Resist the succubus The end of the female Knight: True End Game Walkthrough & Guide

Here is a guide on how to protect your chastity and survive 40 days.


Game Walkthrough

This game walkthrough uses the method of quickly upgrade the bank, then upgrade armory, and upgrade the church when it is free.
You will need these skills:

These four are core skills: “cost saving”,”domestic fundraising”,”song of victory”,”impose taxes2″(you can use “impose taxes”, is okay)
With the use of “cost saving” and “impose taxes2” skills, you can upgrade bank level to lv.max before 31days and get 3000 gold reward from “domestic fundraising” skill, then use these rewards to upgrade armory to lv.max before 20days, with the remaining 20 days to form your team.
“Interests” skill can slightly increase the speed of getting gold. I haven’t tried the “Allowance” skill. But it should be similar.
Prayer 2 is necessary to reduce lust point.
“stronger Faith” is necessary for 5 knights, so “temporary preach” are needed to ensure hope point can be maintained at 100.

The goal is to upgrade bank level to the max before 31days, upgrade armory level to the max in the remaining 20 days or so, and complete the upgrading of your main team in the remaining 11 days.

Let’s start with “5 knights tactic” to explain the game walktrough.

Phase I: 40-31days


  • From the beginning of the game, you should buy the knight characters as soon as it appears. In principle, the priority is to buy knight characters > anything. until your team takes shape.
  • There will be situations from time to time when characters want to rape you. All of them choose to refuse(don’t try to rape me when I’m thinking about how to beat demon), otherwise you will lose your chastity. If the event can be solved by paying 100 gold, pay it.
  • At this stage, you should focus on quickly upgrading the bank, if there is enough money, upgrade it.
  • Don’t spend money to refresh your character cards at this stage.
  • Don’t spend money praying to reduce lust point at this stage.
  • Give priority to level up all characters to 2-stars. You can level up 1~2 3-star characters at the same time. Don’t level up more than 2 3-star characters at the same time, otherwise your preparation area will be crowded and can’t buy new characters.
  • you will get a free Ahern when game start, so he has a congenital advantage over other characters to level up to 2-star(worthy of being my official couple). It is most reasonable to level up him to 2-stars to spend the early stage. and he is useful,which means is worthy to level up him to 3-star.
  • 1-star ahern can survive alone until 39days end. (there will be four 1-star goblins in 38days, he can’t beat them.)
  • If you don’t have 2-star ahern in 38days(or any 2-star character), you must spend 200 gold to upgrade the armory and make sure you have 2 characters in the battle zone.
  • If you get 2-star ahern in 38days, he can survive alone until the end of the 36days alone.
  • If there is only 1-star characters in 36 days, be sure to spend 600 gold to upgrade the armory, and make sure you have 3 characters in the battle zone. is better if you have two knights in the battle zone, so you can survive until 32 days.


40days: Put ahern to the battle zone and See if there is any knight character you can buy.

39days: Receive “cost saving” and “impose taxes2”‘s reward. At this time, you will have 1600 gold, upgrad the bank to the lv.3.

38days: Spend 200 gold to upgrade the armory, and then buy one any character and put it into the battle zone. It’s better if you buy a knight or Cora.

37days: Use “impose taxes2” skill, check if you can upgrade the bank, check if you can buy any knight character.(this is daily checks)

36days: Billboard “cults appear” event appears. Pay 200 gold to remove it. If you don’t have any 2-star character,upgrade the armory and buy one any character. If you don’t have enough gold to complete these things at the same time, give priority to upgrading armory and make sure you have 3 people in the battle zone. Then remove the cult event in the next day.

35days: Daily checks.

34days: Daily checks, and pay attention to whether you have the first 2-star character. If not, consider buying a character with a blue background or above.

33days: Repeat yesterday’s content.

32days: There are many things to do on this day. Today, the church can unlock Level 2 for free. After unlocking, you can use “prayer2” skill. By now, the lust point has reached 80, so you can add prayer to the daily check content (follow-up you will judge whether you need to pray). If you are lucky, the bank will be able to reach the full level today. After that, you can use the “domestic fundraising” skill and receive 3100 gold, and then use it all to upgrade the armory. At this time, your armory will reach level 5, and you can place up to 5 people on the battlezone. An orc will come out of this day. If you are unlucky, you can’t upgrade the bank to the lv.max today, and there are no two-star characters, and you can only put three characters on the battle zone, then you must have at least one character with a blue background or above, otherwise it’s dangerous.

