The game does not explain anything about mid to late game resource harvesting so this section will inform you of what you need to know about where and how to acquire certain resources, and the various ways that you can.

Note: This guide is no way complete, and I just wanted to publish to help those like me collecting 137 marsh eggs by hand one at a time.


Lead can be found from Lead plating in research outposts within the zones, or near anomaly’s and often include multiple lap computers inside the research lab.

Marsh Eggs

Marsh eggs are those little glowing pink balls on scrap cars next to the large glowing orbs in the middle marsh zone. Despite being able to pick them up by hand you can use the vacuum to quickly pick up large amounts at the same time. (as shown below)

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You will need a lot of marsh eggs for upgrades, and you need 80 to build one blow torch.

Tree Candy

Tree Candy
Tree Candies are little red stalks jutting out from what looks like dead tree stumps in the middle zone sectors (The sectors with the wavy lines, like cooking icon). and can be picked up by hand, or with a vacuum.

Thermosap Crystals

The Beautiful red glow of these crystals can be found in the marshes in specific zones. But if you only need a few scraping Armored cars has a chance to drop a few without needing to go to the swamp.

Below is showing a Sap Condenser That you can break with an impact hammer to receive 4-10 thermosap.