RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack: Windows 10 Fixed

This guide is for the scaling problem when starting the game: the game starts but is minimized/the black screen starts but is minimized and when trying to expand it the window shows us a small glitched image and once again it takes us back to desktop; in other words, the game window goes “crazy”. As the title implies, this is only for Windows 10.


Let’s start!
Go to RTC2 Local files , you can do this by going to Library , then left-click over RCT2 ,then Manage and choose Browse local files :

Next , you’ll need to start the “Troubleshoot compatibility” option with left-click over RTC2 Application (I saw one solution about just left-click over the direct access -> Properties->Compatibility , but In my case that tab is missing , maybe you have that one tab and if so I leave you this Youtube video ):

Select the option “Troubleshoot program”:

It will ask you 2 questions about the problem, we’re going to select the following options:

It’ll do a little scan, is going to change the RTC2 display settings then you can test If it worked! by pressing “Test the program”:

It is necessary to press that option.Don’t worry If you start seeing a window mess , just wait a few seconds and then It should be running without any problem , no more glitchy image or game minimizing itself:

So If the game is running correctly close it using brute force or just the normal exit mode (It was just a little test, don’t worry!). Go back to the Troubleshooter and press next , save the settings and close the Troubleshooter :

By kyunx

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