Outward: How to Enable Developer Menu

Here is a simple guide on how to enable developer mode in Outward.


How to open the developer menu

To open the developer menu, you need to create a text document called DEBUG.txt in the Outward\Outward_Data folder


F1 = Spawn Item Menu

F2 = Developer Menu

F3 = Add/Remove Skill

Menu F4 = Quest Menu

Numpad 1 = Slow Game

Numpad 4 = Kill Player

Numpad 6 = Add Test Status Effect

Numpad 7 = Remove Status Effect

Numpad 8 = Heal, Revive Player , Refill Needs

Numpad 9 = Take Damage

Numpad Period = Invert Mouse Y-Axis

Left Ctrl + Left Alt + S = Force Save Nature

Left Ctrl + Left Alt + L = Skip Loading Nature and Reload

Left Ctrl + Left Alt + X = Open Network the room doesn’t work for me personally

Left Alt + Page Up = Set the following graphic settings

Left Alt + Page Down = Set Previous Graphic Settings

Left Alt + Numpad Divide = Show Development Info

Left Shift + O = Open GUI

Left Shift + U = Player Turns into Ragdoll

Left Shift + H = Hide UI


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