Resident Evil 2: All Mr.Racoon Dolls

Here is a guide on how to find all Mr.Racoon Dolls in Resident Evil 2.


Main Game

To collect all 15 Mr.Racoon Dolls you have to beat the game at least twice with both characters, one in ‘First Run’ and the other in ‘Second Run’.

Mr:Racoon #1 ~ Claire / Leon ~

On top of one of the shelfs in the “West Office” 1F

Mr.Racoon #2 ~ Claire / Leon ~

In the corner of the “S.T.A.R.S Office” on the desk.

Mr.Racoon #3 ~ Claire / Leon ~

In the corner of the “Firing Range” in the Basement.

Mr.Racoon #4 ~ Claire / Leon ~

Behind the bag in the “Break Room” 1F.

Mr.Racoon #5 ~ Claire / Leon ~

Outside “Chief’s Office” on the hallway table, pretty much unmissable.

Mr.Racoon #6 ~ Claire / Leon ~

At the dead end in the hallway behind the “Clock Tower”

Mr.Racoon #7 ~ Leon Only ~

After the runaway from the ‘gator in one of the corners before climbing up the ladder.

Mr.Racoon #8 ~ Leon Only ~

To the right of the “Incinerator” when playing Ada.

Mr.Racoon #9 ~ Claire / Leon ~

In the corner before entering the “supplies Storange Room” in the sewers.

Mr.Racoon #10 ~ Claire / Leon ~

Near the ladder on a shelf in the “cafeteria” in the lab.

Mr.Racoon #11 ~ Claire / Leon~

Inside the “Nap Room” of the lab after restoring the power.

Mr.Racoon #12 ~ Claire 2nd / Leon 2nd ~

When playing the “2nd Run” right after the underpass.

Mr.Racoon #13 ~ Claire Only ~

On a shelf in the “East Storage” room that requires the “Heart shaped key”

Mr.Racoon #14 ~ Claire Only ~

Inside the Bus.

Mr.Racoon #15 ~ Claire Only ~

In the shelf right after entering the “Nursery” on 2F of the orphanage.

Ghost Survivors

NOTE: You CAN collect all Dolls in “No Time to Mourn” within ONE run, by, you know, walking back the other way.

Mr.Racoon #1 ~No Time to Mourn~

On the shelf of the right side in “Kendo’s shop”

Mr.Racoon #2 ~No Time to Mourn~

On top of a vent in the “Machinery Room” where you fought birkin in the main game.

Mr.Racoon #3 ~No Time to Mourn~

Near the “ramp” you slide down in the main game, above you.

Mr.Racoon #4 ~No Time to Mourn~

Follow the “Lower Waterway” ’till you reach the Ivy zombie and get him out of the way.

Mr.Racoon #5 ~Runaway~

On the bench in the “basketball Court”, yes the one with 3 lickers.

Mr.Racoon #6 ~Runaway~

Inside the Ambulance.

Mr.Racoon #7 ~Runaway~

At the end when all Prison cells opens run back and take the sidepath, the doll is in one of the broken cells.

Mr.Racoon #8 ~Forgotten Soldier~

On top of one of the “metal carrier” after riding the Lift in the “Pump Room”.

Mr.Racoon #9 ~Forgotten Soldier~

At tthe PC desk in the “Security Room” where MR.X comes out.

Mr.Racoon #10 ~No Way Out~

Behind the backdoor, just wait till it breaks open.

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