Oxygen Not Included: Automatic Kitchen with Freezer

An automated kitchen with Sterile Deep Freeze infinite food storage.



Compact kitchen that can be constructed next to a Great Hall. The Auto-Sweeper to the furthest left will be able to insert finished food products into the fridge beyond the Pneumatic Door. The two empty tiles below the metal cooling blocks should be filled with CO2 to achieve the “Sterile Atmosphere” necessary to completely stop food spoilage when combined with the freezing temperatures provided by the Natural Gas – Thermo-Regulator cooling loop.

Example integration with a Great Hall


More construction info coming soon.



The middle Auto-Sweeper will handle delivering ingredients to the cooking appliances and delivering finished food stuffs to the edible food storage.

The left Auto-Sweeper will handle delivering editable food stuffs to the fridge so dupes can eat. I generally set the fridge to only allow 2-5kg of food at a time to prevent too much of it spoiling in the fridge.

Cooking Ingredients (Manual Use Allowed):

This Conveyor Loader should allow anything that can spoil that is not a dupe allowed edible item.


  • All Cooking Ingredients
  • Meat
  • Mushroom
  • Pacu Fillet
Things to be Eaten (Manual Use Not Allowed):

This Conveyor Loader should allow anything that dupes are allowed to eat.


  • Surf n’ Turf
  • Omelette
Waste (Rotten Food) (Manual Use Allowed):

This Conveyor Loader should accept Rotten Food and Polluted Dirt to allow the left-most Auto-Sweeper to clear any rotten food out of the storage if something decomposes while cooling down the Freezer.



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