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This is the all in one guide for the ranch simulator game. I hope it helps you out no matter if youre a beginner or a pro at the game. It includes basics for new players and also some tips and tricks for the pros or to make your game a little easier no matter what. If you like the guide or if it helped you at least a little please leave a like and favorite it it would help a lot. If you want you can even leave an award.. much love and happy gaming!


About The game

NOTE: I recommend playing the game trough the steam library – you click on steam library – you click on the game and you launch it with : DirectX 11 – OBS so your game wont keep crashing

Ranch Simulator is a game about…you guessed it – ranch. You play as a farmer who got the ranch from your family. Buildings and the ranch itself it’s in terrible shape and all you start with is a small garage and a crappy car that looks like an old golf cart. Every other building on the property is worthless and too old to use so you can quickly destroy everything and clear your land of unusable things.
Over time you learn and unlock things. You build new builds such as fences, barns, houses, etc., and raise new animals such as chickens, cows, pigs, etc. (but more on that later on in the guide)
The game is still in its early stage so there are a couple of bugs to that ill mention later on.

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Customize Character
In the game, you can create your character. No matter how realistic or weird you want it to be it can be. You can change anything from nose, mouth, hair, eyes even skin tone that you can tint unusual colors to body shape, and even clothing. You have so many options. And when you create your sim you can change it any time in the menu it won’t harm your game progress at all. So if you want to wear a dress one day and shorts and a top the next day, you can but you need to do that in the game menu, not the game itself.

The Story

”It was once your grandfather’s pride-and-joy, but your family ranch has fallen on hard times and it’s up to you to turn things around. Sitting in a remote forested valley, the dilapidated homestead will test all your abilities as you attempt to turn it into the most prosperous ranch in the region – either alone or in up to four player co-op multiplayer.
The years have not been kind to your family ranch and it will take time and money to restore it to its former glory. Buy tools from the local hardware store and purchase a range of vehicles from the garage to help with your rebuilding projects. Renovate the main house, decide what livestock you want to farm and construct the barns, pens and runs you’ll need to keep them safe and secure.”


When you start the game you first need to complete a few simple stems/quests and after that, you have a game free to play.

  • 1. It starts with you arriving on the ranch and reading your grandfather’s letter about the place. Then you need to check out your sleeping bag and the radio.
  • 2. After that, you need to find the chest in the attic with another note, revolver, and some bullets.
  • 3. When you finish that you need to rebuild the old car (the one that looks like an old golf cart) and drive to some main places on the map like where to get gas, where to buy cars, where to buy groceries, and where to get materials.
  • 4. You buy two chickens and build a small house for them and give them food and water
  • 5. You finish off the quest by destroying the whole house that is in terrible shape and you’re good to go.

You can start playing the game YOUR WAY. Hunger and thirst are not important in the game so you can focus on building, animals, farming, etc.

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All the farm animals eat and drink the same thing
Hunger: Wheat – bag of weath from the store
Thirst: Water – water containers from the store or a well that you can build

Chickens + Chicken Coop


The best way to start getting money is owning 3 chickens and a rooster. Chickens will lay eggs without a rooster but if you want to gain more chickens without buying them you will need a rooster. By owning a rooster every few eggs will be fertilized which means a new chicken will hatch. That way you can get eggs, new chickens and chicken meat that you can sell and earn money.

Chickens need food (wheat) and water to survive.

Chickens come in 3 colors (brown, white, black) and the rooster comes in 2 (white and black)

For collecting eggs you will need an egg basket and for collecting meat you will need a freezer.
For checking if the egg is fertilized you will need the egg checking machine.
Note: When collecting eggs – if the egg is fertilized the chicken will attack you and harm you so you better run.

You also need to clean their poo behind them.


There are five coops available for building: Small, Medium, Big, Premium, and Expensive. The differences are obviously the price and the size. The bigger the coop the more chickens and roosters you can have.

If you want to give your chickens more space but still keep them protected from wild animals i suggest you build the coop and the fence around them. That way you can keep them safe, they have more space and you cant loose them as they are fenced.


There are two tipes of cows:
1. Beef cow/ bull
2. Milk cow/ bull

Beef cows

Beef cows provide you with more meat when you kill the animal and will give you less milk. So if youre trying to sell the meat you for sure need to buy the beef cow and if you dont want to keep buying the cow buy 1 cow and 1 bull and they will make a calf.

Breed the animals and provide them with food, water and shelter so you can have more animals without buying them. You dont have to do anything special to breed the cows you just need to have 1 cow and 1 bull and they will make the calf by themselves in a couple of in-game days.

Kill the cows with the stunner or a gun to gain meat.

Beef cow and bull only come in 1 color and they are almost identical – a mix of white and brown color

Beef Cow: $800
Beef Bull: $1000

Milk Cows

Milk cows provide you with…well milk ofc and less meat. For getting the milk you will need a milking machine and a milk container.

