Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: The Archaeologist Achievement Guide

This is a guide to explain how to get the Archaeologist achievement.


The Archaeologist achievement
The reason why this achievement is the hardest to get is that it requires you to have all the artefacts at one time.

In any game you might get a couple of artefacts, but you can’t set the map to get all of them.

Additionally, the game creates duplicates of the same artefact.

PS: if you have several duplicates of the same artefact they do not stack.

So, in order to maximise your chances of getting all the artefacts you need to maximise your chances of finding them using colonizable planets and/or asteroids.

Setting up the Custom Map
Keep in mind that this is a streamlined version for the map so you get what you need, and nothing else. Despite the fact that the game is old, it might still create issues for you to run such a large set.

  • Map Size set at maximum.
  • Stars: select only one star. It is the easiest way to get everything in one place.
  • Planet Groups: I recommend only one planet group. In this case it will be made up of only colonizable randoms.
  • Planet Group Contents: Random colonizable with a min 99 and max 99. This way you ensure that you will get all the respective artefacts, including all the possible available duplicates as well.

PS: for all the remaining settings please check the attached image to ensure a decent play-through. Otherwise you will have the unpleasant surprise that the phase lane length is ridiculously long.

Final notes
The final bit requires you to play through the map.

Since you have only colonizable astral bodies that means with each system you will have a chance of finding one of the artefacts.
It is a bit of a slug, but once you get your economy running you can steamroll the AI easily.

You just have to be patient.

PS: I don’t recommend you wait on the AI to discover the artefacts, because there is a very good chance that it won’t even bother searching for them.

So, it is up to you.

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