SCP Secret Laboratory: Beginners’ Guide (2022)

This is a guide made for people who just started playing secret laboratory.



While the controls for SCP: Secret Laboratory would be what you would expect for most games, I assume, here’s some of the controls that might not be obvious / is pretty important:
(All of them can be changed in settings, but these are the default ones)


E is used to interact with and pick up items. This includes opening doors with keycards, pressing buttons and such.


Control is the button used to quickly take out your keycard. If you have multiple keycards, pressing this button will cycle through them.

Shift and C

Shift is used for sprinting, while C is used for sneaking.
Sprinting requires stamina, which regenerates when you aren’t sprinting.


Human classes can talk in proximity chat with Q.
SCPs talk in team chat with Q.
Spectators speak in spectator chat with Q.


V is used to talk in alternate chats.
For humans this for talking with the Radio.
If you’re playing as SCP-939, this button will activate proximity chat.


Small explanation of your class.

Classes: Overview


D-Class are the class most players will be given when the game starts. D-Class are prisoners of the foundation and should try their best to escape the facility. They spawn in the Light Containment zone of the facility.


Scienstists are almost the same as D-Class, except they start with a keycard and are on the same team as Guards and MTF. They also start with a scientist keycard.


Guards are tasked with escorting the scientists out of the facility, as well as capturing or killing any D-Class they find. They spawn in the entrance zone and are armed with a FSP-9, a first aid kit, a Radio, Light Armor, a Guard keycard and a Flashbang. They generally lack the equipment necessary to deal with SCP’s.


MTF are basically heavily-armed guards that spawn throughout the round. Spectating players will be spawned in as MTF at the surface zone. They have differing equipment depending on their rank.

Chaos Insurgency

Chaos Insurgency are heavily-armed attackers tasked with killing all foundation personnel, which includes scientists, guards and MTF. They should also escort any prisoners outside. They can team up with the SCP’s, but this isn’t necessary.


SCP’s are the monsters held inside the facility. SCP’s have to kill any humans they find. They do not need to kill chaos insurgency, but they should remember that SCP’s and Chaos Insurgency have different goals when it comes to D-Class.

Zones: Overview

The facility is made up of 4 zones: The Surface, the Entrance Zone, the Heavy Containment Zone and the Light Containment Zone. Each zone is the spawn points of different classes.
The Zones are randomly generated each match.

Light Containment Zone

The light containment zone is where D-Class and scientists spawn. Light Containment is connected to Heavy Containment via elevators.
After 15 minutes has passed, this zone will be flooded with decontamination gas that will kill any players inside.

Heavy Containment Zone

Heavy Containment is where SCP’s spawn. It is connected to the Entrance Zone, and is also connected to Light Containment via elevators.

Entrance Zone

The Entrance Zone is where Guards spawn. This zone is connected to Heavy Containment, and also contains elevators leading up to the Surface.


The Surface is where MTF and Chaos Insurgency spawn throughout the match. The surface zone is, unlike all of the other zones, never randomized. It contains two elevators leading down to the Entrance Zone, as well as the escape route.


Here is a simple overview of the facility seen from the side
Does not include rooms, only the zones relative to each other

Items: Overview

Items can be found scattered around the facility, usually inside lockers or on tables.

The most common items are First Aid Kits and keycards, though other items can also be found sometimes.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are usually found in First Aid Cabinets scattered around the facility, though they are also sometimes found in standard lockers.
First Aid Kits can be used to heal 65 Health.


Painkillers is a healing item found in standard lockers. They can be consumed to start regenerating health, up to 50 Health.


Adrenaline can be found in special First Aid Cabinets. These Cabinets are blue instead of Green, and they contain a First Aid Kit, as well as Adrenaline.
Adrenaline, when used, gives a small shield (40 HP) that decays over a short amount of time. It also gives you all of your stamina back.


Flashlights can be found in armories, as well as in standard lockers. They can be used to navigate in the dark. You often won’t need a flashlight, so take it only if you have plenty of inventory space.