You kill the cow with the stunner or a gun but its pointless because it provides you with less meat so killing it is kind of pointless.

Milk cows and bulls come in 3 different colors: White, Brown and a mix of white and brown

Breed the animals and provide them with food, water and shelter so you can have more animals without buying them. You dont have to do anything special to breed the cows you just need to have 1 cow and 1 bull and they will make the calf by themselves in a couple of in-game days.

Because its a dairy or a milk cow it will provide you with more milk. For milking your cow you will either need:
1. A bucket and do it by hand
2. A milking machine and a milk container to do it automatically
(both from the same store)

Dairy Cow: $650
Dairy Bull: $800


They eat wheat (wheat bag from the store) and drink water like other animals

To breed pigs you need a male and a female pig from the store. You, again, dont have to do anything you just need to make sure you have both genders and they have the basic needs. Every time a pig eats, it will grow a little bit bigger. This will continue until the pig reaches full size approximately 6-8 game days later.

At full size, pigs will drop 26 pieces of pork when slaughtered. To kill them, you can either use your handgun or the stunner which is available at the General Store for $439.
Pork can then be sold or made into sausage or meat balls. (you need the right machines to make them)

$300 per pig


Horses in the game have a completely different concept then the rest of the farm animals. You cant breed them or buy them in general store.

Horses are bought at the auction house. To get to the auction house, approach the Williams Livestock Auction sign at any “bus stop” location (there’s one right at the entrance to your ranch). It costs $50 to take the bus to the auction house.
There you enter the bidding competition. Each horse is different in color, price and its abilities. Some are faster some healthier some stronger etc. You can buy the horse you prefer the most.

(NOTE: Horse stats shown at the auction house are the horse’s fully trained stats. When you bring them home to the ranch, your horse will have three bars deducted from the total. If the stat is zero, the horse will have three bars when fully trained.)

Most of the profit from horses comes from training and selling them. All horses come with pre-set stats in 4 areas: Stamina, Speed, Handling, and Health.
Horses come with 6 training bars arranged in a circle at the bottom right of the screen. With each full training bar, all four of your horses’ stats will improve by 1/2 bar. Once all 6 are filled, there will be three full bars added to each of your horses’ stats.
The best way to train horses is with the training paddock which can be built from your building menu. It requires 100 planks and 4 metal.

You can also sell horses at the auction house which is the main source of income from horses.


Bears, Wolves, Deer


Deer are the easiest to find. They jump all around the map, road, your farm anywhere and are the easiest to kill. They are an excellent way to earn money quickly. They give you around 3 peaces of meat each.


Bears are found in the area south of the lake, north of the hardware store and west of the farm in that area. The map below shows where you can look. There are three bear spawns in that area. Bears are harder to kill so i suggest using a shotgun rather the revolver. (You can get the shotgun at Hunter ill explain later on the map) And they give you lots of meat that you can sell.


Wolves are the rarest animals to find on the map in my experience and I have personally primarily found them in the mountains behind your ranch. If a wolf spots you, it will chase after you making it very easy to get a shot. However, they can kill you and this will force you to load a previous save and lose your progress since you last used a save spot. Wolves go down with one shot from the handgun and produce two pieces of wild meat.


Hunting wild animals is the best way to make quick money in the game especially with deer. You dont usually have to search for deer because they are everywhere. The only thing that you need to make sure is:

  • 1. Hunt at day – at night you wont see a thing and can easily get killed
  • 2. Make sure you have enough space in your car for all the meat you will gather
  • 3. If you dont cook with the meat or process it make sure you sell it asap to clear storage


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


After completing the tutorial, your building book can be accessed by pressing TAB. You can place anything from this book on your ranch but you cannot build outside of your ranch.
To build, select an object from the book and left click where you want to place the object. This places a blueprint on your ranch. You can see the blue outlines of the building but its not actually built yet.
You will need planks, metal, or concrete to build your objects.

  • The planks – can be made using a table saw or purchased from the hardware store and trees that you can cut on your ranch or around the map. Or if you are lazy like me you can just buy them in the hardware store.
  • Metal and concrete are purchased from the hardware store.

Place materials into the blueprint using E. And once you fulfill the amount of materials that you need for the build the build will be finished.


There is only 1 type of barn that you can build. Building a barn comes in 4 pieces.

