Reign of Guilds: Map Locations

This map contains the locations of elites and some special vendors.

Special Vendors
Warlock: Extra warlock vendor selling the same spells as in town.
Smugglers: Trade in ancient tokens gained from killing named enemies as part of a quest. Each Kill gives 1-3 tokens. Gives a rather valuable helmet. Also contains two vendors selling anti-magic gear and better quality gear than what the armorsmith sells.

Named Enemies
!!!WARNING!!! Named enemies are dangerous solo. It’s recommended you cheese them by standing out of reach or bring a party. They seem to have similar mechanics to normal enemies except have excessively large health pools and can 1-2 hit a player without the right armor and buffs. Its recommended to have dedicated rolls when attempting as a party. Players should have leveled endurance and purchased heavy armor for best results.
Stickman: Same mechanics as a normal stickman. Has a group of stickmen minions around it. The minions must be killed for the named stickman to die.
Boar: Same mechanics as normal boar. Attack twice then run away and rush.
Bear: Same mechanics as normal boar. Attack rapidly until half health. Then interrupted by damage.
Troll: Found inside a cave. Has normal attacks and a AoE attack.

Tavern: Found west of town this tavern has a quest for boar tusks and deer antlers. You’re able to buy a room containing a personal chest for 5,000 silver. Also has a food vendor.

Castle: !!!WARNING!!! this area has PvP enabled. Has a teleportation pad and training dummies.

Teleportation gates: There is one in town and one at the castle. To use these you must have a token bought from the traveler in town. These teleport you to the location when double clicked. They can also be stored inside the token storage box. There is no return portal from farm or lumber camp.

By Rathner

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