Satisfactory: How To Make A Secret Base Easy

In this guide, you will learn how to make a super secret base with only a short hypertube, and ideas on how to perfect!


What You Need:

Note: I would suggest getting a jet pack or hover pack if you want to be super careful and guarantee not losing your items. Sometimes, there will be an endless abyss, sometimes there won’t. Sometimes, it’s half and half. So be careful. Or, you could just put the rest of your items in a chest. Either one.

First, you need to unlock a certain hypertube in the awesome shop. It is called the hypertube floor hole, and it only costs 1 ticket. Without this certain hypertube, this method would be impossible.

You’ll need at least 50 iron plates and concrete.

Lastly, you will need 8 encased industrial beams, 8 rotors, 20 steel pipes, and at least 20 copper sheets.

Making the Secret Base:

You’ll first need to place down your foundation. It doesn’t matter if it is 1m, or 2m, or 4m. I suggest using flat foundations rather than ramps, because using ramps makes this harder, if not impossible.

After you place the foundation, get your floor hypertube and place it. after that, place 1 hypertube entrance down somewhere near, or secret. Then, connect the entrance to the hypertube floor hole. Power the entrance, then hop in!

Once you are done, quickly place some more foundations so you won’t fall into a abyss and, and so you can make your secret base!

Then add the hypertube entrance to get back to the surface, and power it.

Now that you made your base, this next section will be on how to use or decorate it!

How to Make Rooms:

You can make rooms if you want to. First, you’ll need to go into the awesome shop (again) and purchase the door walls expansion for 2 tickets. Then, equip the door walls and place them.

You will notice that if you go up to the door, it has modes. I turn the mode to the ‘Automatic’, which means whenever a player comes by, it opens. That’s my preference though. Do what you want.

You can also make floors by using stairs, or just ramps.

How to Light Your Secret Base:

You will notice that it is kinda dark if you have a roof, or you want it brighter anyway. You can do this by going into the awesome shop (AGAIN) and buying indoor lighting for 3 tickets, and lights control panel, for 2 tickets. The lights control panel will give you full control of all the lights connected to it, which is nice for situations like trying to all get them to a certain color.

Yes, you can change both the color, and the brightness. You can also put into a mode where it only turns on at night. You could buy the flood lights, but it never fits, unless for some reason you built your base 10 or more foundations high. Hey, I’m not judging.

Ideas for Decoration:

So, some of the stuff you can do to decorate it is with painting! If you hit the ‘x’ key, a painting menu will pop up. You can customize and save some paint ideas. To paint anything, click on the pain color you want, and click on the thing you want to be painted. You can only paint things you made though. You can make your base rainbow, your favorite color, multiple favorite colors, etc. You can even make your secret base a disco room too.

Another idea is to try and make a little roller coaster with hypertubes. (I might make a guide on how to make a roller coaster in the future if you like and favorite!)

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