  • 1. front of the barn
  • 2. side of the barn
  • 3. back of the barn
  • 4. barn boxes
  • 5. doors

    You need to build each part separately. You also need to think of how many barn boxes you will build because then you need more than 1 side barn peace.
    1 side barn peace = 2 barn boxes (where animals can sleep)

    I recommend building a fence around the barn to keep your animals safe and secure so they dont get killed or run off. Make sure you add food and water to the fence too to keep your animals alive. Food box needs to be filled with wheat (1 big food box can be filled with up to 3 bags of wheat and 1 big water box can be filled with 3 big buckets of water)

    Barn is suitable for:
    – Beef cows
    – Milk cows
    – Pigs
    – Horses

    You can place different animals in the same barn they wont harm each other so no worries about that. Just make sure there is enough food and water for all those animals.


The well gives you access to unlimited water for your animal care and cooking needs. This can be built for 6 planks and 50 concrete and requires a bucket to be placed in it for it to work. Water is drawn out manually and so you will need to “crank” with your mouse to get the water out.

NOTE: its actually extremely hard to get water out of the well so you will need to be extremely patient with it. But better that then buying water when you are trying no to spend money.


There are a few different houses. They are all different sizes and different prices ofc. Each home comes with different amounts of cheese and drying racks so I will list the price of the house as well as the amount of cheese racks, drying racks, and beds in each one. Each house comes with only two spots on the stove.

Farmhouse PH-2
Planks: 23
Concrete: 80
Metal: 15
Drying Racks: 1
Cheese Racks: 2
Beds: 1

Farmhouse PH-4
Planks: 28
Concrete: 155
Metal: 30
Drying Racks: 2
Cheese Racks: 3
Beds: 2

Farmhouse PH-6
Planks: 35
Concrete: 175
Metal: 45
Drying Racks: 2
Cheese Racks: 4
Beds: 2

Retro Farmhouse
Planks: 64
Concrete: 365
Metal: 140
Drying Racks: 3
Cheese Racks: 4
Beds: 3

Granaries and Windmills


Granaries have a capacity for 200 units of feed and will automatically refill feeders and troughs within its radius once they are empty. This can be refilled for 1$ per unit by holding R while looking at the granary. You can also manually fill all feeders


Windmills will automatically fill all water bowls within this radius once they are empty and does not have to be refilled. You can also manually fill all water bowls.

Other Ranch Buildings

There are a few builds that are already in the ranch. The are in really bad shape but in the beginning you can use them for raising pigs, chickens and maybe even cows so you dont have to build a barn and a coop.
After you get enough materials and money you can start building the better builds i would destroy the old ones because they really just look old and too rusty.


Decord will definitely make your ranch stand out especially if youre a pro at taking in-game screenshots.
But when you start with so little money i really wouldnt focus on decor thats the last thing you should be worried about.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Gas Station

The gas station is the only place on the map where you can refill your vehicles and jerry cans (jerry cans can be purchased at the General Store for $25 and hold 40 liters – I recommend you filling a few of them and taking them home with you or on long road trips ). Only the front right pump works but can be used on either side. Gas is $1 per liter. Every vehicle has a different fill capacity.

General Store


The general store is where you can purchase your animals and tools for running your ranch. To purchase items, use the terminal in the front of the store to select items to add to your cart. Once your purchase is completed, these items will be dumped (literally dumped like they go all over the place) on the shopping cart pad on the side of the store. Animals will spawn in the semi-circle corral next to the shopping cart pad. Since the corral is not closed, the animals will promptly attempt to escape into the woods and ruin your day.


The general store can also sell your items as well. If you have all of the items you would like to purchase loaded on your vehicle, simply drive over the shopping cart pad on the side of the building and then head inside and use the sell tab on the terminal to sell your goods.


Chicken: $50
Rooster: $250
Pig (male): $300
Pig (female): $300
Cow: $650
Cooler: $96
Pan: $66
Egg Basket: $10
Water Tank: $30
Bag of Wheat: $30
Milk Can: $135
Stunner: $439
Bullets x24: $40
Manual Meat Grinder: $199
Manual Sausage Stuffer: $235
Electric Meat Grinder: $1435
Electric Sausage Stuffer: $999
White Mold: $125
Blue Mold: $230
Ovoscope: $100
Steel Bucket (two styles): $8
Wood Bucket: $8

Hardware Store


The hardware store is where you can purchase building materials, machines and tools for making dairy and meat products, trailers, mowers, and many other items. Much like the General Store, to purchase items you use the kiosk inside the hardware store. You can also sell items here. There is also a paint machine in the corner where you can select paint colors and purchase a can of paint. Each can of paint will cover 20 surfaces and can be purchased for $40.


