Risk of Rain 2: Milkman Build

Learn how to be the Milkman, and show the creatures of Petrichor that you milk is delicious.


Step 1: Enter the mentality

To become the Milkman, you first must think like the Milkman. This can be done with some simple cognitive therapy. Breathe in. Breathe out. You are the Milkman. Your milk is delicious. The life on Petrichor is thirsty, and they need milk. Can you deliver it to them? Absolutely.

Of course, don’t forget to grab your milk:

Step 2: Enhance the flavor

Now that you’ve entered the Milkman mentality, it’s time to start delivering your milk. BUT WAIT! You can’t just go around delivering low quality milk to your valued customers! They deserve better! It’s time to step up your game, and make sure your milk is the most delicious.

Consider the following ingredients to add flavor and nutrients to your milk!

Great job! And remember, the more ingredients, the tastier your milk is!

Step 3: Enhance delivery speed

Now that you’ve got the highest quality milk on the block, it’s time to deliver it! But hold your horses, because there’s a LOT of customers who definitely want your milk! You’re gonna need to find a way to deliver your milk as quickly as possible!

Luckily, this smug bastard has what you need!

Stock up on as many of these as you can for super-fast milk delivery speed!

About 15 total of either of these (you can mix-and-match) will do, but remember to have at least 1 of the blue thing! The blue thing is crucial to near-instantaneous dairy delivery!

Step 4: You ARE the Milkman now

Congratulations. You are now the Milkman, in every way, shape, and form. Your milk is truly delicious. Go forth and deliver it to the good citizens of Petrichor. They are thirsty, and your milk is universally loved by all.

If, in rare cases, the intergalactic police (aka the purple crab-bastards) attempt to contact you, do not respond. Simply deliver milk to them as well. That’s why they’re here. They are not here to stop you for fictitious crimes like “arson” or “setting innocent animals on fire.” That’s not what you’re doing. You’re delivering milk.

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