Shadows Over Loathing Guide: Hobos, Cats, and Booze

Where to find hobos, codes, booze and cats along with companions and how to unlock them. NOTE: A companion and optional cat still to be added.



Once in the store go to the right, a cat is snoozing on the rug and you can ask Jessica about it. This cat wants sardines, which you can get from the cola wars surplus next door. Once you have her boon she gives you plus one to physical armor.
Won’t let you pet it until you finish the urn quest. Gives plus one myst.
Found in Gretas petshop at the lake. You’ll need to go back in time in the hardware store, have an outhouse placed at Greta’s, go through it, help out Grady, and then disarm the mouse trap. You’ll need to pass a skill check when interacting with it for a second time, 4 moxie. When you return, the cat will be fat and willing to be pet. Adds 1 moxie.
In the pirate food shop in the tunnel through the manhole on the floor. Will need 5 stench to interact with him. Plus 3 sleeze.
Cat playing in catnip behind the middle frat. 5 moxie to pet. Plus one muscle.
Fishermans cat
Found in the largemouth bass n sons left office. Won’t let you pet her until you help the kids.
Found in the right office. Unlocked if you had the kids taken home somehow. 20 percent meat drops.
Monster shack, big moist. Only lets you pet after youve helped all kids. Plus 3 spooky
Found at the lake in the museum in the cream shop. Give her some of the sandwich cream. Plus 3 hot.
Help the little girl in the maze. Plus 3 cold.
Turns up underground in the orchard in grey county after fighting to the worm boss. Doesn’t like you’re covered in nasty. Plus 3 stench armor
Abby Abbey
Finish Jasper’s heist first. Plus 1 max ap.


Go to the left when you first arrive in front of your uncle’s shop. There will be a hobo sitting on a bench. Give him 2 meat and leave him to his rain watching.
Just wandering around on the first map, he wants five meat.
Go to goldwight park, you’ll be asked to as part of the main quest. Talk to the man on the right, and say security. He’ll ask you to run Obie out. Go to Obie in the next screen up, and ask him to go. If you’ve given him fifty meat you can choose as a favor to you and he will.
When wandering Gabby will give you the address of the boardwalk, and Dusty is right there. Talk to her, and she’ll ask for five meat. Give it to her and she leaves.
In front of Hirams Grocers. He’ll ask for ten meat, give it to him.
A hobo at some point will find you wandering and give you the address to the hobo camp-go there and talk to everyone to get hobo codes. The hobo in the car labeled cryptography lets you open up this dialogue option with hobos currently here and those you meet out and about.
Found in the dump at the lake, trying to drag an oven out. When helped to do so he goes to the hobo camp you tell him about. 5 muscle needed to move the oven.
Found in SIT outside fission chips, he’ll only give you hsi code if you give him an SIT cup for his pencils. Doesn’t go to the camp.
Still Hobo
In the second floor of the first frat. Wants 87 meat for a heat before she goes to the camp.
Found while wandering SIT, takes you to his shop. Can only be recruited to the camp when the king asks you to do so.
Found under the SIT bridge after reading a hobo code. Ask abou fishing and he helps.
Found in Big moist in moss. Talk to him about his humanity, needing 6 myst.
Pepperidge Daulphin
Found in Big moist in a sunken boxcar. Do his quest to recruit him for the camp. Will tell you code once hes there.
Creamy Steve
At the lake, at the sandwich museum in the past, vandalise the sign about vagrants and he’ll appear in the present.
Grey county, drexel corn maze. Convince him to go to the camp, when he brings his corn a lot of hobos will have corn based gifts for you and some help in areas.
Grey county, mcgillacudy farm. Chase out all the ducks before she’ll give you code and leave for the camp.
Croesus Vanderbilt
in the blackgold mine behind the vampires once they’ve been chased off somehow.

