Pizza Tower: All Noise Costumes

In this guide you will learn how to unlock all the unique Noise outfits from The Noise Update! SPOILERS!!!




Noise’s default clothes given to him after his birth
(Unlocked from the very beginning).


Unlocked by flying with the crusher jump and the slide spin.
To fly you need to jump up, then press your jump button and super jump button
at the same time to do Noise’s crusher jump. Then press your grab button
and either of the directional buttons (left or right) at the same time
making him spin mid-air.
Spam this move and you’ll eventually get the costume.


Kill 4 enemies in a row with Noise’s tornado spin attack.


Taunt at the level’s exit without losing your P rank!


Beat John Gutter with D rank in under 4 minutes!

Fast Porcupine

Get the “Slow Down Nerd” card after beating your save file. I assume the requirements for this card are the same as “You Are Quick As Hell” while you’re playing as Peppino.
You have to beat your save file in under 2 hours and 15 minutes. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Feminine Side

Give the remaining money to Noisette Bnuyy!

Real Doise

Breakdance on Doise’s body in the last phase of the final boss!

Forest Goblin

Finish Gnome Forest without killing a single Noise Goblin.



Beat the time of your corresponding Peppino save file!
For example, if you beat your Peppino save file 1 in 2 hours, you have to beat your Noise save file 1 in 1 hour 59 minutes.


Breakdance for 10 seconds during any bossfight!
Best done in Fake Peppino bossfight after hitting him.


Slip on banana peels 10 times in one playthrough!

Noise TV

Unlocked by getting enough combo to have Noise come out of the TV!
You have to achieve combo of 50. You’ll get this skin organically if you’re going for P rank.


Finish a level with Pizzaface nearby!


Interract with every single Olive Bubble prop in Deep Dish Nine. Even the ones in secrets!

Well Done

Get kicked by every cow in Oregano Desert!

Granny Kisses

Interract with every single Granny in the game as Noise!
If you don’t know, Granny is the pizza lady who gives you tips.
There are 28 Grannies in total!
4 in tutorial level, 1 in Gnome Forest, 6 on the first floor, 4 on the second floor, 4 on the third floor, 5 on the forth floor and 4 on the final floor.
You’ll probably get this one organically.

Tower Guy

Unlocked by getting to every PTG (Pizza Tower Guy) in every level!
PTG is a secret NPC who appears in every level in the game, excluding bosses. He disappears after one minute, so you’ll have to be very quick!
This topic with every PTG location deserves it’s one guide, to be honest.


All the skins in this section are unlocked by one method – you have to beat every boss in the game without wasting a single one of your bombs! “Wasting” means using the bombs without them doing anything to the boss.


Beat Pepperman without wasting your bombs!


Beat Vigilante without wasting your bombs!


Beat Doise without wasting your bombs!
Pro-tip: you’ll get this outfit automatically if you’ll decide to fight this boss again. Try it!

Flesh Eater

Beat Fake Peppino without wasting your bombs!


Beat the final boss without wasting your bombs!
Good luck!

Halloween skins

There are also Halloween skins, but they are the same as Peppino ones.
If you unclocked them before you’ll have them available for Noise as well.

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