Roboquest: All Engineer Perks & Upgrades

A list of the Engineer’s perks and relevant upgrades.



This guide outlines all the perks and upgrades for those perks for the Engineer class in Roboquest.

There are a total of 12 perks that you can choose from. Each perk has 3 upgrades. The Engineer itself has 7 upgrades.

This should help for future reference mid run when deciding what to pick for perks and upgrades.

Engineer Upgrades

This is an innate perk

  • BLACK POWDER – Increases your Explosion damage by 10% and their radius by 10%
  • CELL GLUTTONY – Increases health restored by repair-o-cells by 5% and by the repair-o-bot by 10%
  • HAND-BEAMER – Transforms Scrap Blaster into a piercing ray which can apply critical hits.
  • METEOROLOGY – Increase elemental lucky critical chance by 10%
  • SCRAPLOSION – Takedowns grant 15% chance to trigger an Explosion and to drop 3 Scraps
  • SIZE MATTERS – Increases weapons ammo in clip by 35% and their cooling gauge by 20%
  • SMALL SOLDIERS – Increased maximum deployed drones amount by 1 but reduces their damage by 30% and reduces their size
Chroma Blaster

Scrap Blaster deals damage of a random element each time you use it. Increases the damage of that element by 40% for 6s after using Scrap Blaster

  • CHROMA SPECIALTY – Choose an element. Chroma Blaster always deals damage of that element and increases all your damage from that element
  • POWER INFUSION – Increases your firerate by 15% while Chroma Blaster is active
  • VIVID COLORS – Increases Chroma Blaster damage bonus by 15% and duration by 3s
Chroma Drone

Grants your drone a random elemental effect

  • CHROMA SPECIALTY – Choose an element. Chroma Drone always deals damage of that element and increases all your damage from that element
  • DRONE REVENGE – Deals 20 damage (+30% per level) of your drones elemental damage to enemies dealing damage to them.
  • POCKET WIZARD – Increases drone elemental application rate by 25%
Chroma Weapon

Grants a random element to each of your non-elemental weapons shot

  • CHROMA SPECIALTY – Choose an element. Chroma Weapon always deals damage of that element and increases all your damage from that element
  • CARBON GRIP – Increases weapons firerate by 10% and their reload speed by 15%
  • GOOD FORTUNE – Increases weapons lucky critical chance by 10%
Drone Bazooka

Your drone shoot Explosive rockets dealing 10 damage (+30% per level) every 3.5s

  • HEADSEEKER ROCKET – Grants homing to your drones’ rockets.
  • OILED CANNON – Increases drones firerate by 10%
  • TRIPLE ZOOKA – Triggering Repair-o-Drone makes Drone Bazooka fire 3 mini-rockets dealing 75% of the initial Drone Bazooka damage for 7s
Drone Bubble

Grants your drones an invulnerable bubble for 8s after being deployed. Increases drones health by 25%

  • AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE – Increase drones firerate by 40% while they are bubbled
  • GROWTH SPURT – Increases drone health by 20% and increases their size
  • SAFE SPACE – Triggering Repair-o-Drone grants your drones an invulnerable bubble for 4s
Drone Swarm

Increases maximum deployed drones amount by 1 but reduces their firerate by 30%

  • ECO DRONE – Reduces drone cooldown by 3s
  • OILED CANNON – Increases drone firerate by 10%
  • TOUGH FAMILY – Grants you 5% resistance for each of your deployed drones.
Elemental Split

Your elemental damage has 25% chance to ricochet on 1 enemy within 6m, dealing 20% of initial damage.

  • CHROMA ABERRATION – Increases Elemental Split ricochet target amount by 1 and it’s maximum range by 3m
  • HIGH FREQUENCY – Increases Elemental Split ricochet chance by 40%
  • VAPORIZE – Instantly executes enemies with less than 8% health remaining while shooting with elemental weapons
Light Spark

Your weapons fire additional sparks dealing damage.

  • CHROMA SPECIALTY – Choose an element. Light Spark always deals damage of that element and increases all your damage from that element
  • ECO SPARK – Increases Light Spark’s spark damage by 100% for 5s when gathering Scrap
  • SPARK RAIN – Increases Light Spark’s spark firerate by 30%
Luxury Suit

Grants you 10 Shield. Picking up a cell regenerates 10% of maximum Shield

  • AGGRESSIVE TIE – Increases weapons damage by 20% while you have maximum Shield
  • PATCHED SUIT – Triggering Repair-o-Drone regenerates 50% of your maximum Shield
  • TRIPLE THICK – Increases your resistance by 10% as long as you have Shield
Pack Leader

Using Repair-o-Drone increases your firerate by 15% and your drones firerate by 30% for 4s

  • BABY SWIMMER – Deploying a drone triggers Pack Leader
  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Increases your bonus firerate by 20% and your damage by 10% while Pack Leader is active
  • SCRAP SNACKS – Increases drone bonus firerate by 40% while Pack Leader is active
Quick Cooling

Your next weapon overheat is instantly cooled. 10s cooldown. Increases cooling weapons firerate by 20%

  • CABLING TAMPERING – Increases cooling weapons damage by 20% but increases their heat cost by 20%
  • GOOD FORTUNE – Increases weapons lucky critical chance by 10%
  • POWER BANK – Reduces Quick Cooling cooldown by 2s and grants 1 additional Quick Cooling charge.
Triple Bombs

Scrap Blaster fires 3 Explosive projectiles but no longer generates Scrap on takedowns.

  • MENU EXTRA BLAST – Increases Scrap Blaster projectile amount by 2
  • OILED BLASTER – Increases Scrap Blaster attack speed by 30% and reduces its cooldown by 1s
  • SCANNING PROCESS – Scrap Blaster marks enemies hit

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