Reign of Guilds: Game Controls

Here is a full list of all basic controls in Reign of Guilds.


Movement Controls

Jump: Space. Jumping consumes 5 stamina.
Sprint: Shift. Sprinting rapidly consumes stamina.
Crouch: Left Ctrl. !Currently not implemented!
Walk: C. slows down your move speed and allows you to walk silently.
Automove: Num Lock. Automove, does not allow for sprinting.

Action Controls

UI mode: Tab. Toggle between the usage of the mouse and control of the characters screen.
Use: E. General interaction key. Used for interacting with NPCs to looting and opening doors.
Third Person: L. Mainly for taking screenshots. Allows movement and Use action. No combat enabled. Clicking removes the UI and middle mouse allows for screen rotation.
Highlight Items: F. Highlights items that can be picked up with a light blue outline.

Combat Controls

Attack: Left mouse button. Use your currently equipped item, including magic.
Alternative attack: Right mouse button. Used to activate your weapons alternative attack or block.
Self Focus: Alt. Used to focus magic on yourself. Note, you can use offensive magic on yourself.
Inspect weapon: R. !Currently not implemented!
Switch weapon: Q. !Currently not implemented!
Dodge: Spacebar with weapon out. Difficult to do and ineffective in most situations.
Hot bar key binds can be customized to your liking.

Menu Controls

Stats menu: P. Allows you to see your stats and attribute progress. This menu and things in relationship to it will be explained later in the guide.
Show UI: Ctrl + H. Toggle between showing the UI and hiding it.
Inventory: I. Access your inventory. Double right click to drop items. Shift click to split items. More information later in guide.
Map: M. Right clicking allows you to mark a point. You can click on a point of interest to see more information. You can also view the map legend this way.
Guild: G. !!!Currently not implemented!!!
Equipment: O. There is a icon on the item matches its slot. Note that equipment weight contributes towards your carry weight
Receipt Window: N. !Currently not implemented!
Spell Window: B. !Currently not implemented!
Token Window: V. !Currently not implemented!
Trade Window: T. Allows for trading. Note that you must select the quantity of the item being traded before buying it. It operates similarly to the NPC trade window.
Quest Window: J. Opens the questing window. Tasks completed will fill the diamond icon with yellow.
Create Party: H. Create and name a party. To leave right click on the party window.

To invite a player to trade, party or guild you must point your cursor at them and use the ‘Use’ key. As of writing this guide, inviting players to party through the chat menu is broken.

Chat Controls

Chat: Enter. Opens up chat. Type a message and hit enter to send. F1-F6 keys allows for switching between windows. You can type @Playernamehere for the message to be highlighted for a person

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