Portal with RTX: All Cheat Codes for the Cubes

This guide will tell you all the cubes cheat codes and how to enter them.


How enter code

Press ALT+X within the game.
Press Developer Settings Menu button in the windows that opened.
At the top, click “About”.
Go down to “secrets” tab
Enter the code in the Codeword field.
Then when correctly entered, it will show you checkbox to choose the unlocked cube you got by using these cheats.

Codes list

Companion cube

Pillow – caroline
Digital – bridge
Wood – deliciousandmoist
Ceramic – themoreyoubuythemoreyousave

Storage cubes
Camera – omniversekit
Iso-Voyager – jensen
Digital Scull – directillumination
RTX – 40series
Lens – fullypathtraced
Iso-Wheatly – cavejohnson
Iso-Black-Mesa – blackmesa
Ice – physicallybased

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