Pirates: Achievement Guide 100%

This guide will help you maximize your time on this game and get 100% achievements!



Hello and welcome to my guide for Pirates! 100% achievements. This game is pretty fun on it’s own but I know you are only here to see how to get the achievements (and have probably skipped this part entirely). These achievements are really simple, and most can be done on a multiplayer server which you can make yourself and have only 1 slot for you to play :D. The collect achievements can be cheesed by dropping some of the item you are collecting and then pick it back up! These achievements will pop once you exit the game.

Collect Achievements

These achievements require you to collect x amount of a resource, but some are easier done as you follow the “First Steps” quest. Just collect some of the resource, and drop it on the ground and pick it back up. Repeat the process to quickly get your total amount!

Collect Woods

Chop down a tree with a hatchet (or your fists if you want to be bold) and pick up with wood, drop it and pick it back up repeatedly.

Collect Fiber

Find the red and blue flowers on the ground. You will pick up fiber as well as the flowers most times. Drop the fiber (the grass) and pick them up repeatedly.

Collect Crabs

Find the crabs crawling on the sand. Just run around and pick them up until you meet the amount. They will respawn after a few minutes.

Collect Stones

Same with the wood, you will find stones in the sand (bigger than the ones around it). Just pick them up and drop them repeatedly. They should respawn after a few minutes, I think.


Run around the beach and collect a few starfish. Drop and pick them up repeatedly.

Collect Sand

Following the “First Steps” quest, you will be tasked with making a shovel and collecting sand. Use the shovel in the sand and interact with the pile you dig up. Continue until you have the amount needed for the achievement.

Collect Planks

Easiest way I have found to get planks is to kill skeletons and sell their loot to the merchants around the island (you can see them in the map). Save up enough coins and buy the planks from them. I tried the drop and pick up method, but the planks fell right through the map :(.

Collect Water Jar

Following the “First Steps” quest, you will be tasked with making water jars. Take the jars in your inventory and find a well (easiest is on multiplayer on the west side of the main island. 2 skeleton roam around it, screenshot added in case you are confused). Interact with it and craft a few water jars. Back away as the skeletons will aggro, drop them and pick them up repeatedly.

Collect Coins

This one can be done in Singleplayer, as I haven’t been able to do this in Multiplayer. Run around the Simgleplayer map and look for coins on the sand. Collect all you can, and restart you game (go to main menu and start a new game), repeat until you get the 1k coins.

The Rest of the Achievements

These achievements aren’t from collecting anything, and can be done at any time

Level 10

Not exactly sure how to pop this, but I noticed it unlocked when I quit the game.

Open the Map

Press ‘M’ to open the map. Spam the ‘M’ key repeatedly and it will unlock.

Find Keys

Around the map there will be a gold key and spawns randomly with each game. Find the key and pick it up.

Find Devastator

I did this one in Multiplayer. Start your game with a 2 intelligence character. Follow the “First Steps” Quest all the way to the end. You will have a research table built and you can use Ancient Knowledge tablets you find on the skeletons you kill to make books. Use those books to get to level 6, with each level either going into a higher intelligence stat, or unlocking the next level of magic. Level 3 magic has a spell called “Teleport” and will be used to climb the giant rock structure in the middle of the map. Once you are level 6 and have Teleport unlocked, start building up close to the structure, but away from the skeletons to not aggro them. There is a limit to build height and when you reach it, use Teleportation to climb higher and higher on the rock structure. When you reach the top, you will see 2 dummies surrounding the weapon. Pick it up and the achievement is yours!
My starting stats:
My climbing building I used (safer spot because of skeletons):
Location of the Devastator on the map:
Location of the Devastator in game (Not there because it was already picked up):

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