Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: Aggressive Playstyle Guide (Multiplayer 5v5)

A guide for TEC Loyalist – Aggressive Playstyle in Multiplayer 5v5


Opening / Early Game

Starting lab:
– Build military lab first

– Build 2 or 3 more scouts and send the scouts to auto explore

– Build a colonizer frigate and colonize asteroids then neutrals

Starting Capital ship: there are a few options for Aggressive playstyle:
– Dunov: very good anti-fleet/anti-capital skill (especially vs Advent). For skill points, max EMP, 1 point into Magnetize (to stop Missile Barrage etc), rest into Shield Restore and Flux Field.
– Marza: strong single target dps, strong planet bombardment, very good vs Vasari and very strong level 6 skill, but a bit squishy. For skill points, max Incendiary, points into Raza Planets or Radiation Bomb depending on your preference, and Missile when you can.
– Corsev: very strong anti-fleet skill but you need to micro well. For skill points, put 1 point to Board, max Demolition, some points into Salvage, some points into Elite if you have Titan or another good cap ship.

Personally I think Dunov is the best as it offers both anti-fleet and anti-capital capabilities.

– LFs + corvettes: in general build more LFs than corvettes

– Upgrade health + laser attack when capping fleet supply

– Be aggressive and go attacking the opponent whenever possible
– (Dunov) Use EMP to hit as many targets as possible
– Use LFs for pitched battles and corvettes for slowing down LFs targets, attacking reinforcement, and sniping builders and migrators

Mid Game

– Rush Militia (Military Tech 5) when possible.

Fleet Composition:
– Caps: Dunov + Akkan + Marza. The idea is that you can try to take over an opponent’s planet quickly to make use of Militia
– Non-cap ships: Heavy Cruisers (HCs) + Corvettes + Hoshiko repair cruisers. HCs are of the same tech as Militia and will give you a tech advantage against the opponent

– Colonize more, upgrade HW, culture, etc.

Late Game

Fleet Composition:
– Titan
– Caps: Dunov + Akkan + Marza + mass Kols (buy level 4): Kols act as stronger HCs, are less vulnerable to AOEs and can bomb planets
– Non-cap ships: Corvettes + Hoshiko repair cruisers + Cielo command cruisers

Eco position

For economy, the most important thing with TEC is trade. Thus:
– Colonize in a “depth-first” fashion and try to create a long chain of planets, and build 1 trade port on each (might be a good idea to wait for +4 global Logistic upgrade first).
– Max industrial upgrades on Desert / Ferrous / Volcano planets and only build trade ports there, including SBs with trade facilities. Max trade upgrade.

Other points:
– Max social upgrades on Terran / Oceanic / Ice planets that are near homeworld and max population upgrade research for them.
– Research Pervasive Economy.
– Build refineries on planets with lots of connections.

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