Wood Plank (x8): $32
Metal Plates (x10): $100
Metal Plates (x50): $500
Concrete bag (5kg): $25
Concrete bat (50kg): $250
Cheap Table Saw: $199
Luxury Table Saw: $750
Crowbar: $12
Axe: $34
Jerry Can: $25
Small Trailer: $600
Car Trailer: $2100
Drivable Lawnmower: $1000
Cooler: $96
Pan: $66
Water Tank: $30
Milk Can: $135
Stunner: $439
Manual Meat Grinder: $199
Manual Sausage Stuffer: $235
Electric Meat Grinder: $1435
Electric Sausage Stuffer: $999
Ovoscope: $100
Compact Cooker: $125
Inflatable Mattress: $15
Steel Bucket: $8
Steel Bucket: $8
Wood Bucket: $8

Car Shop

This is where you can purchase different vehicles. At the moment, no vehicles can be sold but they can be modified by driving them into the garage around the back of the shop. This building also hosts the real estate area but no services are available for this at this location at this time.
Cars are quite expensive and each is used for something else. There are different types of vehicles too such as:
– UTV (Price: 800)
– Small Pickup (Price: $800)
– Large Pickup (Price: $1600)
– SUV (Price: $1000)
– Sedan (Price: $600)
– ATV (Price: $500)
– Small Truck (Price: $2500)

They can each be re-painted in any color you want for around 50 bucks. Some of them can also be upgraded with different things. I would recommend buying small pickup or SUV as soon as possible so you can drive around pigs and cows without buying a huge van which is more expensive.

Burger Restaurant

Although you can’t buy any burgers here which is maybe because of the fact that you dont have to worry about your thirst and hunger, this is an excellent place to sell your items. There is a loading zone on the back of the building and an area with a monitor showing the specials of the day.
There are three items every day that this shop will buy for additional money. It is best practice to sell all of your goods there regularly because even if it is not an item on special, it will sell for the same price as the general store.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


All animal products can be sold as is but are more profitable when processed. There are currently 4 products that can be processed from your meat and dairy and those are meatballs, sausages, curd, and cheese.
Sausage and meatballs can be enhanced by the addition of an egg or some milk. One egg can be used per product and 2 liters of milk used per product. This will add to the price of the product more than the milk or egg would sell for on their own.
Milk can be used to make curd and cheese. An egg can also be added to curd or cheese to increase the price when sold.


To make this, you need a pot ($66 each), and a meat grinder (manual $99, electric $1435)

  • 1. Place a piece of meat into the meat grinder and place the pot into the green highlighted spot next to the grinder.
  • 2. Then grind the meat and it will appear in the pot. At this stage you can add egg, milk, or both into the pot.
  • 3. To grab the meatball press E on the pot and the meatball will appear in your hand. This can either be sold raw or dry it by hanging it on one of the highlighted spots under the drying rack in your home or in a preserving bin for meat.


To make this you need a pot ($66 each), a meat grinder (manual $99, electric $1435) and a sausage stuffer (manual $235, electric $999).

  • 1. Place a piece of meat into the meat grinder and place the pot into the green highlighted spot next to the grinder
  • 2. Then grind the meat and it will appear in the pot. At this stage you can add egg, milk, or both into the pot.
  • 3. WARNING – if you press E on the pot, you will just get a meatball so be careful! To get a sausage grab the WHOLE POT by clicking on it and press E on the sausage stuffer to insert the ground meat.
  • 4. Then use the sausage stuffer to produce a roll of sausage. This can either be dried by hanging it on one of the highlighted spots under the drying rack or preserving bin for meat, or it can be boiled.
  • 5. To boil the sausage you need to fill a pot with water from a bucket. If you do not have a house built, you can purchase a compact cooker from the hardware store for $125 to replace the stove. Place this water-filled pot onto one of the highlighted places on the stove. Then, add your sausage to the water and press E on the pot to begin cooking.

Curd and Cheese

There are three different kinds of curd/cheese: regular, white mold, and blue mold.

The white mold can be purchased from the general store for $125 and blue mold can be purchased for $230. You will also need milk and a pot ($66 each). If you do not have a house built, you can purchase a compact cooker from the hardware store for $125.

  • 1. Pour milk from a bucket or a milk can into a pot. For white or blue mold, take your selected packet of mold and add it to the pot. Each packet has 5 uses and each pot is one use. You can also add an egg to the pot to increase the price of the product.
  • 2. Place this pot on one of the green highlighted spaces on the stove. Press E to begin cooking.
  • 3. Remove curd from pot. This can be sold as-is or dried into cheese by placing it on one of the drying racks in your home or in the preserving bin for cheese.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


You need to accept the quest to be able to find them.




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



If you are having money problems like i did on the beginning or you just dont want to deal with the whole money problem thing and want to just focus on everything else i have a perfect mod for you that is actually FREE.

The app for your PC is called:
Wemod lets you:
1. Add money to your game
2. Change game speed
3. No reload
4. Unlimited ammo

There is a free version and ofc a payable(PRO) version but the free version works just fine
(NOTE: my game did crash opening it with the mod app but i recommend opening it once and apply all the mods and money needed and SAVE the game than relaunch it with the steam)

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