Radios allow you to communicate with other players who also have one equipped. You can turn it on by right-clicking while holding it.
By left-clicking while holding it, you control its range. The higher the range, the faster the battery drains.
You can hear other players who use the radio while it is turned on in your inventory.
To use it, you have to press “V”, though the only requirement is that it is turned on in your inventory, so you don’t have to pull it out of your inventory each time you want to say something.


Coins cannot be used for anything, other than flipping it. There is absolutely no need to carry around coins.

Light Armor

Light Armor gives a small amount of protection. It also enables you to carry more bullets. Simply having it in your inventory means you have it equipped.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor gives a large amount of protection, while also enabling you to carry a lot more bullets. It, however, also reduces your speed as well as stamina.


Weapons are found only in armories, except the Com-15 which can be found somewhere in light containment. Guards, MTF and Chaos Insurgency also spawn with weapons.


Ammunition can be found in armories. Different types of guns requires different types of ammunition. There’s 5 different types of ammunition in the game, though only 2 can be found in the facility while the 3 other types are only given to Chaos Insurgency when they spawn.

This type of ammunition is used for small firearms, such as handguns and submachineguns. They can be found as red ammunition boxes.

This type of ammunition is used only for the MTF-E11-SR gun, which can be found in armories in heavy containment. High-rank MTF also spawn with this gun and ammunition. The ammo boxes for this type of ammunition is blue.

Chaos Insurgency Ammunition
All Chaos Insurgency weapons use ammunition that they spawn with, which cannot be found inside the facility. These includes 7.62x39mm, 12/70 Buckshot and .44 Mag ammunition.


High-explosive Grenades can be found in armories around the facility. They can be used as a weapon but are also useful when it comes to opening doors. Most doors, except checkpoint doors and such, can be destroyed with a grenade.


Flashbangs can be found in armories as well, and act like you would expect. They blind humans and SCPs alike, and are a great tool for escaping from whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Keycards: Overview

One of the most important items in the game is keycards. Keycards can be found lying around the facility inside lockers, on tables, on shelves and such places. Most human classes also spawn with keycards.

Each keycard has a set of access tiers that determines what they can be used to unlock. These can be seen when hovering above the keycard in the inventory. Lit-up icons means they have that access, while unlit ones means they do not have that access.

Here’s what each icon means:

Light Containment

Keycards are really important, but for the two classes that spawn in Light Containment they are even more important.

Scientists spawn with a scientist keycard while D-Class spawn with no keycards.
To access the elevators that take you down to Heavy Containment, you will need a zone manager keycard or better.
Zone manager, scientist and janitor keycards can be found in most rooms, though there is a limited number of them, so you should be quick to grab them if there’s many players.

Checkpoints and elevators


To leave Light containment, you will need a keycard with checkpoint access. Zone manager keycards have this, so if you find one, you can leave by opening one of the checkpoints and using an elevator to go to heavy containment.
There will also be a checkpoint between Heavy Containment and the Entrance Zone.

You can also use SCP-914 to upgrade your keycards.

A checkpoint looks like this:

Once opened, a checkpoint only stays open for a short period of time.

A Class D opens a checkpoint with a zone manager keycard, then uses an elevator to go to Heavy Containment


Once you find either Gate A or Gate B, you can use a keycard with Gate Access to open the gates. There will be an elevator behind this gate that will take you to the surface.
To get a keycard with Gate Access, you will have to either upgrade one by using SCP-914 (The upgrade machine) or find one left behind by a dead player.
An alternative is to wait for MTF to spawn, as they will have keycards that can open the gates. Furthermore, unlike checkpoints, gates stay open until someone closes them, so if you’re far into the match there’s a high likelyhood of the gates being open.


SCP-914 is a machine that can upgrade most items in the game. It has a knob that can be turned, ranging from “Course” to “Very Fine”.
To access SCP-914’s room, you will need a keycard. Any keycard will work.

Once you have placed items inside its left chamber, you can press the button on the machine, which causes it to output upgraded items in its right chamber.

