Pizza Tower: All Pumpkins Guide

Hello! I will update this guide based on newly found info. This is my first and only guide and I encourage you to make a better one if you can.
Now, there are a bunch of pumpkins around the levels inside of the Pizza Tower, one for each level.
Collecting them gives a neat prize! It could be clothes, it could be an entirely new level, who knows!
So, I will give updates for each level based on where the pumpkins I found are in each level, and provide screenshots.


What do these do?

The pumpkins are found throughout each level on every floor. Finding one will add them to your total. The prizes are: The “Pumpkin Munchkin” and “Tricksy” achievements, new clothes from the wardrobe, and an entirely new level!

Finding a pumpkin will show it at a level gate. 

Also, theres a new pumpkin door, and I wonder where it leads! 
To spot a pumpkin, it will make a strange spooky musical noise when near, and when you are close enough, it will become visible, being at different levels of transparency depending on how close you are.


Credits to DatGamerYolo on Discord for screenshots and locations for several levels!  All video walkthroughs are by me.

– Floor 1 –

John Gutter

This one is easy enough.
At the 6th Room (the one after the 1st secret, and the room with the treasure), the pumpkin is right next to the area where you need to superjump. It’s specifically on the platform the two cheeseslimes are moving on.


In the room after the room with the 3rd Toppin and 1st Secret (aka the pit room), climb on the wall to your left to get the pumpkin!

Ancient Cheese!

This is our first escape-exclusive pumpkin! Even so, it is incredibly easy!
In the room after the one containing Pillar John, climb up the right wall and get your pumpkin!

Bloodsauce Dungeon

In the room before the room with John Pillar, the pumpkin is really easy to spot, being right under the walkway you run on.

Thanks to redmegalo for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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