31days: Tatoo erosion event. choose Restrain(Chastity +1). If the bank had not been upgraded to lv.max yesterday, it would definitely be lv.max now. After all the gold is used to upgrade the armory, you should have 1000+ gold left. You can consider buying some character who is not a knight. The game can only put 8 people in the battle zone in the end, so you have to think about which 3 sub character to choose. (although there is randomness in Auto Chess, it’s not that you can level up what you want, but depends on what you have. But the 5 main characters(knight) can definitely gather together and level up to the 3-star, that is, the other 3 sub characters are not sure who they are until you see them.) after the end, enter the next stage.

Phase II: 30-19days


  • From now on, you need to pay attention to the lust point and pray when it is too high.
  • Use “impose taxes2” skill appropriately, but don’t let hope point fall below 30. There will be panic debuff at 25, reducing hope by 5 every day.
  • At this stage, the focus is to upgrade the armory and set up a team of 5 knights. Who are the other 3 characters It doesn’t matter, but it’s best to get bindings buff. For example, 2 mages, 3 shooters and so on.
  • Gather 5 knights first, and then upgrade them. Having said that, the battle zone’s max number gap caused by the sudden upgrading of the armory is huge. You can upgrade whoever you want for several rounds, and you won’t be defeated. It doesn’t matter even if it’s upgrading sub characters
  • Still don’t spend money to refresh cards.
  • If there are orange characters, buy orange characters, but Anno and Annabel are recommended, which is more consistent with the “5 knights tactic”.
  • Priority: upgrade the characters > upgrade the armory, but upgrade the armory to the lv.max around the 20days.


30days: Daily checks now: Check whether the lust point is too high and need to pray. Check whether there are knight and other characters you want to buy, and check whether you can upgrade amory. (remember to fill the battlezone after upgrading armory)

29days: Daily checks.

28days: Billboard “Shops robbed” event appears. Pay 200 gold to remove it. daily checks.

27days: Daily checks.

26days: Daily checks.

25days: Repeat the daily check. By this time, you should have 5 knights, most of the them are 2-stars, and you have orange background character

24days: Daily checks.

23days: Daily checks.

22days: Daily checks.

21days: Tatoo erosion event. choose Restrain(Chastity +1).

20days: If you’re lucky, you can’t upgrade the armory this day, because there may be several orange background characters you have bought in the past few days.

19days: Upgrade the armory and enter the final stage.

Phase III: 18-0days


  • From now on, don’t levy taxes, and slowly bring the hope point to full by use the “song of victory” and “impose taxes2” skills.
  • Money is useless except for level up characters and praying, so you can refresh at will until you get the desired character.
  • At this stage, it is particularly easy to get crowded in your preparation area, Be careful not to upgrade more than two characters to 3-star at the same time. Give priority to upgrading several of them, and refresh characters if they are not you want.
  • Complete the goal of level up to 2-star for orange background characters and 3-stars for non orange background characters as soon as possible, and use “Temporary Preach” and “Song of victory” skills to fill the hope point. Especially in the last five days, if the hope point falls, you should use the skill to pull it back. Losing the “Stronger Faith” skill’s buff at the last moment may be fatal.
  • Generally speaking, the frequency of orange background characters is low, and it is difficult to level up them to 3-stars. Therefore, you can ignore and refresh the same orange background character when you already have a 2-star one, unless you want two 2-star orange background characters.


18days: Billboard “Stagnant Water” event appears. Pay 200 gold to remove it, the daily checks now is: focus on forming the team, and pull the hope point to 100, don’t forget to pray
17days: Daily checks.
16days: Daily checks.
15days: Daily checks.
14days: Billboard “Rumors” event appears. Pay 200 gold to remove it and repeat the daily checks.
13days: Daily checks.
12days: Daily checks.
11days: Tatoo erosion event. choose Restrain(Chastity +1).
10days: By this time, all your characters should be 2-star, maybe some are 3-star, and the hope point is also 100.
9days: Daily checks.
8days: Daily checks.
7days: Daily checks.
6days: Billboard “Materials Lost” event appears. Pay 200 gold to remove it, and use the “temporary preach” skill to pull the hope point back to 100, and repeat the daily checks
5days: At this time, most of your characters should be 3-star. Until now, except for orange characters are 2-star,most of all the rest characters should be 3-stars. The rest of the time should be used to level up the characters that are not 3-stars. Don’t forget to pray.
5-0days: Game success and get the True End achievement

Get True End achievement


After my test, the team combinations of non 5 knights also applies to this tactic

The core of this tactic is to quickly get a large amount of gold to upgrade through those skills. Use 5 shooters and 3 warriors, 5 mages, 2 knight, 1 others are also OK. Skills can be replaced except those related to money. As long as you still take the path of profiteering, it will work. The key point of team matching is that there must be pressure resistant character (warriors, paladins) in the front of battle zone, and the number of them should not less than 2. It is easy to be defeated if it is all mages and shooters.
Of course, this is only one of the ideas that can win. If you are interested, you can try other skill combinations and team composition by yourself.

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