POPGOES Arcade: Achievements Guide 100%

I will be guiding you through all 37 Achievements in Popgoes Arcade, giving tips and tricks along the way! Spoiler Alert!!!


Intro: What is POPGOES Arcade?

POPGOES Arcade is a turn-based RPG which is absolutely loaded with amazing music and incredibly well made secrets. It originally released in 2020 titled “POPGOES Arcade 2020” with just one campaign, being POPGOES: The Dead Forest. With this Steam release, a second campaign has been added known as POPGOES and The Machinist as well as a multitude of quality of life improvements. With charming visuals and dialogue, it’s a good fit for anyone who enjoys RPGs.

It’s the first FNaF Fangame to ever be published to Steam as part of the Fazbear Fanverse (Officially licensed FNaF Fangames) and is a prologue to the team’s next game: Popgoes Evergreen!
So, why is a guide needed for these achievements? Are they really that difficult to obtain? Let’s jump straight into it! 

Section 1: The Dead Forest

POPGOES: The Dead Forest contains 20/37 obtainable achievements lets start from the beginning!

It Gets Easier
Lose against a Corrupt Hedgehog before upgrading any stats.

This one is quite self explanatory. Once you enter the West Forest for the first time, run back and forth until you encounter a Corrupt Hedgehog and die at it’s hands for your first achievement.

Unlock the gate to the North Forest.

Unlock this achievement by defeating the three Minibosses around the West, South and East Forests, collecting their keys and bringing them to the gate above the Garden Inn, unlocking the North Forest.

At Death’s Door
Unlock the door to The Castle.

Defeat the Bridge Guard, bringing the Minibosses from earlier back to life. Defeat them a second time, unlocking their abilities, to find three more keys hidden around the West, South and East Forests. Bring said keys to the door of The Castle to break in, unlocking your next achievement.

Win a battle with only 1 HP.

This one can be quite luck based, however I found it easiest by blocking against a Corrupt Hedgehog, allowing it to get a critical hit or two as well. This left me one 1HP, where I quickly finished it off. Make sure you have lowered it’s health first or else you’re in for a rough time!

Pop Champ
Win 100 Battles

This achievement is easiest to get while doing BB’s Hit-List, so keep it in mind while you’re doing it.

The Chosen One
Max out all stats and abilities in POPGOES: The Dead Forest.

This achievement can also be easily gained while doing BB’s Hit-List due to how many coins you get whilst you’re killing all the enemies. I recommend getting this achievement before heading into the East Forest to fight Bonnie for the second time.

You Should Be Golden
Encounter a Gilded enemy.

I can’t give much advice for this one. Gilded enemies have a 1/120 chance of spawning each time you encounter an enemy, so here’s hoping you’re feeling lucky!

On the Plus Side
Encounter a Corrupt+ enemy.

This will be automatically obtained once you fight any forest enemy after defeating the Bridge Guard. Be careful however, as these Corrupt+ enemies pack a punch!

Leave Me Alone!
Run away from 5 enemies in a row.

You obtain the ability to run away from fights by upgrading Foxy’s hook (Obtained from defeating Dead Foxy) at any Inn, using Emeralds. Emeralds are hidden in trees all around the map, even in the castle. There are multiple Emeralds in each area, even the castle. They look like a green sparkle, hidden behind the leaves of a tree, so keep your eye out for them! To obtain this achievement, simply do as it says and run away 5 times in a row.

An Apple a Day
Collect every fruit in the forest.

Using Chica’s upgraded jump ability (Obtained through defeating Dead Chica and upgraded at any Inn using Emeralds), search through each forest, looking for fruits or berries on trees. Walk up to the tree and interact with it to obtain a Fruit. There are around 20~ fruits in total, so get hunting!

Okay, Now I’m Ready
Have an ATK+, DEF+ and Shield activated at the same time.

All three items mentioned can be bought in shops around the West, South and East Forests. The best time to get this achievement in my opinion is during a hard boss fight. Just use the 3 items in a row. Something like Shield > ATK+ > DEF+. Shield lasts three turns and the other two last five turns.

B Polite, B Efficient
Complete all of BB’s Hit-Lists without buying any of them.

BB’s Hit-Lists are unlocked after speaking to Sara in the Inn after defeating the Bridge Guard. He can be found standing next to all three shops in the three forests, ready to give you your tasks. He will ask you to kill 10 Common enemies from each forest, 5 Uncommon enemies from each forest and 3 Rare enemies from each forest. This achievement can take some time to get, but with enough time and skill, it can easily be done. The rewards are game changers as well!