Depending on the setting of the machine, it will either upgrade or downgrade, though most of the time you want to upgrade items.

When set on “Course”, the machine usually destroys items put into it.

When set on “Rough”, the machine downgrades items put into it, and may sometimes destroy them.

With this setting, the machine outputs an item of roughly the same quality as the one put in. For example, putting in a grenade will output a flashbang.

When the knob is on “Fine”, the machine will output upgraded items. This is the most useful setting.

Very Fine
While “Very Fine” may sound better than “Fine”, it usually isn’t, as there’s a risk of destroying the items instead of upgrading them.

A D Class uses SCP-914 to upgrade their Keycard

SCP Items: Overview

SCP Items are special items found inside glass containers that are placed throughout the facility.
All of them can help you escape the facility, or fight back against your enemies.


A ball that, when thrown, gains more and more speed with each bounce, dealing damage to anyone it hits. It can be extremely dangerous, and care should be taken when thrown in small rooms.


A cola bottle that gives you extra speed when drunk, as well as infinite stamina. It, however, slowly drains your health.


A jar that, when placed, creates a large zone of cold air. This cold air damages players inside, as well as slowing them. It also makes it harder to see.


A hat that gives temporary invisibility. After each use it has a cooldown of 2 minutes. Using items while invisible will cancel your invisibility.


A candy bowl with a note attached that says “Please take only two”. Candies come in a few different colors, but each grants a positive effect when consumed, such as healing you or giving you some extra stamina.


A bottle of red pills that heals you to full health when used. It also cures you of any debuffs you may have.


When used, you are granted a buff that increases your rate of fire and overall handling of weapons at the cost of increased stamina usage. SCP-207 can negate the extra stamina usage at the cost of health.


A green lightbulb that can be thrown. When it hits anything, it shattes, causing the room it is in to become blacked out for some time. This also closes and locks any doors in the room.


D-Class is the most common class. Most players will start the game as D-Class. D-Class starts with no items.

D-Class start the game in Light Containment and have to escape the facility while avoiding SCP’s, Guards and MTF. Scientists, while not on the same team, can be considered neutral or friendly, as none of you have weapons and you both need to escape.

D-Class are on team with Chaos Insurgency, though they do not spawn until late in the match.


Your primary goal as D-Class is to escape. To do this, you need to find a keycard, one which has Checkpoint Access, and possibly Gate Access as well.
All keycards, except Scientist and Janitor has Checkpoint access, while only Facility Manager, Sergeant, Captain and O5 Keycards have Gate Access. The Chaos Insurgency Access Device also has Gate Access.
None of the cards with Gate Access can be found in Light Containment, so you will need to upgrade a keycard, or find a dead MTF Sergeant or MTF Captain.


When you encounter a Guard (Or MTF), you have a few options depending on your circumstance, such as surrendering, fighting back or fleeing.
Here is a chart showing the options you have as D-Class.

Of course, you should remember that not all Guards are friendly, and that fleeing usually causes Guards to attack you.


SCP’s are hostile monsters that want to kill you. There’s a few different SCP’s, but all of them want to kill you.
So unless you want to be killed, you will need to avoid them or run from them.
Each SCP has its own way of killing you, and most have a weakness.
For most of them, the best you can do is just run away.
Skip ahead to the SCP section if you want to read about the different SCP’s.

  • Find Keycard
  • Upgrade Keycard (Optional)
  • Find checkpoint
  • Take elevator down to Heavy Containment
  • Find checkpoint
  • Walk around the Entrance Zone until you find a gate.
  • Open Gate or wait for MTF to enter the facility
  • Take elevator up to surface
  • Run to the escape route
  • Freedom!

Freedom! Behind this door is the escape route


Scientists are almost the same as D-Class, except for a few key differences:

  • They spawn with a scientist keycard
  • They are on the same team as Guards and MTF

This means that you should look for Guards as a scientist, as they will help you escape.
D-Class can be considered neutral or friendly, at least until they obtain guns.


