Pavlov VR: TTT Roles Guide

A guide to help those unfamiliar with the roles in the gamemode TTT for Pavlov.


Innocent Team


The roles listed in this section are all a part of the Innocent team. These roles must eliminate all traitors in the game before they are eliminated first, and the Lone Wolf or (shooting enabled) Jester if there is one, which we’ll get to later.

Members of this team are only informed of the people who are dead (via the list on your hand) when a body is confirmed. When anybody interacts with a dead body, their role is revealed to every player. If the body belongs to a traitor, all the people that traitor killed will have their role revealed as well.


Innocent is the most common role you can get in TTT. They have no special items or abilities, and are limited to the weapons they spawn with and other ones they can find around the map or on players’ corpses.

Anyone who does not get a neutral, traitor, or detective role will be an Innocent.

When playing as an innocent, do as much as you can to help find who the traitors are, whether its through forming a group to stick with, listening in on other players’ conversations, or by fighting back against any attempted attacks made. One golden rule when playing as an innocent is that it’s almost always safe to stick by the Detective, and to listen to their orders if given. The Detective is one of the more powerful roles on the team, so protecting them is always recommended.


The Survivalist is an Innocent role who can buy Detective items with credits. This roles earns credits by killing traitors.

There is usually only one Survivalist in every game, and there is not a guaranteed chance of there being one.

The Survivalist does not start with any credits at the start of the game, meaning that most people who get this role might not get a chance to buy anything all game. However, this role can be an amazing help if used properly.


Note: Due to the rarity of getting this role, I have not been able to play Mercenary for an extended period of time, so this section may have outdated info. If it is wrong, please correct me in the comments.
The Mercenary is an innocent role who can buy Traitor items with credits. The Mercenary is not able to earn credits, but starts with one at the beginning of the game.

Only one person can be Mercenary, and there seems to be a very low chance of getting this role.

The Mercenary is a powerful role that can provide a massive advantage to the Innocent team, but some caution must be taken when buying items. You’ll want it to be clear to everyone around what your role is, so telling many people, preferably in larger groups, is recommended.


The Glitch is an innocent role who is characterized as a “glitch in the traitors systems”; This makes it so that they appear as another Traitor to all of the other Traitors. However, at the moment, traitors can easily know if someone is glitch if the “T” icon above their head isn’t able to be seen through things. It is currently unknown whether this is intentional.

There is a moderate chance of there being the glitch, and there can only be one.

As a glitch, the main thing you’re trying do is fool traitors into doing certain actions in front of you that they wouldn’t do in front of a normal innocent; You’ll want to pay attention if anyone looks like their buying things in a menu or holding Traitor items. One very safe strategy as a Glitch is to find the Detective or an innocent you’re sure you can trust and tell them that you’re the Glitch. Both of you can use this to your advantage by trying to bait Traitors into killing them, which you can then use as an opportunity to catch the traitors off guard and kill them afterward.


The Detective is the most powerful innocent role in TTT. They can buy special items unique to their role with credits. They start the game with 2 credits (1 if they are a special role) and gain more credits as more players die. Additionally, they start the game with a Corpse Scanner, which lets them find the killer of a body found.

There is always a Detective in every game. In games with up to 10 players, there is always only one. With games that have over 10, however, there are 2-4 detectives, depending on the amount of players in the lobby.

Buying items is a crucial part of playing as a Detective. Whether it provides help to your team, gives you info, or acts as a powerful weapon against the Traitors, all of the Detective’s items help in some shape or form. It is advised to be more cautious as this role, as your powerful abilities put a large target on your back to traitors, so be careful who you trust.

Special Role: Sheriff

The sheriff is one of two special Detective roles you can get. The sheriff starts the game with a taser and handcuffs at the cost of starting the game with one less credit.

As the Sheriff, both of your items have the ability to make their target drop everything on them, which can possibly reveal traitors depending on what is dropped. Using your taser over your handcuffs is recommended, as it is much easier to use the taser. The handcuffs are only one use too, so there’s not much good reason to use them over your infinite-use taser. While tasering everyone at least once is generally a good idea, some innocents or traitors might take offense to this and out a bullet in your brain as a result, so be careful.