Defeat the King of the Castle

Once you enter the castle, explore each room, collecting each coin and reading all the books. Once you reach the Throne Room, make sure you are prepared for battle. You will want Foxy’s Hook and Chica’s Jump to be fully upgraded for this fight and you will want a good amount of Pizzas / Fruits and Shields. A quick reminder, shields DO NOT work when The King charges an attack, so be careful. Instead, try jumping over the charged attack. The beams in the background will effect the fight too. If a purple beam is present, The King will reflect your attack, dealing big damage. If a yellow beam is present, The King will take 50% extra damage. Ignoring the beams entirely is probably the best option. Good Luck!

Complete The Bestiary.

Honestly, the best method for getting this achievement is moving onto the second campaign, “POPGOES and The Machinist” and buying the Bestiary pages for the gilded enemies. This will speed up the process significantly, getting you the achievement in no time! The Bestiary is very fun to read through as well so be sure to check out all new entries.


I’m Sorry I Axed
Find something in the well.

This achievement can be, well, achieved by interacting with the well in the South Forest multiple times. The well is located behind a rock on the path to the shop. I wonder what the secret means…

In Its Code
Witness the Blackrabbit.

This begins the path to getting the secret ending of POPGOES: The Dead Forest. Begin by locating a fake wall in the left side of The Castle. Follow the path until it leads you to a chest floating on the water, containing a key. Bring the key out of the North Forest, back to the Fountain located above the Garden Inn and interact with it. This will cause a special sequence to begin. Locate all pieces of the Blackrabbit. There will be one in the Garden, each forest, and The Castle. Bring each piece back to the fountain. Blackrabbit will then tell you to “Come Find Me”. This is done by returning to the well in the South Forest and interacting with it. Head left, traversing through all the FNaF 3 Minigames until you find the Blackrabbit boss. Attack it once to get this achievement.

Paranormal Inactivity
Free the soul from the arcade cabinet.

This can be done by constantly blocking or healing during the Blackrabbit encounter without attacking once. Attacking at all will cause the encounter to end.

Paranormal Reactivity
Bring the soul back to the arcade cabinet

This can be achieved by highlighting the “Continue to POPGOES and The Machinist” button on the main menu after getting the previous achievement, pressing down five times. This will highlight the axe. Then press interact five times.

Savior of the Forest
Beat POPGOES; The Dead Forest with 100% completion.

100% Completion is gotten through getting max stats with POPGOES, unlocking all abilities using Emeralds (If you’re missing one Emerald, try chatting with Sara in the Garden Inn!), freeing Blackrabbit, completing BB’s Hit-List and then defeating The King. This will get you the achievement and unlock POPGOES and The Machinist.

After clicking “Continue to POPGOES and The Machinist”, POPGOES: The Dead Forest will no longer be available to play unless you reset your save file, so make sure you back it up!
With that said, why dont we move onto POPGOES and The Machinist?

Section 2: POPGOES and The Machinist

POPGOES and The Machinist is full of tough enemies, bosses and a plethora of secrets. It contains 17/30 of the achievements found in the game. Feel free to use this guide whenever you need it! Let’s just get this started.

Demolition Inevitable
Defeat a robot with x5 Overkill

The easiest way to get this achievement is to get max damage by upgrading at Blake’s Smith Store, using scrap. Once you get to 50DMG, buy an ATK+ and head on over to the West Forest and find a Rusty Blake. Attack him twice, lowering his health to 100HP. Then activate your ATK+ and hit him once more to lower him down to 25HP. Once that’s done, smack him with a Hook attack, dealing 225 damage and getting you that sweet x5 Overkiil.

Future Shock
Encounter a Charged enemy.

Charged enemies are found everywhere underground so encountering one is hardly a challenge. Make sure you don’t get hit by their charged attacks or else you’ll get stunned and lose access to your abilities for three whole turns!

Off the Rails
Power the minecart under the Garden Inn.

Collect the three keycards from Minibosses found in caves under the West, South and East Forests and bring them to the cave under the Garden Inn. Be careful fighting the Minibosses and be careful of what lies ahead…

The Chosen 2
Max out all stats (again) in POPGOES and The Machinist

The easiest way to collect scrap to upgrade your stats is to get enemies to low health in the West Forest and then use the hook on them to get overkill. You will need to raise Popgoes’ HP to 500 and ATK to 50.

With Flying Colours
Collect all Paints.

Paints are found all throughout The Dead Forest and The Machinist, whether they’re just waiting to be collected or want to put up a fight. Generally two paints are found in each forest, blocked off by zip lines, boulders and holes in the floor so keep a good eye out! Also keep track of where each paint came from as it might come in useful later…

Purchase all songs in the Jukebox

All bosses will need to be defeated in order to get this achievement as otherwise their songs will be locked. Purchasing all songs is very pricey, coming in at over 800~ coins. The best place to farm for coins in the late game is in the East Forest Cave, so make sure you bring so Shield Piercers! Doing so will reward you with a trophy and some amazing music, such as The Machinist’s theme and the Bridge Guard’s theme.