Guards spawn in the Entrance Zone, and are tasked with escorting scientists and captured D-Class to the surface so they can escape.
They spawn with a FSP-9 and 60 bullets, along with Light Armor, a First Aid Kit, A Radio, a Flashbang and a Guard Keycard.
The Guard keycard can open some armories, as well as checkpoints.

This all means that as a guard you have to find your way down to light containment, find any scientists, as well as D-Class (Which you should capture, or kill if they do not follow orders), then escort them to the surface.
You can Capture (Handcuff) D-Class by holding “E” on them while pointing a gun at them. This will cause them to become handcuffed and dropping all their items.

If a handcuffed (Captured) D-Class goes too far away from you, they stops being handcuffed. If they try to flee, shooting them may be the best option, as you do not want to let a D-Class escape if they are not handcuffed.

As a guard you should not engage in a fight against an SCP, as you do not have good enough equipment to deal with them. Wait for MTF to spawn before fighting the SCP’s, and instead focus on getting the scientists and D-Class out.


The MTF (Mobile Task Force (Nine Tailed Fox)) is heavily-armed foundation personnel. They spawn in waves after some time has passed. More specifically, after some time, spectating players are respawned as MTF.

Each MTF is one of three ranks:

  • Private
  • Sergeant
  • Captain

Private’s spawn with Combat Armor, a Crossvec (120 rounds of ammunition), a Radio, a First Aid Kit and a Private Keycard (Containment Access 1 + 2, Armory Access 1 + 2 and Checkpoint Access).

Sergants spawn with slightly better gear than Private’s: The Crossvec is replaced by the MTF-E11-SR (120 Rounds of ammunition), they have a Grenade and their keycard is a Sergant Keycard, which has the same Access levels as the Private Keycard, along with Gate Access.

Captain’s are the highest-ranking MTF, and have better gear than the Sergant: Their armor is replaced by Heavy Armor, they have one Adrenaline and their keycard is a Captain Keycard that has all Access levels except Containment level 3 and Nuke Access.

At least one player will spawn as Sergeant or Captain, as they are needed to open the Gates.

When a Captured D-Class escapes, they respawn as a MTF Private, while Scientists respawn as MTF Specialists that have the same equipment as Sergeants.

MTF usually come in large groups and have good equipment, and so they are perfect for dealing with SCP’s. They have the same goals as Guards (Escorting Scientists and captured D-Class to the surface), along with having to kill any SCP’s still in the facility.

As such, one of their main goals is to deal with SCP’s, since none of the other classes have the tools to do so. A single MTF Squad can kill most SCP’s, except maybe the Shy Guy.

Chaos Insurgency

Chaos Insurgency is basically the D-Class version of MTF. They spawn in groups at the surface, they have good equipment and they have to escort D-Class (And captured Scientists) to the surface.
They, however, do not have the same ranks as MTF, and they do not need to kill SCP’s (Note: SCP’s want to kill D-Class).

All Chaos Insurgency spawn with a Chaos Insurgency Access Device (Same Access levels as Captain Keycard), a First Aid Kit, Painkillers and Combat Armor (Except the Repressor).

Riflemen spawn with an AK and 120 rounds of ammunition.

Maruders spawn with a shotgun (42 rounds of ammunition) and a revolver (24 rounds of ammunition).

Repressors spawn with a logicer (200 rounds of ammunition). Their painkillers are replaced with Adrenaline and their Combat Armor is replaced with Heavy Armor.

When a D-Class or captured scientist escape, they respawn as a Chaos Insurgency Conscript that spawns with the same items as the Riflemen.


SCP’s are the monsters that have escaped their containment, and all of them have one goal: Kill any humans. All SCP’s are on the same team, which sometimes causes them to travel together.

Each SCP has unique abilities, and usually have a weakness that can be exploited.

All SCP’s, except SCP-173, spawn in Heavy Containment. SCP-173 spawn in Light Containment.
All SCP’s also have Checkpoint Access.


