PROTOTYPE 2: Fix Startup & Operation Flytrap (Stuck)

I found out how to fix them after
Doing a bit of googling, so I thought why not spare
Some time & show what works


Startup Crashing

The game crashed for me right before the main menu showed.

So the way to fix this is going to task manager,
and click on “details” at the top of the screen.

Then click “S” to find “Steam.exe” when you have found that
you need to right click it & then you need to click on “Set Affinity”

Then there should pop up a list of cpu numbers.
So from here you need to uncheck all of them

This worked for me with prototype 1 & 2

Operation Flytrap stuck

In Operation Flytrap stuck, you get the claws, but me & my friend got stuck where the Blackwatch soldiers showed up,
Turns out the game needs to be capped to 30 fps but we couldn’t find a way to do it ingame.

But using Rivatuner works with capping your fps

When is downloaded it you need to open it at “Show hidden icons”

You can either do this on global or find “Prototype2.exe” and do it there.

Whatever you choose there is a “Framerate Limit” bar to the right side of the screen just click on it And type “30”. for 30fps, to remove this just click on it again & type “0”

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