Pickle Clicker: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is an easy to follow 100% Achievement guide.



Click on the pickle and get points

Click on a pickle jar to get Pickle Coins


– Start the game for the first time to unlock, “Welcome!”
– Max out your Level at 69 to unlock, “Nice Level”
– Max out pickle clicks at 60 to unlock, “Nice Clicks”

– Collect 69 pickles to unlock, “69”
– Collect 420 pickles to unlock, “420”

– Buy an upgrade to unlock, “Pickle Boost Produce”
– Buy 69 upgrade pickles to unlock, “Nice Enhancements”
– Buy 420 upgrade pickles to unlock, Blazing Pickles”

– Buy an auto-upgrade pickle to unlock, “Pickle Produce”
– Buy 69 auto-upgrade pickles to unlock, “Nice Pickle Farming”
– Buy 420 auto-upgrade pickles to unlock, “Blazing Automation”

– Kill and collect your first poglin to unlock, “Subdued Pickle Thief”
– Kill and collect 69 poglins to unlock, “Nice Massacre”
– Kill and collect 420 poglins to unlock, “Blazing Genocide”

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