Roboquest: Strong and Easy Builds for Every Class (Guardian 4 approved)

Builds for every class that you can use to easily beat the game even on the highest difficulty.

This guide was made with input from the good folks at the Roboquest official Discord. If you have any additional questions or queries, do join it and have a chat.

Every build will contain an image listing the perks for each build.
Core perks are what I believe are important for the build to function, while Really Nice and Nice are two tiers of priority for perks make for great extras to fill out the build.
Keep in mind, there are only 4 perks in a build.

Whenever I talk about a perk, I am also including all it’s upgrades. For the most part you should be grabbing all the perk’s upgrades with only very specific fringe cases.


Boring Guardian

You shoot things til they die
Top Quality pairs nicely with Meteo Nade, giving you full uptime on the bonuses for most weapons. From there, you just grab other good gun perks like Meteo Weapon or Improved Crit with their extra auto-crit upgrades and you’re doing good damage nice and simple.

Stim Bubble Guardian

Easily Guardian’s strongest build
Stim Bubble and Tactical Slap are an amazing combo, with Tactical Slap regenerating shield to allow you to use Stim Bubble more often, and the reload upgrade combined with Stim Bubble’s infinite ammo upgrade allows you to rotate the two to never stop shooting. Not to mention the two allow easy access to Guardian’s largest damage bonuses, Line Breaker and Top Quality.


Explosive Commando

Point and Click and blow everything up
Commando has a wide variety of amazing perks for maximizing damage, especially with explosives. Any combination of the perks in “Really Nice” will work, but do note that Top Quality is best paired with Hot Potato, and Self Control best paired with Mini-Missiles or Chromatic Powder.

Chromatic Commando

Spray and Pray and blow everything up
Chromatic Powder and Mini-Missiles combine to make an extremely lethal elemental damage build, that only gets better with more perks. Has especially good synergy with Self Control, whose fury stack increases synergize great with both perks, but is not vital.


Rush Ranger

Sniping’s for losers
Wild Rush and Bestial Ferocity make for a deadly duo, giving Ranger a bunch of bonuses perfect for running and gunning, especially with dual weapons due to the movement speed. Grab whatever close to midrange weapon you like and break the sniper mold.

Decoy Ranger

As Safe as it is Deadly
Nasty Mirage is a surprisingly effective perk at both keeping the heat off you as well as dishing out plenty of it’s own. You should primarily apply Burn to your decoys. Bestial Ferocity is used for the cooldown reduction on stealth, which can be amplified with more javelin charges. From there, get perks that boost your decoy’s damage.


Melee Recon

Hack and Slash (in moderation)
All the best bonuses for melee DPS. For your extras, Elemental Dash lets you infuse Shock onto your dagger which makes melee’ing bosses leagues safer, if that’s what you so desire. Comes with ample gun bonuses, so do not feel the need to melee 100% of the time. Find your chance to strike.

Gun Recon

The Yin to melee’s Yang
If the melee build is like 20% guns 80% melee, this build is 80% guns 20% melee. Use your dagger to proc bonuses that give your guns incredible dps. Favorite Weapon is great for reducing the amount of melee you have to use, and combined with Sharp Wave, lets you stay ranged 100%, at the cost of potential damage.


Gun Engi

Comes in every color!
Chromatic Weapon and Scrap Snacks make up Engi’s best combo for boosting your gun damage, allowing you to benefit off whatever element bonuses you want. While Chromatic Mastery isn’t required, it’s incredibly strong and worth picking up almost every time given you have Chromatic Weapon.

Drone Engi

The Obvious Choice
Scrap Snacks provides an insane DPS boost to your drones, while Chromatic Buddies is great for scaling Drones with elemental damage. Scrap Snacks is especially note-worthy, as it boosts both you and your drones damage while also providing extra scrap for activating Scrap Snacks more often.


Gun Elementalist

Best with “Infinite Ammo” by Le CastleVania
Infused Weapon’s upgrade, Battle Mantra, combined with Dynamic Mantra give Elementalist true infinite ammo for most weapons.
However, do NOT take the upgrade that extends the duration of a single element, as it ruins the interaction.
Other than that, Elemental Res works great with Infused Weapon to greatly boost your dps.
Best with Sulfator Shotgun, Minigun, Comet Cannon or Windmill Rifle.

Explosive Elementalist

Really not Casting Spells
All the best perks together to cause countless colorful explosions. Infused Weapon and Dynamic Mantra are a familiar duo from the last build, which is why they are listed uniquely as a “Package Deal,” since you can combine both this build and the last build for good effect. If you choose not to however, you have a great selection of damage perks to choose from.
If you can get an explosive, elemental weapon, then this is one of the best builds you can get on this character.

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