SCP Secret Laboratory: Basic Guide

Guide for Escaping as Class D, Scientist but also being other roles like MTF and Chaos Insurgency
SCP’s aren’t fully covered, just the bare basics of them.


Escaping as a Class-D / Scientist

First of all, there are 2 methods I use for escaping; first is getting a keycard, going to 914 and going to Heavy then Entrance and escaping.
The second one (my favourite) is doing the first 2 steps however going to #00 armoury in Light Containment and getting geared up (only let your team get guns though.)
After that I would recommend going to heavy containment, going up the elevators to 049’s spawn and Nuke Room for weapons and the SCP items. Just like the previous step, stay in heavy for a while but avoid MTF (if D Class) and SCP’s.
Once in Entrance with hopefully good gear, find Gate B or A and if you find MTF (again, if D-Class) just try not to die but if they shoot you don’t be afraid to run.

Guards, MTF and Chaos Insurgency

As a guard, you need to rescue as many Scientists and Detained Class-D as possible, try and go straight to 914 in Light to get a good card then go to #00 armory and look for SCP items.

As MTF your job is to save Scientists and kill everyone else. However if you see a Class-D that’s unarmed then detain them (hold E on them) and guide them to the exit.

As Chaos, you should¬†try¬†and be friends with the SCP’s to kill all MTF, Guards and Scientists.
If they don’t comply, you have more than enough firepower to mow them down.

SCP’s and how to deal with them:

SCP-049: He is able to 1 shot everyone but has normal walk speed and no sprint. He can revive corpses if the yare fresh and turn them into zombies which are also pretty weak. He has decent health.
If you encounter him just run away and close the door behind you, don’t corner yourself.SCP-079: He can lock doors and activate tesla gates at will. The tesla gates appear active when he is in the same room as them.SCP-096: He rages when you look at his face, if you do: run to the nearest elevator (especially in heavy) or split up into groups. Also, as a guard you can throw a flashbang whilst he’s standing still waiting for rage to start.
He can also open gates

SCP-106: He will make you go to him dimension if he attacks you, there you must go through one of the “doors” and hopefully get lucky. He has an easy containment in his room in heavy containment with one having to enter the Femur Breaker and the other pressing the button in his room.

SCP-173: He can’t move much when you look at him so if you do, run away whilst still looking at him and close doors behind you. It is also advised to throw a flashbang at him.

SCP-939: He can 2 shot people but can’t see you if you are standing still or slow-walking (hold C.)

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