Sea of Thieves: How to get Sword of Souls & Dragon Ashen Sails

As spoiler-free as possible, simple step by step guide that describes everything you need to know to get the Sword of Souls & the Ashen Dragon Sails in one playthrough. Spoiler Alert!



I made this guide after I did this in-game myself and followed someone’s guide on YouTube. Therefore, I want to give credit to that video because I would not have the information to get the items or make this guide without it.

I did this guide as I wrote down everything before I did this myself, and thought others might do that too, so if you’re one of them, I’ve hopefully saved you some time.

Unlocking the Sword of Souls & Ashen Dragon Sails

  • 1. Travel and start the Tall Tale “The Seabound Soul” at Shipwreck Bay. The tale’s position is visible on your ship’s map. Climb up on the ladder at the wreck and enter the room. On a table is the book called The Seabound Soul. Interact with it to start the tale.

    (Once the tale starts, you will temporarily have a book and a ferryman torch.)

  • 2. In the same room where you started the tale, find and interact with the first journal. The journal is on another table.
  • 3. Ghost ships that look like they are fighting will appear. When you’re close enough, new ones will spawn in the distance. But before you follow them, unless some are on the same way, head straight away towards Shiver Retreat. But remember around where you saw the ghost ships.
  • 4. Once you arrive at Shiver Retreat, look for the second journal and interact with it. The second journal is placed together with some barrels on a big rock.
  • 5. Head towards the ghost ships and follow them until you see a ghost shipwreck.
  • 6. Dive into the water. Equip the ferryman lantern and use its light. Look for the first skull and pick it up. Look for the female pirate who sinks to the seafloor. The first skull will be close to where she lands, in seaweed
  • 7. Arthur Pendragon will be on the island close by. Go to him and give him the skull. Once Pendragon is done talking, there will be a new page in the book, saying the name of an island.
  • 8. Before you go to the island that’s written in the book, head towards Liar’s Backbone. The third journey will be there, find it and interact with it. It’s at a large tree at the top of the island.
  • 9. Then, head towards Rock Isle. Equip the ferryman torch again and search for a skeleton ghost that is digging on the island. Dig at the same spot to find the first artefact.
  • 10. Now, you can head to the island mentioned in the book. When you’re close to the island, look for a ghost ship that will appear somewhere out on the sea. You might have to sail around the whole island to find it. Once you do, head towards it.
  • 11. Once you’re at an island, equip the ferryman torch. Use its light to find the spot of the second skull and dig it up. The second skull is where one of the pirates die. Once you give it to Pendragon, another page will appear in the book.
  • 12. First, travel to Cinder Islet, use the ferryman torch/b] and find a skeleton ghost that’s digging. Dig on the same spot to find the second artefact.

  • 13. Travel to Cursewater Shores and do the same thing again to find the third artefact.
  • 14. Head towards Scorched Pass. Find the fourth journey and interact with it. It’s on top of a rock, southeast on the island.
  • 15. Now, look at the book’s new page, locate the island it has marked a circle around and go there. When you’re close to the island, look for – a ghost ship, (You might need to sail around the whole island before you find it), follow it to an island.
  • 16. Go to the northeast side of the island’s volcano before anything. Find and interact with the fifth journal there. This one is a bit more tricky. There are big rocks close to a “beacon”. The fifth journal is at the stones on a tiny table “like a nightstand”, next to two barrels and a broken jar with fire
  • 17. At “last”, head back towards the ghost ship on the island. Use the ferryman torch‘s light to look around. You’ll find sceletons carrying a chest. Follow – the traces. Open the coffin and take the third skull.

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