Shadows Over Loathing: ‘Sanitation Engineer’ Achievement Guide

Toilets! For the achievement. Almost as fun as finding radios.

Note: This list is incomplete and we will update it later.



  • Farmer Chekov’s House

Ocean City

  • Ms. Brewster’s. You must first solve the crime before she lets you in the bathroom.
  • The Tentacle/Regular House
  • The Vampire Bar on the Boardwalk
    You must first finish all the quests for the mob before you can access this bathroom

Crystaldream Lake

  • Sandwich Museum
  • Construction Site Bathroom (Crystaldream Dam in the past)
  • The Junkyard

S.I.T Campus

  • The Secret Underground Restaurant, in the Steam Tunnels
  • The Zeta Omega Omicron House

The Big Moist

  • Dauphin House
  • The Radio Shack
  • Gatorman Fortress

Gray County

  • Gilmore House
  • Moleross Place
    This one is kind of complex, as you need the wormholes to be open to reach this toilet.
    You need to go upstairs and through the door that needs to be unlocked. In there, take the wormhole on the right. Then, take the southern wormhole, and you’ll be in the right bathroom.
  • Delphine House

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  1. Also, if you use the prologue skip, the flush is no longer counted. You need to replay the prologue and flush Chekov’s toilet if you plan to get this achievement after your first playthrough.


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