Sailwind: Navigation Guide

Describes methods and custom tools for navigation.


For all references, I am using the red X as my location on the map.

The stars currently in game will not match with reality.

Latitude in Sailwinds is relevant between 30° and 41°.

There are three main ways of determining latitude.

1. Quadrant angle to the North Star

(North Star with nearby relevant star movement)

At night, you can use the North Star to determine your latitude. Take your quadrant and aim it towards the star and then right click to see the angle. This angle directly correlates to your current latitude.

All other stars rotate around the axis of the North Star, so be cognizant of this while looking for it.

(Aiming at the North Star)

(Angle reading from North Star)

(Reading with custom subdivided layer with Paint . Net)

2. Solar Compass

The sun compass is a method of determining latitude by the noon sun, you take the reading exactly at noon when the shadow intersects with the line on the compass. The shadow travels in an arc around the compass like below.

3. Chrono Compass

Scroll until the indicator just barely touches the bar. The top number will be your latitude.

Longitude is a more difficult value to determine, in game and historically, it is relevant from -5 to +5 in Sailwinds.

1. Chrono Compass Shadow

With the chrono compass you can align the shadows of the bar and indicator to determine your longitude, however, you are measuring between a small range of angles, so this is far from precise.

2. Chrono Compass and Quadrant

My preferred method of getting a long fix is by a star I call Milnead. It is a star that is visible right above the sun when it sets to the west. The chrono compass is a 24 hour clock, and with an exact time measurement and angle to star, you can determine your longitude via this method.

At exactly 1900

Take a measurement of Milnead, and this angle will correlate with your longitude.

Chrono and Solar Compass

Use your solar compass and wait until exactly noon and then get the time from your chrono.

Noon at -5° is 1230
Noon at 0° is 1200
Noon at +5° is 1130

Regional Triangulation

Gold Rock

Clear Mind

Lion’s Fang

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