Path of Exile: How to Level Up Fast 2022

Here is a simple guide on how to level up fast in Path of Exile.


From Level 1 – 30

Kill only blue and massive packs while looting everything and selling what you don’t need so you can buy better gear.

Rush through story by skipping all side quests except quicksilver flask quest that way you save tens of hours.

Never stop running, kill everything in your way by rushing fast don’t stop just keep moving.

Movement speed is the most important aspect to XP fast

From Level 30 – 60

That’s when you got to start being careful by using a more useful build depending on your class. this website contains all the best builds for all classes.

You have to be careful with who you kill now, if you have a strong build you can kill any decent pack in 1 to 3 shots and if you couldn’t do that just keep running and farm as much XP as you can.

If you ever feel low in power you can just go back and farm passive points which would boost your power much more.

Always try to stay a couple levels under the zone level in 1-60. If you need to grind XP do it in the highest possible of one of the following zones: ledge, riverways, city of sarn, docks, dried lake.

Movement speed is the most important aspect to XP fast

From Level 60 – 75

This is where it get’s easier since the dried lake opens up, you instantly start farming in dried lake which will boost your XP a lot and easily.

Except on day 1 in a new league where you get stuck if you don’t immediately start building a map pool.

The Dried Lake is an area in Act 4. It has no waypoint and is connected to Highgate. It is the first area players will enter after reaching Highgate in order to kill Voll, Emperor of Purity. Upon entering for the first time, the player’s character will make a comment on it.

Movement speed is the most important aspect to XP fast

From Level 75 – 90

Straight forward and fastest way,

map anything,

running your highest non-red map you can afford to roll.

Movement speed is the most important aspect to XP fast

From Level 90 – 100

First, try to build a high map pool and farm mad currency.

Second, Buy t12-14s constantly and run them non-stop. If you have a very fast clearing setup (e.g. bower + support) you will get similar XP in gorge, canyon (yes, a 75 map is competitive in XP with an 80 map even at level 99, just because you kill so much at once), arid lake and plateau.

This stage costs a lot of currency and you will pull your hairs out if you ever end up dying.

This is where all the stuff that you farmed and don’t use get sold and used here.

Movement speed is the most important aspect to XP fast

General Tips

Going through the content quickly is a result of a lot of little things done to maximize your efficiency, including:

  • Streamlining the quests so that all unnecessary content is skipped until later
  • Streamlining pathing through all mandatory zones and knowing the layouts and all fixed positions (waypoints, zone exits etc) so that you never backtrack
  • Optimizing skill and gear choices to be able to 1-shot white packs, 2-3 shot magic packs and quickly kill bosses
  • Having bosses killed by a higher level character.
  • Spending minimum amounts of time in towns/hideout looking at items, skills, your skill tree, talking to NPCs etc. Having a planned out skill tree that you can just follow 1 point at a time really speeds things up. Knowing when you can get certain skill gems and supports and when to equip them is crucial.
  • Knowing how to make sure your resistances, attributes, mana management and HP pool are sufficient for your items and the zones you are in is crucial.
  • Even skipping over loot that won’t be able to help you saves seconds each time which add up to a significant amount of time saved in the end (15-45 minutes). If you can’t sell it (uniques, quality gems etc), and it won’t be an upgrade for your character, leave it behind!
  • Playing in a group.

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