Red Faction II: Cheats Guide 2023

After 21 years since it release, there is no full information about the description, Maybe there is too much misunderstanding about “Cheats” Please read this Guide to make thing clear.



Thanks for opening this. I hope this Guide is not waste of time, because I believe new & old player still need this, to save their time.

Here’s the goals, I wanted to achieve:

  • Help us fully understand Cheats in Red Faction II
  • Clear up alternative name from vary author that cause confusion
  • Clear up mixture of outdated cheats info
  • Clear up mixture of PS2 cheats from the internet

Code Result Details

We might just need a simple way to activate them, right? if you don’t want to type them one by one, here is the trick:

  • Unlock all Cheats List = YZWZYXWX
  • Unlock all Levels with difficulty option = ZYXWYZXX
  • Unlock all Levels, Cheats list, 100% completion on Gallery & Movies = WWXXYZYZ

Some information found from the internet is not working on this version, here is the list to make you aware on it. Hope that will save your time testing them.

  • Give all weapons in mission
  • Bouncing Bouncy Grenades / Bombs Mode
  • Explosive Mods
  • Finish Game

Cheats Assumption

When the first time I see the Cheats list, I was just assume this and that, In fact, they are not and we’re misunderstand them. I tried so hard on searching, but still found incomplete information about the features. Mostly in a result of confusing codes from the internet. Let’s put an end to this mystery.

❌ = Wrong Assumption
✔️ = True Facts

Super Health

❌ Extra Health
❌ God Mode; never die
✔️ Quicker cooldown
✔️ Still able to be kill

Infinite Grenades

❌ Rapid throwing
✔️ Grenade is always full, no matter how many had thrown

Director’s Cut

❌ ??
✔️ ??

Rapid Rails

❌ Give a rail gun
✔️ Instant cooldown on rail gun firing rate

Gibby Ammo

❌ Shoot gib as bullet
✔️ One hit kill on enemy

Extra Chunky

❌ Small chunks
✔️ Big chunks
✔️ Bullet hit on enemy will spawn chunks

Infinite Ammo

❌ Shooting without consume any ammo
✔️ Reload is still needed
✔️ You’re allow to reload when the ammo is zero

Wacky Deaths

❌ Funny scene when player died
✔️ Enemy dying animation will become explosion death animation

Walking Dead

❌ Enemy become zombie
✔️ Enemy act like zombie

Rain of Fire

❌ Fire falling from the sky
✔️ Player weapon will cause fire on enemy

Gibby Explosions

❌ Any explosion will have chunks
✔️ Enemy dying animation will become chunky

Explosive Personality

❌ ??
✔️ ??

Two more cheats are still not knowing what does it change, if you do know please tell me.

Misunderstand about Cheats

We’re wrong to assume that…

Red Faction II cheats means

❌ Hack to win instantly
❌ Online rude play in multiplayer
✔️ Offline singleplayer campaign
✔️ Lower the restrictions of the difficulty rules
✔️ Add-on visual effects

Usage on Cheats

❌ Enable at the beginning
❌ Enable all of them at once
✔️ Selective part of them
✔️ Activate when we need it and disable when we no longer need it
✔️ Sandbox fun after finish the game

Cheats will be unlock when…

❌ Player finish the campaign
❌ Earn by completing the highest difficulty
❌ Finish 100% completion on Gallery & Movie
✔️ Get code from the internet

That’s all I got. Hope that this Guide be a good sample for who writing a Guide in future, we need this. Thanks

Thanks to SecretAgentKiiN 特务健 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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