Realm of the Mad God Exalt: Optimal Options 2021

This Guide will contain some useful tips to get better dynamic experience when it comes to Realm Of The Mad God. Hope this will atleast suit someone out here.


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★How to Open the Options?★

Simply press the “esc” key on your keyboard, and you will find it at the very top

After that scroll down and when you get here. Change the “I” to a “T” instead in the “Autofire Toggle”, You should also change your “Use Special Ability” to right mouse if it happens to be something else, since this syngethies well since you have always your right hand on the mouse.

I also suggest that you change your “Escape To Nexus” Key to spacebar instead of the “R” Key. Since you will rest your thumb on the spacebar all the time when playing.

Once that all set move over to the “Gameplay” tag and find the setting for Opacity. Once here I highly recommend that your bring down the Opacity “Precentage” to 50% and pess “ON” on the following settings, since those all synergies well with the now 50% Opacity “Precentage”

After that move over the the “Video” tab section and go down until you find “Interface”. Once there the 8 first settings you can leave them on, or not that is up to you. But I would recomendd turning “ON” the “Show Fame Gain” and the “Toggle Pots to Maxed Text”, and also change the “OF “to “ALL” Instead on the “Toggle Fame and HP/MP Text same with “HP Bar”. All these changes will make you more aware of your current HP and MP aswell to see how much HP enermies have left until they die, and lasty to see how many Potions you have left until you have maxed the specific stat.

Once that is done you can move on to the “Quality” section, and change from “ON” to “OFF” from “Draw Text Bubbles” to “Ally Damage Text” since this way only your damage will be seen hitting the Enermies which can be good in larger group. You sould also change “Ally Shoot” from “Show All” to “Hide All” and Toggle “Ally Summons” from “On” to “OFF”

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