POPGOES Arcade: Full Map (All Emeralds, Chests, Keys, Bosses and Paints)

A map of the POPGOES Arcade world, containing all emeralds, chests, keys, bosses and paints!


What’s on The Map?

The following map is the most high-quality map of the World as of the release of Popgoes Arcade Premium. A map of “POPGOES and The Machinist” will be created shortly as well.

This map contains:
All Emeralds
All Keys
All Chests
All Bosses
And about 90 small Popgoes the Weasels!

This map was created through hours of hard work, using in-game screenshots and paint.net. Hope it can be of help!

Update 04/07/2022 – Added Paints. Think they’re all in the correct location, let me know if anything needs changed.

The Map

This map contains spoilers for POPGOES: The Dead Forest!:

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