Speakeasy Items

Under a hobo code in the far right of the speak easy is floor grapes.
At the lake is a distillery infested with vampires. You can find it wandering, or the mob will ask you to go there, giving you the combo to the lock so you don’t have to wiggle in the wall. There is a grate of gin on a shelf. Once past the vampires, there is a crate of rum on the floor.
Found in SIT in the maintenance tunnels in Rufus’ room to the right in a jug. He’ll let you have it.
Barrel of Olives
Goldwight main. Tunnel through a manhole in the fishman bar. Needs 7 moxie to sneak out.
Basement of the first frat house
Case of whisky.
A poster at the busstop in the big moist will point you to their shack follow the tire tracks from their house. Go to the cave. Help the brothers by clearing out the gators and fixing their truck.
Big moist mob submarine. Either peer through the windows w 7 myst or simply put in 19 into the console, then open the torpedo tube to receive it.
Cocktail Onions
Grey county, drexel maze, past the crow and down.
Enchanted ice
Grey county, macmillicancuddy farm.
Grey county, after helping the lady in the orchard w her worms.
Galleon jug of bitters
Grey county, moleross house, fridge in the wormhole room up and in front of you when you first come in the house, and then through the next one to the right.


Gabby is the first one you’ll meet right in the store itself. She has to accompany you on your first mission to the news store but can be replaced later.
She like all companions has two vignettes. Her first is when you arrive at Crystaldream Lake. Does it a second time layer on.

Go to goldwight park, you’ll be asked to as part of the main quest. Talk to the man on the right, and say security. He’ll ask you to run Obie out. Go to Obie in the next screen up, and ask him to go. If you’ve given him fifty meat you can choose as a favor to you and he will. You’ll meet him next in the hobo camp, where he can be recruited.

Turns up outside the store if you agree to work for the mob. Vignette-Grey county, then ocean city. Needs a thousand meat for this one.
Has a third part. Take her to the prison in govt, go in alone and talk to the lady in cell block 3, 3c.

SIT companions

Robotics course, joins you when you finish it. Has two vignettes, one in gray county, one when you return to ocean city.
Professor Adams
Chemicals course. Follow quest until you get the arsenic back. Make bronze reivier. 3132, our it on statue in first room. Joins you for the rest of the chemicals course but can be asked to go to the speakeasy. Vignettes-first got my attention in the sit steam tunnel. Second crysdream lake

Hobo Codes

Added in the order I found them following the Main and Side quests.

One in the far right of the speakeasy. Floor grapes.
Lv2 One in front of the Watchful Eye-easier to see during the day. This gives you something to look up in the Watchful Eye files.
Lv3 Saint polycarps, right in front of the building. Tells you where to find meat.
Lv1 outside the salesman boarding house. Just gives you basic info but you still gain the exp.
Lv6 outside hardware store at the lake. Tells you to ask for candy.
Lv7 at the dam. Shows you hidden meat.
Lv9 in the distillery at the lake. It tells you something is in the barrel.
Lv8 on the sit main. Tunnel wall next to the pirate food shop. Recommends a special.
Lv10 Goldthwait main. Tunnel. Gives ring.
Lv6 SIT library stacks, three bookcases in. Gives you book.
lv11 SIT by the paradox labdoor. Talk to the mopping man about the vector lab to get the hint to remove the chalk. It doesn’t matter what buttons you press now, you will receive the no coffee.
Lv7 roof of SIT building on a steam machine. Has ice cream inside it, keep it for the little girl in the maze.
Lv9 under the bridge at SIT where rufus asks you to go. Points you to a hobo
Lv 14 feldman quarry in moist. Lets you know where to find rock candy.
Lv12 big moist monster shack.
Lv10 big moist, mob submarine.
Lv16 big moist barbara yagas house. Tells you to ask her for something.
Lv7 Lake, sandwich cemetery. Gives you hat.
Lv15 Grey county bus stop. Advice.
Lv18 grey county, orchard, worm boss room way at the back. Gives riches.
Lv15 grey county, ford factory, bunkroom. Ask rufus and hell give you a whistle to dispell the beans. Footlocker combo
lv14 bathroom of the vampire bar under the boardwalk during the last mob quest. Gives you a suggestion.

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