SCP-049, also known as “The Plague Doctor” is a humanoid SCP that walks at a slightly slower speed than humans.
It can kill any human it attacks in one hit, and once killed it can revive them (by holding E on them), turning them into zombies.

SCP-049 has 2500 Health, and while this may sound like a lot, it actually isn’t that much, and as such it may not be a good idea for the doctor to engage MTF or Guards in open combat, especially considering the doctor is slower than them.
Instead, targeting D-Class and Scientists and then reviving them as zombies is the way to go.


A single zombie is not really that dangerous, but once there’s a large amount of zombies, they become quite the threat. Zombies have 500 Health.


SCP-079, also known as the computer, is an AI that now controls the door systems of the facility. It can only see through the cameras, and cannot be directly interacted with. Instead, it can open and close doors, lock doors and black out rooms (Blacked out rooms have their lights turned off and all doors locked.)

SCP-079 has limited energy which regenerates slowly. Energy is consumed when moving from one camera to another, when closing or opening doors and when keeping doors locked.

Whenever SCP-079 opens or closes a door it gains XP. XP is also gained when a human is killed shortly after a nearby door has been opened or closed recently.

To kill SCP-079 3 generators in Heavy Containment has to be turned on. When a generator is turned on a countdown of 2 minutes will begin, and at the end of the countdown, if it is not turned off, it will turn on permanently.
Once 3 generators has been turned on, SCP-079’s room will be open and players can enter to press a button that will kill SCP-079.

To access a generator, one must have a keycard with Access level 2. Once unlocked, anyone can open, close, turn on and turn off the generator.

Despite what one might think, SCP-079 is by far the most dangerous SCP of them all, and if there’s one in the match, it would be a very good idea to activate the generators: Just remember that other SCP’s can turn them off.

SCP-079 can only spawn if there is at least one other SCP, and it will die if all other SCP’s die.


SCP-096, also know as “Shy Guy”, is a tall humanoid creature.
It is very slow and makes a crying sound that can be heard by nearby players.
You can stand against a door and right-click to make SCP-096 lean against it, which makes the crying a lot quiter.
SCP-096 has 2000 health and a 1000 shield. The shield regenerates when SCP-096 has been out of combat for some time.
When a player looks at it’s face, SCP-096 will become very sad and angry, during which it will cover its face with its hands.
After a short amount of time, it will become enraged, during which it is extremely fast, instantly kills any players it attacks and can see any of its targets, even through walls.
All other players will be invisible.

Targets are all players that:

  • Looked at its face before or during its rage state
  • Shot at it before or during its rage state

Additionally, SCP-096 can right-click to dash forward while enraged, killing any targets hit and destroying doors. SCP-096 will force itself through any big doors it hits with its dash.

Once SCP-096 is no longer enraged all surviving targets will no longer be considered targets.
SCP-096 will also have a short cooldown before it can become enraged again. This means it is vulnerable for a short amount of time after its rage.

SCp-096 is extremely dangerous, and should only be engaged when a large group of MTF is present.

The easiest way to kill SCP-096 is to use the MicroHid or assemble a large amount of MTF’s and have them shoot at SCP-096 while it is entering its rage state.

If SCP-096 manages to enter its rage state before being killed, it is highly likely that the whole MTF squad dies.


SCP-106, also known as “the old man” or “Larry” is a human-like SCP that can walk through doors.
When SCP-106 hits a player, they take 50 damage and are teleported to the pocket dimension where they have to choose one of many hallways.
Choosing the wrong one kills the player, while choosing the right one teleports them to a location near the place they were hit.
While inside the pocket dimension you slowly lose health, so make a choice quickly.

SCP-106 can also place a portal (Holding shift brings up the portal menu) that it can later teleport back to.

SCP-106 has 1200 health and is highly resistant to bullets. Because of this, the only feasible way of killing SCP-106 is to use the microhid, grenades or activating its recontainment procedure.


SCP-106 can be recontained by sacrificing a player in its containment chamber.

