Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Voice From Your Dreams Achievement Guide

Guide to help gain the achievement “Voice From Your Dreams”


Voice From Your Dreams Achievement Walkthrough
1) During the Market Square map in Act 1, go to the Temple of Desna in the northwestern part of the map. Try not to interacting with the priest or acolytes that have scripted events in the area. You will see the first vision in front of the Temple entrance.

2) Complete “Starward Gaze” quest (from Ramien or acolyte) to unlock Azata Mythic Path. You need this to interact with the Shrine at Lost Chapel later.

3) During Lost Chapel in Chapter 2 find/loot:
‘Small Harp’ – In a cave, northeast/upper right side of the map in a chest fairly close to the entrance.
‘Small Hextant’ – Dead body surrounded by Succubi on eastern foot of the mountain.

4) Bring them to the Shrine of Desna on the southern edge of the Lost Chapel map and move the two items from your inventory to the shrine.

5) Use the ‘Hand’ on the Shrine in this order to play the correct tune and see the second vision: Middle, Right, Left, Middle
Then select the option “Your voice seems familiar.”

You should get the achievement when the vision dialog is complete at the shrine.

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