PlanetSide 2: All Abbreviations & Terminology

Definitions of all the abbreviations and terminology used frequently by the PlanetSide 2 community.



A2A – air to air.
A2G – air to ground.
AA – anti-aircraft.
AI – anti-infantry.
AV – anti-vehicle.
AP – armour-piercing.
HE – high-explosive
HEAT – high-explosive anti-tank.
HESH – high-explosive squash head.
ADS – aim down sights.
AMS – advanced mobile station.
AOE – area of effect.
ASP – advanced specialisation programme.
BR – battle rank
CQC – close-quarters combat.
EMP – electromagnetic pulse.
ESF – empire specific fighter.
GSD – gate shield diffuser.
MAX – mechanised assault exoskeleton.
MBT – main battle tank.
OS – orbital strike.
PL – platoon leader.
SL – squad leader.
PTS – public test server.
RPM – rounds per minute.
SCU – spawn control unit.
QRF – quick-reaction force.
NC – New Conglomerate.
TR – Terran Republic.
VS – Vanu Sovereignty.
NS – Nanite Systems.
NSO – Nanite Systems Operatives.


Air – used generally for aircraft.
Airball – group of aircraft.
<anything>ball – variation on Airball, group of any same-type vehicle.
Armour – used generally for armoured vehicles resistant to small arms fire.
Baby Gate – Hardlight Barrier.
Bacon – Squad Beacon.
Bacon’s Burnt – Squad Beacon destroyed.
Bacon’s Crispy – Squad Beacon placed and ready for use.
Banana Building – common crescent-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Battle ANT – ANT with weapon equipped.
Battle Bus – Sunderer.
Beacon’s Lit – Squad Beacon placed and ready for use.
Blueberry – player not in your squad or platoon.
Bolter – bolt-action sniper rifle user, usually in CQC.
C4 Fairy – Light Assault with C4.
Cert – certification point, basic currency in PS2.
Chad – Turbo Flash.
Cheese – cheesy or scummy tactics.
Cloaker – Infiltrator.
Conc – Concussion Grenade.
Dakka – lots of bullets.
Dance – zigzagging whilst trying to pop medkits.
Deci – Decimator.
Dildar – Motion Spotter.
Dome – Citadel Shield.
Double Stack – common cube-shaped two-storey building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Gal – Galaxy.
Ghost Cap – where enemies start a cap and then leave the base.
Flip – change faction ownership.
Flock – large group of Reavers.
Footzerg – zerg to the next base on-foot.
Genny – generator.
Hard Spawn – base spawn.
Hex – base.
Infil – Infiltrator.
Instant Action – Join Combat.
Jump Jetter – Light Assault.
L-Building – common L-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Lane – series of lattice links.
Lib – Liberator.
Logistics – differs, but generally used for Nanite consumption, spawn options or vehicle transport.
Lolpods – A2G missile pods.
MAX Crash – classic PS2 MAX swarm tactic.
Mossie – Mosquito.
Nade – grenade.
Nipple/Titty – Citadel Shield.
Overpop – population balance advantage.
Pancake – Dervish.
Piss – Pelter Rocket Pods.
Pocket Orbital – Orbital Strike using Outfit Armoury assets.
Pop – population.
Pull – get from terminal.
Rep – repair.
Rez – revive.
Sky Whale – Galaxy.
Soft Spawn – non-base spawn.
Spider Tank – Chimera.
Sundy – Sunderer.
Swarm – large group of ESFs, usually Mosquitos.
V-Building – common V-shaped building archetype found throughout Auraxis.
Valk – Valkyrie.
Virgin – Cloak Flash.
Zerg – massive overpop.
Zombie – revived enemy.

Thanks to FreshBunnyPoo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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