One player enters the small room, then another player presses the button. This causes some horrifying sounds to be broadcast throughout the facility and after a short while SCP-106 will be recontained.


SCP-173, also know as “the statue” or “peanut”, is a statue.
It has 3000 health and a 1500 shield that regenerates when SCP-173 has not taken damage for some time.
It moves extremely fast and kill players instantly by snapping their neck.
It, however, cannot move while being looked at.
When being looked at, a small eye meter will be present in the middle of the screen.
When this meter is fully depleted, the SCP-173 player can right-click anywhere, causing them to teleport to that spot.
If SCP-173 hits a player with this teleport, they are killed.

SCP-173 is dangerous for small groups of players, but an MTF squad can deal with SCP-173 pretty easily.

SCP-173 can also do “Tantrums” by pressing F. This creates a small zone that slows down humans inside it.


SCP-939, also known as the “dogs” are red four-legged creatues that are blind.
In-game, this manifests as a black-and-white view, with humans only being visible when they walk, sprint, shoot or when they touch SCP-939.
SCP-939 can see any players on the surface while it is on the surface.
SCP-939 has 1800 health and a 600 shield that regenerates when damage has not been taken for some time.
SCP-939 deals 50 damage with each attack, which is not reduced by Armor, and inflicts amnesia that makes it a bit harder to see.

SCP-939 can also talk with human players by pressing “V”.
This can be used to trick people into opening doors and such.
When SCP-939 walks, it is silent, however it can also sprint, which makes human footstep sounds.

Up to two SCP-939 can spawn each match.


As a last-ditch attempt at killing the SCP’s, it is possible to activate the alpha warhead located in the facility in the Heavy Containment zone. To access the warhead, you first need to go to the Warhead silo room in Heavy Containment where you can turn on the Warhead by flipping the lever in the control panel.

The Warhead room on the surface

Then you need to go to the surface, where you will need a keycard with Nuke Access (Facility Manager or O5). You can then enter the Warhead Control room and access the button with the keycard. Pressing this button starts the Warhead Countdown.

After 90 seconds of countdown, the Warhead will explode, killing all players inside the underground sections of the facility (Entrance zone, Heavy Containment and Light containment). SCP-079 will also be killed.

During the countdown all doors will be open, and cannot be closed.

At any point, except during the last 10 seconds, the countdown can be stopped by pressing the button in the Warhead Silo room. Flipping the lever will prevent anyone from activating the warhead until the lever is flipped again.

When the countdown is stopped there will be a short cooldown before it can be activated again.


Navigating the different zones can be hard, though here’s a few ways of doing it:

Light Containment Hallway Letters

Above each doorway in Light Containment there will be a set of letters. These letters indicate what room lies behind the door.
These are the letter codes for hallways (They all have numbers, but the numbers are randomly generated, unless a number is listed):

  • HS = Hallway Straight | A straight hallway
  • HC = Hallway Curved | A curved hallway
  • IT = Intersection T | A 3-way intersection
  • IX = Intersection X | A 4-way intersection

These are the letter codes for other rooms:

  • ALxx = Air Lock | An airlock
  • CD01 = Class D cells | Spawn room for D-Class
  • WC00 = Toilet | Toilet rooms
  • VT00 = Plant room | A room with plants on one side
  • PC15 = Office room | A room with desks and computers
  • GR18 = Glass Room | The room with the giant Glass thing
  • ##00 = Armory | The light containment armory
  • EX-A / EX-B = Exit | Exit that leads to checkpoints. Behind these are elevator systems A or B
  • TC01 = Test Chamber | The SCP-330 Test Chamber
  • PT00 = SCP-173’s containment chamber
  • #914 = SCP-914‘s Chamber | SCP-914’s room (The upgrade machine)
Following the wall

One way to find the exit is to simply follow the wall. This is most useful for Heavy Containment and Entrance Zone where there is no letters above the doors. By following the outer wall, you are sure that you at some point will find a checkpoint or gate.

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