting 20 turns
☑ Under the Bed – when a hotspot appears under the bed, LOOK at it before reaching under
☑ Back to the Starting Point – reassemble the alarm clock before completing the episode

Episode 1 Achievements

☑ Rifle on the Wall – examine the extinguisher in the lab.
☑ Kitty Kitty Jonesey – Enable the bathroom fan via console, then examine it.
☑ Fool Me Twice – Attempt to unlock the bedroom locker with the blank ID from the maintenance room
☑ Hit the Papers – Before correctly solving the puzzle to get the paper ball, score a direct hit on it with the crossbow.
☑ Voight-Kampff – Show Barton the paper ball after you grab it
☑ Taking Care of Fellow Earthlings – Feed the rat once he is in your inventory
☑ Musophobia – Show Lukas to Barton
☑ Save the Photons – Use the LED from the alarm clock to complete the EMF detector instead of a regular lightbulb.
☑ Total Recall – Use the default memory card on the projector before solving the puzzle to wipe it.
☑ Small Aquatic Bird – Clean the rubber duck with a cup of liquid soap after it gets dirty.
☑Elite – complete the rover docking puzzle on the first attempt.
☑ E1 Done – Automatic at the end of the episode

Episode 2 Achievements

As child:

☑ Mighty Pirate – Use the hook on the scarecrow
☑ Cast a Fishing Pole – Try to grab the wings with the grappling hook
☑ My Friend Jones – Pet the cat (while he is on the bench)
☑ OK – Carve your initials into a tree with the knife
☑ Fitting – Put the pirate hat on Sam before searching it
☑ Second Chance – After winning the slingshot, hit the target a second time.

As adult:

☑ All About Energy – Read the terminal entry about batteries
☑ Washday – Use the vaccuum to clean your room before disassembling it
☑ Three-Point – This one is super-missable. Get the basketball before picking up the basket in the nav-room. Shoot some hoops.
☑ Duplicate – Use the cloned key card on the console instead of your regular one.
☑ It’s Me – During the scanner puzzle at the end of the chapter, find your own life-sign (far right of the ship)
☑ Episode 2 too! – Automatic at the end of the chapter.

Spoiler-Free Achievement Checklist (3-5)
Episode 3 Achievements

☑ Viva La Revoucion – Collect the fake ID from the nav computer, and then use it on the nav-computer.
☑ Hacker – Try to hack the large nav computer with the hacking device.
☑ Northern Lights – Sit at the observation deck for 60-90 seconds, and then click the aurora.
☑ Spring Cleaning – During the vacuum maze minigame, find and clean the speck of dirt.
☑ Robogardener – Water 4 plants (locations: Gym, wardroom, Amelie’s room, greenhouse)
☑ Not Robogardener – Use the remote on the light in the greenhouse
☑ Brute Force Attack – Instead of solving the puzzle to get into Amelie’s room, smash the device with the pipe.
☑ Inversion – after freeing Odysseus, look at the broken door mechanism and tell him about it.
☑ Water, Water Never Changes – Use a cup of water on a space antenna
☑ Prize Winning Specimen – Give Odysseus a tomato while he is in the tub, Leave, reenter, and speak to him.
☑ Deep Space Duck – Wack Antenna A with a pipe for a rubber duck. Give the duck to Odysseus.
☑ Episode 3 Now Complete – Automatic at the end of the chapter.

Episode 4 Achievements

Before Launch

☑ Sea Air – collect the humidifier and use it in multiple rooms.
☑ A Precious Keepsake – Use the plasma cutter on the toy robot in the bedroom
☑ Call the Manager – order part C64-AA-ZX32-XS on the computer.
☑ Turn Around – Use a rubber duck on Barton.
☑ One More Time – Open, close, and reopen all three lockers.

After Liftoff

☑ Stellar Dreams – Interact with “the vastness of space” after reaching the right side of the rover.
☑ Seriously, I’m in a Vacuum! – Before connecting the audio EMF detector to your suit, use it many times.


☑ Protocol X – After opening the compartment, do NOT remove the chip. Instead, attach your micro SD and read about protocol 10 from the terminal.
☑ Snack Time – When you find the cookies, eat them.

Playing Outside

☑ The Second Ball – Solve the lawn bowling puzzle with two balls. See guide above for details.
☑ A Cat’s Life – Find four places to rest while playing as a cat. You have to click the bushes twice.
☑ Episode 4 is in the books! – Automatic unlock at end of chapter.

Episode 5 Achievements

As Odysseus

☑ Everything By the Book – Show the photo of the couple to the captain
☑ Doc Doyle – Show the note from Amelie’s safe to Doyle.
☑ Blue Pill – Try to give the blue pill to Doyle before eating it yourself
☑ One Good Turn – Return Doyle’s screwdriver once you have finished with it.
☑ A+ – Select all three-point answers during the psych eval.
☑ Lower? – Use the height machine while the metal plate is detached.
☑ Homage – Fill a glove with helium, and interact with it in your inventory.
☑ Five Steps – Solve the nav puzzle in exactly 5 steps. (Left, Double-left x3, Left)
☑ Repeat Warning – Get multiple post-its from Doyle by repeating the puzzle, and place them all on the whiteboard.

As Barton

☑ How Could you Think That? – Try to spike the cat food with glass shards.
☑ 227904 – Feed the cat while the cat is in your inventory
☑ Epidode 5 – You’ve Arrived! – unlocked at the end of the game.

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