SIGNALIS: Resolution Issue Fixed for First Launching

So, when first launching the game, it’s likely that you’ll notice it’s extremely low resolution, making it impossible to use the settings menu and having half the options of the main menu removed.
In this guide I’ll be showing y’all how to fix this problem for the game to become actually playable. Images included!


How to solve:

  • Step one.

Right click the game at the library bar, and open the local files (Don’t worry if you don’t know spanish, the options should be in the same order for you, just use the image as a guide).

  • Step two.

Once you’ve opened the local files, head towards the “SIGNALIS_Data” folder.

  • Step three.

Afterwards, locate the “save” folder and open it.

  • Step four.

Now open the “01” folder. Note: This number folders refer to the saved game profiles. If for some reason you already have any other profile, I suggest doing the same process in the other folders.

  • Step five.

Now open the settings file. I suggest opening it with Microsoft Notepad, but whatever works for you is fine.

  • Step six.

Now you have to edit the resolution values. The first resolution value refers to width, while the second refers to height. For editing the values, simply erase the already existing number and replace it for the new one, in my case, 1366 and 768.
Note: Don’t add any space between the equal sign and the number, and don’t erase the equal sign as well.

  • Step seven.

Once you’re finished, simply close the notepad. Remember to save changes, otherwise, it won’t work.
Note: Changes doesn’t save by themselves, make sure to do it manually.

  • Step eight.

Be happy and enjoy the game :3.

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