A Fine Addition
Purchase the Gold Trophy.

This achievement took me a hot minute but it’s required for 200%. What you need to do is purchase the Gold Trophy in the shop for a whopping 995 coins! Farming coins in the East Forest Cave will get you there in no time… hopefully! Make sure that you take out all coin bots in the caves while you’re down their as they’ll provide a good chunk of coinage.

Complete The Index

This requires that you fight all robots in each forest and in each cave at least once. Whether you win or not does not matter. However, you will need to face off against all bosses including The Machinist themselves in order to pull this off. Doing so will reward you with a trophy and a good amount of reading to do!

Cursed Whispers
Speak to the mysterious character after completing it’s puzzle.

This is an odd one. You will need to go to a shop and interact with the odd looking shelves until you figure out the correct pattern. Once you interact with all the shelves, leave the shop and talk to the strange creature a few times to see what he has to say. This can be done at all shops with different dialogue at each, so get solving those puzzles!

Nice Crib!
Collect all trophies and display all weapons

In order to get this achievement you must defeat all boss enemies to collect their battle trophies for your room in the Inn.

What Now?
Collect all achievements.

It’s just as it says. GG!


Defeat the Machinist
The Machinist is a very tough fight. Their next attack will always be shown on the monitor behind them. Their hook does 150DMG. When they jump, you can attack them once before they get into the air, but once they’re up I recommend digging or using an item, as your next attack will not hit. When they dig, they will bring up with them a piece of a laser. Once 3 pieces of the laser have been dug up, The laser will start doing constant damage to you, no matter whose turn it is. Defeat it as quickly as possible using hooks and even more hooks. Once they reach 300HP, they will bring out Robot Manora who is very similar to the other robots. Until you take her out, he will heal 100HP per turn, so be quick!
I recommend taking plenty of shields, healing items and ability recharges into the fight to ensure your victory.

Defeat the secret boss.
The secret boss can be located after all three key cards are found in the same area Robot Foxy was found, underneath the South Forest. The fight is very tricky. The boss’ hook attack will break your shield, or just one-shot you. Make use of your jump and careful use of shields, healing items and ATK+ to give yourself a chance against the secret boss or else you’re in for a bumpy ride.

See something you weren’t supposed to.
Collect three keys by talking to the Woodpecker NPCs while wearing the colour of paint that was gotten from the Paintbot in that area. West Forest is Silver, South Forest is Indigo and East Forest is Violet. This will open up a new area allowing you to collect the three keys to enter the North Forest. Enter the North Forest, ignoring the warnings and enter The Castle. Once you reach the Throne Room, follow the tunnel system downwards and downwards until you see something you weren’t supposed to.

Bane of the Machina
Beat POPGOES and The Machinist with 200% completion.
To get 200%, you must complete the Bestiary, the Index, the Jukebox, buy the Gold Trophy, have max stats, defeat the Machinist and the secret boss and see something you weren’t supposed to

Section 3: The Final Three.

You may have noticed that I’ve skipped three achievements. Why is this, you may think. Well, let me tell you that these are by far the most difficult challenges in the game! I will do my best to give some tips and tricks for them, so let’s begin.

Dethroned Ultra
Defeat The King of The Castle without unlocking any battle abilities.
This is why I told you to make a backup.
That’s right. From when you beat the Bridge Guard onward, you cannot unlock a single battle ability. You can still use Harvest, The Tunnels and Escape, but you cant use the Jump, Hook or Dig abilities in battle for the ENTIRE rest of The Dead Forest. Rough, isn’t it? Well, as for The King, I recommend bringing a large amount of shields and pizzas going into the fight. They are crucial for living through his lethal charged attacks. Continue to be careful with the lasers in the background and remember what they mean. Purple is a reflection and Gold is 50% extra DMG. If you have the reaction time of a god then go for the Gold lasers. Otherwise just play it safe and you’ll have the achievement in no time.

Scrapped Ultra
Defeat The Machinist without using any items from your inventory.
This one isn’t too tricky as you can still use ability recharges and items from Dig. Continue to jump over their hook and use your ability recharges to use your hook and dig and you shouldn’t have too bad of a time of them, right?

Departed Ultra
Defeat the secret boss without jumping once.
Remember when I said that the boss’ hook went through shields? Well now you have no other way to dodge it. So, what do you do? I recommend using shields to decrease the damage the hook does and to use ATK+ buffs with your hook to deal HUGE dame to them. Use your Ability Recharges as well to keep dishing out damage with the hook. Take a good amount of pizzas into the fight as well, as even with a shield, the hook and the regular attacks of the boss will still deal huge damage to Popgoes. With enough strategy and skill, the boss should be over in no time!

By Cinder

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