Special Role: Tank

The Tank is the other one of the two special Detective roles possible. They simply start the game with around 30 more health than the base 100, which makes them slightly harder to kill at the cost of one less credit.

There isn’t much tips I can give regarding this role, as is does not provide any additional abilities.

Traitor Team


The Traitors’ objective is to ensure that all non-traitor players are killed. They have the ability to buy special items to help ensure their victory, can see the identities of all dead people, confirmed or not, and know who their teammates are.


Traitors start the game with 2 credits that they can use to buy items exclusive to them (other than the Mercenary). They gain credits by killing players other than their allies. As long as at least one traitor is alive by the end of the game, all players on their team will win as long as everyone else dies.

In 9/10 player games, there are 3 traitors. If there are 11 or more players, there are even more, corresponding to how many are playing, with the max amount of players (25 I believe) yielding around 6 traitors.

The main thing you should think about when playing as traitor is how you’ll go about killing off the Innocents. Situations vary heavily, so you may have someone decieve people into trusting you; Sometimes you’ll have to use items to assist you; Sometimes you’ll have to help or recieve help from an ally; and sometimes you may have to just shoot anybody you see (even if it means dying yourself). The bottom line is that you have to do anything you feel is necessary to win. While victory if definitely possible without them, always buy items if you can (just don’t make it obvious!), and some provide info to you, while some give you deadly means of handling enemies.

Special Role: Assassin

The Assassin is the only special role possible for the Traitor team. They start the game with an additional objective, which is a contract to only kill specific people on a randomly generated list. They also have to be the only one to kill them. If either of these conditions are failed at any point, the contract is voided. If the contract is completely however, the Traitors will win early. They also start the game with a knife already purchased from the Traitor buy menu, but can buy a 2nd one if they want to.

As an assassin, your contract is simply a secondary means of winning. If you choose to, you can just win with traitors the old-fashioned way, but if you plan on winning via contract, there are a few ways to go about it. Killing in front of people may be the right way to go about completing your contract, especially if the target is last on the list. Using the knife you start the game with can also be used to easily get one of the kills needed, since it insta-kills.

Neutral Roles


There are two neutral roles in TTT that do not side with either Innocents nor Traitors; They are both on their own and have to ensure they win on their own. While both can be in one game, there can only be one of each.

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a player who simply has to ensure they are the last one standing by the end of the game. They have access to the Detective buy menu and start the game with 2 credits.

As a Lone Wolf, there are two ways to go about winning: The less used option, which is by making people trust you and then backstabbing them later; or the more popular option, which is to kill absolutely everybody you see.


The Jester is a player whose objective is to get killed by an innocent or detective. They cannot shoot for the majority of the game and the Traitors know their role. They can, however, use any knifes or grenades they find around the map.

Winning as Jester can either be really easy or somewhat challenging. One of the most common ways a Jester wins is by being the victim of an Innocent RDM’ing, or randomly killing you. The only authentic way to go about winning as Jester is to simply act suspicious towards everyone and avoid Traitors.

One additional fact that most people don’t know is that when all Innocents or all Traitors are dead, the Jester gains the ability to use guns. Once this is activated, the Jester instead must ensure they are the last one alive to win. To win like this, you really only have to pay attention to your notifications when you think you’re nearing the endgame so you’ll know when you can kill. After that, just kill everyone you see.

Bonus: Psychopath

The Psychopath is a role that can only be played on the Shack (Quest) version of TTT. It is extremely rare to get this role due to a supposed bug.

The Psychopath is a neutral role that is essentially a Lone Wolf, only there is no buy menu, you have increased health, and everyone knows who you are. There really is no other tactic you can you other than to try and somehow survive to the end. Obviously this is very difficult however, as everyone will immediately try to kill you at the start since they know your role from the get-go.

Role Colors + Conclusion

Role Colors
  • Innocent-Green
  • Survivalist-Cyan
  • Mercenary-Lime
  • Glitch-Grey
  • Detective, Sheriff, and Tank-Blue
  • Traitor and Assassin-Red
  • Lone Wolf-Orange
  • Jester-Magenta
  • Psychopath-Purple

Thanks to TreyM101 for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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