SAS Zombie Assault 4: How to Level Up Fast

A few tips and tactics that’ll help alleviate the headache of this game’s tedious leveling process, and a bit of information about premium weapons and if they’re worth the extreme price.


Method 1: Pods

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times by other players, and I’m probably just regurgitating what they said. But one of the most effective methods of leveling up a character in SAS4 is to play through Mission #4, Zombie Pods.

It’s quick, efficient, and straight forward. With the right gear setup, the map can be complete in less than 60 seconds

Method 2: Cloning/Boosting

“cloning/boosting” is another effective method, but will require you to at least own one character that is level 100. Or have a friend who has a high level character and is willing to help.

What is cloning?

Cloning is essentially making duplicates of your own characters and disconnecting them as soon as the game starts in order to increase the difficulty and amount of zombies that spawn, which will lead to more XP and faster gain.

How do I clone?

You’ll need to create a private game with the character you want to level up, and join the lobby with your max level character from a second device and disconnect as soon as the game launches.

How do I boost?

If you’re an introvert, you can skip this part.

In order to boost you’ll need a friend who has a higher level character and is willing to help.
It’s the same as cloning just with a person instead of the game’s faulty mechanics. Join the game, back out as soon as it starts, rinse and repeat.

Method 3: Zombie Hotspot

Zombie Hotspot is a contract that randomly appears while playing. Being the only one worth playing, it gives really nice xp bonuses, and is quick and easy. It will only show up from time to time and for about 20 minutes at a time. So it’s best to grind it while it’s avaliable.

Zombie Hotspot will be available on four different maps:

  • Sea Lab
  • Uranium Mine
  • Crash Site
  • Compound

Sea Lab and Mine are the best for this contract due to Sea Lab’s tight corners and generally small map, and Mine’s large open area that makes killing zombies from across the map a breeze once you learn the spawn pattern.

You CAN do this in multiplayer, but it’s not worth doing so unless you super carry your team so hard they only get like 50 kills. So it’s better to do solo.

Should you buy a premium weapon?

Premium weapons in this game are extremely overpowered weapons that are ironically extremely overpriced. But they have a couple benefits that make you sit and ponder if you really should buy them. Those include 50% more xp per kill, and 50% more xp in class mastery. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
They don’t require any cash to max out in augmentations, each weapon gets 3×10 slots for upgrades, which can be further increased with elite cores. Ammo costs around $200-$700 for 400 HD rounds. All of this sounds wonderful and your ingame wallet would thank you, but your actual wallet won’t. Purchasing one of the guns is such a waste of money that you might as well throw the cash in the dumpster.

This game is nothing but a seemingly endless grindfest that takes months on top of months to achieve a small amount of progress. Spending upwards of 30 to 60 dollars on a weapon to minimize the grind is a detriment. It will make your life easier, but not so much to the point where you feel satisfied with your purchase.

I’ve done some experimenting, and it appears that you only get around 10k more xp per match if you were to use a perm weapon compared to a weapon achieved from a box.

(Completed with Banshee Perm Weapon)

(Completed with Shockfield)

So the final question: Should you buy a prem weapon? I would highly recommend against it, but this guide shouldn’t let you decide for yourself. The guns give great benefits but they’re too overpriced for me to actually feel those benefits are worth the cash. But at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your money. So if you feel inclined to purchase one, by all means go for it and enjoy the 2 less months it’ll take you to unlock all achievements.

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