Roboquest: All Guardian Perks & Upgrades

A list of the Guardian’s perks and relevant upgrades.



This guide outlines all the perks and upgrades for those perks for the Guardian class in Roboquest.

There are a total of 12 perks that you can choose from. Each perk has 3 upgrades. The Guardian itself has 7 upgrades.

This should help for future reference mid run when deciding what to pick for perks and upgrades.

This is an innate perk

  • BULLY ROUND Increases weapons damage by 35% against stunned and frozen enemies
  • CELL GLUTTONY Increases health restored by repair-o-cells by 5% and the repair-o-bot by 10%
  • CRYO-FIST Bash deals Cryo damage
  • HOLLOW POINT Increases weapons damage by 5% and their lucky critical chance by 5%
  • LOW RIDER Increases your movement speed by 5% and grants you 1 additional jump
  • METEOROLOGY Increases elemental lucky critical chance by 10%
  • SIZE MATTERS Increases weapons ammo in clip by 35% and their cooling gauge by 20%
Your Weapons benefit from your highest stat instead of their native category

  • GOOD FORTUNEIncreases weapons lucky critical chance by 10%
  • THRILL OF THE FIGHTIncreases weapons firerate by 10%
  • WELL OILEDIncreases your reload speed by 10%
Increase your maximum Shield by 30% and Shield regeneration from cells by 20%

  • AGGRESIVE TIEIncreases weapons damage by 20% while you have maximum Shield
  • SECURITY SYSTEMIncreases battery regeneration speed by 20% when below 50% Shield
  • TRIPLE THICKIncreases your resistance by 10% as long as you have Shield
Transforms Bash into Bonk Hammer and increases its damage by 75%

  • FLEX HANDLEIncreases Bonk Hammer attack speed by 50%
  • HOME RUNIncreases Bonk Hammer lucky critical chance by 25%
  • VIGOROUS RUSHIncreases your movement speed by 30% for 4s after hitting an enemy with Bonk Hammer
Your critical hits ricochet on 1 enemy within 6m, dealing 30% of initial damage

  • CHAIN REACTIONIncreases Critical Split ricochet target amount by 1 and its maximum range by 1m
  • GOOD FORTUNEIncreases weapons lucky critical chance by 10%
  • SIMPLE GEOMETRYIncreases Critical Split ricochet damage by 20%
Safety Bubble deals 10 Cryo damage (+30% per level) every 0.5s to enemies within 1m

  • ICE AGEIncreases your Cryo damage by 50% while Cryo Bubble is active
  • NORTH POLEIncreases Cryo Bubble Cryo application rate by 25%
  • SNOWSTORMIncreases Cryo Bubble attack speed by 25%
Reduces Safety Bubble battery cost by 15%

  • BONK BUBBLEPerforming a Headbonk on an enemy deals 45 damage (+30% per level) to enemies within 7m while Safety Bubble is active
  • SOLAR PANELRestores 10% maximum Shield each second while Safety Bubble is active
  • THERMAL PASTEIncrease Safety Bubble battery regeneration speed by 25%
Deals 20 Shock damage (+30% per level) to enemies dealing damage to you

  • GROUP RATEGet Back damage ricochets on 3 enemy within 7.5m, dealing 50% of initial damage
  • SHOCK BUBBLETriggers Get Back for 50% of its damage when an enemy hits you while Safety Bubble is active
  • 1.21 GIGAWATTSIncreases Get Back damage by 200%
Weapons fire additional sparks applying high impact and dealing damage

  • BLUE-SCREEN SPARKHeavy Firefly‘s sparks execute enemies with less than 10% health remaining
  • ICE SPARKHeavy Firefly‘s sparks deal Cryo damage
  • SPARK RAINIncreased Heavy Firefly‘s sparks firerate by 50%
Increases your reload speed by 10%, your firerate by 5% and your resistance by 5%

  • GOOD FORTUNEIncreases weapons lucky critical chance by 10%
  • HEAVY SHELLIncreases your resistance by 15% while you have a heavy weapon in hand
  • WEAPON LOVERIncreases weapons damage by 10%
Increases weapons damage by 15% and your resistance by 15% for 5s after hitting an enemy with Bash.

  • AUTONOMOUS SHIELDRestores 10% of your maximum Shield every 1.6s while Line Breaker is active
  • JUGGERNAUTIncreases your firerate by 15% and your movement speed by 10% while Line Breaker is active
  • TIME GRAFTTaking down an enemy while in Line Breaker extends its duration by 1.5s
Increases weapons firerate by 50% and your movement speed by 12% while Safety Bubble is active

  • ARSENAL BUBBLEShooting no longer consumes ammo or heat while Safety Bubble is active
  • BRAWL BUBBLEIncrease Bash damage by 25% and its attack speed by 50% while Safety Bubble is active
  • FUSION BUBBLETaking down an enemy regenerates 10% battery while Safety Bubble is active
Your next Bash hit gains 4m increased range and restores 35% of your maximum Shield for each enemy hit. 8s cooldown

  • BACKSLAPGrants 1 additional Tactical Slap charge and reduces its cooldown by 2s
  • BIG FINGERIncreases Tactical Slap damage by 50% and its range by 2%
  • SLAP CONTESTTactical Slap hits restore 10% more Shield

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