Our Red String: Book Guide (How to Choose the Best One)

Given it seems to be a problem, an easy and practical guide to achieve high results, and even the best one, in writing Ian’s book.

You just have to choose: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.

In this way you’ll achieve 8 points (aka perfect score) with a Historical book, and 7 points with a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book. To reach max points with those two you have to choose: for the Fantasy one Romantic or Crude, for the Sci-Fi one Chosen One. That’s it.

To make it even simpler, just choose these for max score:

  • Fantasy: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomRomanticSacrifice.
  • Sci-Fi: Chosen OneRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.
  • Historical: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.

If instead you want more freedom in choices, these alternatives will all give you the perfect score anyway:

  • Fantasy: Vengeance/Call Of DutyVillain/RelativisticAnti-HeroDoomRomantic/CrudeVictory/Sacrifice.
  • Sci-Fi: Chosen OneVillain/RelativisticTrickster/Anti-HeroTreason/DoomMetaphysicalSacrifice/Defeat.
  • Historical: Vengeance/Call Of DutyRelativisticSage/Anti-HeroFight/DoomRomantic/MetaphysicalSacrifice.

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