Rebel Inc Escalation: How to Speedrun Campaign and Weekly Challenges 2021

This is a tutorial on how to speedrun the campaign and weekly challenges. This guide mostly applies to brutal but also applies to lower difficulties.


Map 1
Map 1 is the easiest since you start the game with 1/3 of the region stable, giving you extra income which can further be boosted with Tax Collector with the stable zones also lowering insurgent capability and higher security in those stable zones, those stable zones also give extra support level to adjacent zones. Use the General governor to exploit his strength of strong military and early military access. You should take Journalist, Negotiator, Wealthy Exile or Tax Collector, Instructor, than Engineer or Tactician. You can restart the campaign to favorable map features (Existing Operation, Advanced Development, Subprime Exposure) You should start your HQ in easy to stabilize zone if it isn’t already stable, buy national soldier 1, garrisons, civil support, and 1 road that is good on the map. Once you get more money, buy main roads if you haven’t already and a highway if you haven’t already while keeping inflation in check. If you have spare cash, get a coalition soldier early with Interpreters & Guides so you can find camps faster. Once you see insurgency rumored, buy the second coalition soldier and Human Terrain System for faster intelligence gathering. Buy services to counteract the hostility from coalition soldiers (check concerns before buying the services) and go ham with the coalition soldiers! Get airstrikes and drones as needed, coarse them to negotiate for peace to get the peace deal fast, ALWAYS agree to it so you can win FAST.

Map 2
Map 2 is a little harder since you start the game with less zones stable, you should start with about 10% of the region stable. You should use banker for this map as you still get income bonuses, capability reductions, and additional support from those stable zones. You should open with 2 health and infrastructure discussions with district reps, wait for inflation to die down than get a main road or a highway depending on the map. You can skip a road if it’s not good on that map. Just do the same for military, just remember stability is harder. I suggest doing the harder maps first since later down the line, you get too much insurgent control with bad map features.

Map 3
Map 3 is where the difficulty really starts to ramp up, now the insurgents have zones under their control, increasing hostility around them, blocking initiatives from being built in them and increasing travel speeds from both the lack of roads and insurgents blocking the route. DO NOT take back insurgent controlled zones until the first insurgents spawn, otherwise the insurgents gain higher capability AND start earlier than normal.

Map 4
You have now reached map 4, just 1 map from the end. The insurgent controlled zones are REALLY starting to hurt since they now start with 20% of the region under their control. You should be using economist or smuggler since they are the best governors. There isn’t much to say since you will be using the same strategy.

Map 5
You have now reached the final map of your campaign, 30% of the map has been taken over by the insurgents. Ideally, you have a good map and helpful features to decrease odds of losing. Odds are, good HQ spots have already been taken. You need to find an alternative to these spots to ensure you don’t die to lack of stability or insurgent activity. Not much to say since most of the stuff you should do is already mentioned.

Evaluating Tactics
Think about the following when choosing a tactic.
How soon does it work?
How significant is the effect?
Is it RNG based?
Is it for stability or military?
Example with government takeover.
When I can find a camp.
Pretty significant with civil support and security checkpoints.
While government takeover does have a significant effect, it is more RNG based so I would only pick if other tactics are worse.

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