POSTAL: the “Boondock Saint” Achievement Guide

These 10 points is all that have come to my mind by trying to get this achievement with a personal strategy… I hope there’s everything and sorry for my bad english eventually!. For any question feel free to contact/add me here on Steam. Cheers!

Don’t worry, getting this achievement is not THAT hard. It’s one of those achievements where all you need is just patience rather than skill. If you fail to complete a level without killing a civilian, I suggest to quit and then reload the level… so yeah, REMEMBER to create a save state at the start of every level and REMEMBER that civilians are considered enemy and unamred characters at the same time in Postal (ostricht too). Focus on spare everything that doesn’t try to kill you or cause you damage!.


Before you start

1 Obviously, complete the game at least once before considering to get this achievement so that you have a better knowledge of the game

2 Now set the difficulty to the lowest (green zone) and start a new game. Actually the difficulty level doesn’t matter that much cause civilians will die easily anyway but hey, better have easy life against hostiles!

3 All you got to do is killing the % of hostiles that every level (from the first one to Air Force Base) ask. For example, if a level ask to kill 80% of hostiles, reach the 80% and then simply press F1 as fast as you can!

4 I’ve noticed that some levels are free of civilians, that means there are no civilians and you can blast everything without consequences (for example the Air Force Base is one of them)

Let’s do it!

5 Do not walk near any building’s doors, better not take risk in spawning new civilians!

6 Do not take risks in using weapons or explosions that will generate flames and massive area damage, this will help the civilians in taking damage (in the better case) or die faster (in the worst case)

7 Try to engage hostiles always from the distance, taunt them and let them run towards you. You can try to do the opposite if there are no civilians in the middle of the way and you have a lot of health/armor

8 Be sure that no other civilian is in the range of any of your weapons because sometimes, even if you aim for a hostile, the projectile will hit the civilian instead of the enemy (remember that civilians are considered something to kill in Postal!)

9 Sometimes hostiles will shot you even if you are behind a obstacle (so yeah, even if they can’t see you in theory) so do not let any civilian run behind your back or in front of you during a fight or they will be killed easily, this happen also because hostiles will hit or kill without hesitation a civilian if you are near them or if they are in the range of an hostile!

10 The best way to kill a hostile, so without taking the risk of involving civilians during a fight, is creating situations where the enemy (or you) have a solid obstacle behind. For creating such situations you will need to tank a lot of damage but no worries, in green level of difficulty you will die less then the times you have to reload a level because a civilian was killed kek. Very important is to fight where you can always have a clear vision of the scenario, sometimes a civilian can be killed behind a building and you will not easily spot them.

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