Roboquest: Advanced Damage Calculations Guide

Guide for how Damage is calculated in Roboquest :]


~ Damage Layers/Multiplicative Damage ~

Below I have listed each bonus damage source that adds a Layer of damage multiplication, when damage is being calculated, each of these Layers will be multiplied by each other, with the end result being the damage output.

i.e. – Level 1 Raptor SMG Landing a Critical Hit, on a Marked Enemy, with 16 Focus Points. and 90% Bonus Damage from Items, Affixes, Gadgets, and Perks. (10.5 [[b]base[/b]] x 1.5 [[b]crit[/b]] x 1.5 [[b]mark[/b]] x 1.32 [[b]focus[/b]] x 1.9 [[b]Everything Else[/b]] = 59 damage)

Critical Hits

When landing a Critical Hit, the damage is multiplied by the listed Critical Multiplier. Very simple and beautiful and I love it because it makes for less typing.


When an enemy is Marked, all damage done to that enemy is increased by 50% (both players in co-op can take advantage of the same mark)


Rangers Passive, each Focus Point [Green bar on the bottom of your screen] yields 2% Critical Damage, this bonus adds another layer of multiplication for crit damage, very insanely strong, Ranger moment.

Burn DoT

Burn damage adds an extra 30% of the damage dealt, as Damage Over Time (DoT) over the course of 3 seconds. When a weapon innately burns, it instead does 70% extra damage as Burn DoT.

Everything Else

Perks, Items, Gadgets, and Affixes, all get grouped together in one big pool of % Damage, additive of each other.

~ Damage FAQ ~

Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper gives a -20% Damage multiplier (In the “Everything Else” Layer) and a +40% Critical Damage multiplier (Also in the “Everything Else” Layer)

Essentially functions as such – Upon Critical Hit, Deal 20% Bonus Damage (On top of the Critical Hit bonus damage) Upon Non-Critical Hit, Deal 20% Less Damage than you normally would.

If you are landing Crits more than half the time, Chili Pepper will increase your overall Damage.

Multi Element Damage

If you have weapons or abilities that deal more than 1 element, say for example Burn and Shock, you will NOT gain twice the value from “Elemental Damage” bonuses such as Chemistry, or Chalk. HOWEVER, you ARE able to take advantage from both Burn, and Shock Damage Bonuses specifically. Items such as Artishock, Balloon, Sponge, Drum, etc.
P.S. Toaster does not work if the damage source has Burn and something else, it must be a separate source with no burn attached.

No Crit Multiplier on Weapon

If you have weapons or abilities that cannot innately crit, they have a Crit Multiplier of 1.25, or 25% more damage, this scales with any other crit bonus same as weapons with innate crit.

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