Rocket League: How to Pick Your Own Server’s Region

This is how you pick your own server’s regions, allowing you to get the fastest ping available.



Before pressing “Find Match”, press the small “Region” button and pick your closest server.


-Select Settings from the Main Menu.
-Select the Gameplay tab.
-Select the Tournament Schedule Region drop-down menu.
-Select your region. Done!

This setting can only be changed once per 24 hours, so be careful not to misinput!

Server List and Coverage

US-East > USE > New York, Washington D.C., Florida
US-West > USW
Dallas, Texas, California, Nevada
Europe > EU > Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium
Asia SE-Mainland > ASC > Taiwan, Hong Kong
Asia SE-Maritime >ASM > Singapore
Middle East >ME > Dubai, UAE
Asia East >JPN >Japan
Oceania >OCE >Australia, New Zealand
South Africa >SAF > South Africa
South America >SAM >Brazil
India >IND > Mumbai

This will assure you to get best ping as possible.
Rocket Speed!

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