Ship of Fools: All Achievements Guide

A complete overview of the different achievements and how to unlock them.



Gill Joins the Crew: Unlock Gill
Randomly obtained from a box when you land on gray tiles

Shelbie Joins the Crew: Unlock Shelbie
Clear one combat without firing cannons

Betty Joins the Crew: Unlock Betty
Unlocked when stunned 50 times

Krillstoph Joins the Crew: Unlock Krillstoph
Obtained where you get to choose a reward between two options. It is the tile with the double arrows pedestal icon

Finley Joins the Crew: Unlock Finley
Recycle the rewarded three planks into the Siren’s well after clearing the first chapter

Lotte Joins the Crew: Unlock Lotte
Complete a chapter without taking damage

Quill Joins the Crew: Unlock Quill
Complete a run

Cluck Joins the Crew: Unlock Cluck
Unlocked when all types of bird eggs are used once (Normal, Fire, Ice, Resonance, Oil and Explosive). To complete this achievement, you will need to purchase the Explosive Eagle and the Rainbow Peacock from the merchant Briny


Tutorial Achievement

It’s the Aquapocalypse: Complete the Tutorial


Bosses Achievements

Shadow of the Undergrowth: Defeat Tentacles
Complete the first chapter

Tyrant of the Deep: Defeat Claws
Complete the second chapter

Harbinger of Hoarfrost: Defeat Heads
Complete the third chapter

Eye of the Storm: Defeat Eye
Complete the last chapter


Sea Monsters Achievements

Powder Fool: Destroy 100 sea monsters

Ship Gunner: Destroy 1000 sea monsters

Master-At-Arms: Destroy 10000 sea monsters


Other Progression Achievements

Reflector: Reflect two projectiles at once

Tendrils…: Buy your first upgrade

Curse Lifter: Lift a curse

Gold Plating: Max out a cannon
Level up a cannon to level 10

Old Sea Dog: Complete solo run

1 + 1 = 3: Complete co-op run

The Perfect Crew: Complete a run without taking damage

All the Treasures of the Sea: Buy all upgrades
You need to purchase every single items/upgrades from the four different NPCs in the The Great Lighthouse base

Deep Sea Duo DLC / Great Lighthouse Update (05/2023)

Deep Sea Duo DLC Achievements

Hoarder: Complete a run while holding 20 trinkets using Jules

Let There Be Light: Hit 7 enemies with a single reflected projectile using Angus


Great Lighthouse Update Achievements (05/2023)

Climate Change: Repel nearby storm using The Beacon
Clear the first level of the Lighthouse

Special Delivery: Fulfill a Siren’s request
Go to the tile with the orange bottle and use the harpoon to pick up the bottle floating in the sea right after the battle. Bring the item mentioned on the note to a Siren at the end of a chapter

Glass Cannon: Complete a run while having 3 Holy Artifacts still standing
You will need to get 3 Holy Artifacts by doing the same process as the Special Delivery achievement for each chapter and complete the run

Buried Treasures: Buy a scavenged item from Barnaby
Barnaby will give you a random item for 5 Tendrils at The Great Lighthouse base. Unlock this NPC by clearing level 7 of the Lighthouse

The Great Lighthouse: Unveil the mysteries of The Great Lighthouse
Clear every level of the Lighthouse


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