SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE: How to Customize Resolution & Setting

Here is a simple guide on how to modify the save file to customize your resolution and setting.


Located the Files

Look in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\SDGundamBA\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor – Find GameUserSettings.ini
or %LOCALAPPDATA% in your window search bar

How to set the resolution

Edit resolution you want it


For custom setting

sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000 / your desire
sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3 / Don't recommended below 2
sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 / 0 if you need performance
sg.ShadowQuality=3 / 0 made game too bright
sg.PostProcessQuality=3 / i don't see difference
sg.TextureQuality=3 / i don't see difference 0 for performance
sg.EffectsQuality=3 / Don't recommended below 2 it made beam saber look weird
sg.FoliageQuality=3 / i don't see difference
sg.ShadingQuality=3 / i don't see difference

By LordCatBear

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