Pavlov VR: Troubleshooting Update 29

How to address issues with the new update.



Black screen in headset, game will display on monitor, some headsets don’t launch at all.

Make sure OpenXR is set in SteamVR

  • From your computer, open the SteamVR app.
  • Head to Settings.
  • Select Show in Advanced Settings.
  • Head to the Developer tab.
  • Set Current OpenXR runtime as “OpenXR runtime”
I want to or need clear my mod content folder

App data is where content goes by default.
“C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Pavlov\Saved\Mods” is where files usually go.
You would delete this to completely clear out unwanted, corrupted, or bad mod files.

I am seeing double images in the game/weird transparency

Navigate to settings ini and make sure to remove the line for “sg.resolutionquality=”


Vive Cosmos and Cosmos elite not launching properly with openXR after switching to the proper runtime?

Delete and clear all of the Vive software on your computer. Reinstall and vive should
install the proper files.

I don’t want to store maps from on my windows drive

Look for “ModDirectory=” line in GameUserSettings.ini to change your mod directory.
Move the contents of the default mods folder to your new specified directory.

meta quest & rift have bad performance, visual vibration effects floaty vision

Change the openXR to be Oculus by default. Open the oculus software and go to Settings
-> General and then click the “Set Oculus as active” button.

EAC blocking pavlov from launching on Windows 11

If you are getting an error from EAC relating to 30005 stating “Kernel-Mode
Hardware-enforced Stack Protection” or any random link you can not solve with normal
solutions, try this. Go to Settings, then privacy and Security. From there select Windows \
Security Device, then Security to Core
Then Reboot

Engine file dxgi.dll corrupted or needing to be reinstalled error

Don’t use VRPerfKit/FSR, it can cause crashes / fail to start the game.

Corrupt Data error with EAC

If you have any additional .pak files installed in your local Pavlov directory (E.g. custom
scoreboard or other workshop stage related paks, usually found in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PavlovVR\Pavlov\Content\Paks or your own
Pavlov directory), you may need to delete them. The .pak files you’re looking for will either have workshop, stage, or noeditor in the file names. Don’t delete any other paks as those are game files

Cannot accept EULA, no input is registering

Restarting PC typically fixes this issue. If that doesn’t work, consider resetting your SteamVR bindings using the SteamVR bindings section.

BSOD on EAC Launch

Update your graphics drivers. Is your machine overclocked? You may want to set your
CPU clock back to default to see if it addresses the issue. The software starts up by stressing the
computer briefly and and comparing the results to a set of criteria that if the computer fails. Occasionally windows needs to update its ‘performance – Windows Experience Index’. Delete your windows temp files to clear out some older temporary files by clicking on start and typing “delete temporary files” You will see an option for temporary files. Make sure you are checking the relevant check boxes so you don’t delete your downloads folder.

To run the Windows Experience Index too, open command prompt with admin rights and use the command “winsat formal’”

SteamVR Binds are not working anymore.

re-customize bindings, set to default bindings

I’m teleporting to below/above the mappoint to point 0,0,0

This happens due to a buggy control scheme for SteamVR. Unsubscribe from any
custom bindings you have (Or just remove your own bindings), and reset steamvr. Make sure
your system clock is synchronized correctly in windows as custom system clock settings may affect the game.

My hands are stuck on the floor

Reset SteamVR Bindings, use default bindings, then edit again from there.

I am still getting crashes after exhausting all known solutions.

You can get crash logs from your local appdata at “Pavlov\Saved\Crashes”. Get the crash
log from there and reach out to us. Our official discord has troubleshooting channels for a few
topics located here: We also have an official support line you can reach out to by emailing: [email protected]

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